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Most people arrested for state or federal crimes are entitled to bail. The judge sets a bail amount to ensure that the defendant will attend future court hearings. Posting bail is more like making a security deposit. The money will be returned as long as the defendant appears in court when required. If the defendant does not attend the court hearings, the court keeps the money. If you or your loved one has been arrested for an offense in Montebello, our bail bond agents at Cali Bail Bonds will respond immediately when you contact them.

Whether Everyone Qualifies For A Release On Bail

You might be wondering whether everyone qualifies for a release on bail. The law gives the judge the discretion to decide whether to release a defendant on bail. Under California criminal law, the judge has several options. First, the judge may choose to release the defendant on their own recognizance, commonly abbreviated as O.R. release.

The judge may also set the bail amount or decline to set bail and retain the defendant in custody. If the judge declines to set bail, the defendant remains in custody until the conclusion of the case. Certain crimes are not bailable under California law, mainly crimes that are punishable by death. There are several ways of posting bail. The defendant or their friends or family can pay cash bail or write a check to cover the entire bail amount.

If the defendant cannot afford the entire bail amount, they can hire a bail bondsman to post the bail in exchange for a fee known as the bail premium. The defendant or their co-signer may also provide bail collateral. The defendant will be free from custody after bail is posted with the court. The bail amount will be returned to whoever posted the bail if the defendant makes all the scheduled court appearances. The court will keep the bail amount and issue an arrest warrant if the defendant doesn’t honor all court appearances.

Determining Whether To Release The Defendant On Bail

The federal, state, and appellate courts use the same criteria in determining whether to release the defendant on bail. However, the process for every court might vary considerably. A defendant is more likely to be released on bail if they have an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent them. The judge must consider several factors when setting, reducing, or denying bail. The factors include:

  • Whether the defendant poses a danger to the public
  • How severe the crime is
  • Flight risk
  • The defendant’s criminal history

The primary consideration when determining whether to release the defendant is public safety.

Determining The Bail Amount

Different counties in California have bail schedules that criminal courts refer to while setting the bail amounts. Depending on the factors mentioned above, the judge can raise or lower the bail amounts. The judge may amend the bail amount based on the recommendation of law enforcement.

What should you do if you feel that the bail amount is too high or unfair?

You may request your attorney to help you book a bail hearing. During the hearing, the attorney will negotiate with the court to reduce the bail amount. Your attorney will also try to convince the judge to release you on your own recognizance, where you don’t have to post bail.

When You Need A Montebello Bail Bond Agent

The judge might set the bail amount higher than what the defendant and their family or friends can afford. A bail bond agent will come in to bail the defendant out. The agent will post bail with a surety bond. In other words, the bail bond company guarantees the court that the bail amount will be paid if the defendant does not show up in court. The cost of a bail bond in California ranges between 7% and 10%. The 10% fee is non-refundable even if the defendant honors all the court appearances or the charges are dismissed.

What is the cost of bail for federal crimes and appeals?

The non–refundable premium for a federal bail bond is 15% of the bail amount, while the premium for an appeal is 20%.

Setting A Federal Bail

Unlike while setting a state bail where courts rely on bail schedules, setting a federal bail does not involve using a bail schedule. Instead, a pretrial services officer interviews the defendant and investigates the defendant’s criminal history, family, employment, and community ties. The pretrial services officer will also consider the defendant’s financial background before making a recommendation to the judge. A United States attorney also makes their recommendation regarding federal bail. The judge will finally make a bail determination. Bail will most likely be denied in the following situation:

  • If the defendant is a flight risk
  • The defendant will pose a danger to the community
  • The defendant has an extensive criminal record

Choosing A Bail Bond Company Montebello

It’s normal to feel shocked when your loved one has just been arrested. However, you must act quickly, regain balance and take the necessary steps to secure your loved one’s release. After an arrest, the defendant must pay a bail amount, determined by the court, to avoid remaining in prison before trial. Unfortunately, courts often set high bail amounts that the defendant or their loved ones cannot afford to pay in cash. Therefore, a bail bond company is a critical resource for many people after an arrest.

However, with so many bail bond companies in Montebello, how can you figure out the best bail bond company?

Choosing the right bail bond company will make a significant difference in your overall experience while going through the bail application process to have your loved one released from prison. Before choosing a bail bond company, you should educate yourself about different bail bond companies in your area to enable you to make an informed choice. Some of the essential factors that you should consider when choosing a bail bond company are:

The Bail Bond Company Reviews

It’s often a stressful endeavor to find a bail bond company that you can trust. After the arrest of your loved one, you will already be in a stressful endeavor, which makes it hard for you to choose a bail bond company. You need a reliable Montebello bail bondsman with a good reputation. You need the assurance that the bail bondsman will keep your information confidential.

There are several ways of determining the reputation and reliability of a bail bond company. Start by visiting the bail bond company website and go through the client’s reviews and testimonials. This will help you build credibility with the company. As you go through the client’s reviews and testimonials, consider the following:

  • Are the previous clients satisfied with the bail bond company's services?
  • Do the previous clients feel that the bail bond company charged them a reasonable fee?
  • How first does the bail bond company get people out of jail?
  • Was the bail bond company available whenever the clients called?

Reviews from previous clients will make your process of choosing a bail bond company much easier. You will have confidence as you go through the process of choosing a bail bond company.

The Available Payment Options

One of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a bail bond company is whether the company is honest and straightforward about its bail charges and repayment options. You wouldn't want the unpleasant surprise of bailing your loved one out, only to find out that the company did not disclose some crucial information about the bail bond charges or the acceptable repayment methods.

If you notice that a bail bond agent seems to be hiding some information or is beating around the bush, you should move to the next bail bond company. It would be better to take a little longer before choosing a bail bond company than to end up with the wrong company. Make sure that you inquire about the charges and the repayment options during the initial call. Reliable bail bond companies will understand your situation and will not take advantage of you at your hour of need. They will create a repayment plan that suits your unique situation. You wouldn't want to suffer a financial setback in the future. Therefore, you should ensure that you fully understand the repayment plan before hiring a bail bond agent Montebello.

24/7 Availability

The majority of criminal arrests occur during the night, on weekends, and on holidays. Therefore, you should ensure that the bail bond company you choose will be available when you need them most, even during the wee hours of the night. Some of the bail bond companies operate between 9 am and 5 pm, especially on weekends. This means that if your loved one is arrested in the middle of the night and you call the bail bond company, you will not get a response. Therefore, it is always wise to choose a bail bond company that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By selecting a 24/7 company, you will get help for your loved one even when you call at night, on weekends, or on holidays.

Responsiveness And Good Communication

A bail bond applicant is not an expert in the California bail bond application process as the bail bond agent is. You should choose a responsive bail bond company willing to offer you the information you need.

How can you tell whether a bail bond company is responsive?

When you contact a bail bond company for the first time, you may request them to inform you about the bail bond process. Inquire about why the bail bond company is the best fit for you and your loved one. You should also inquire about what you should expect throughout the bail bond process. It is important to note that the communication between you and a bail bondsman will not end when you post bail for your loved one, as most people often assume.

The bail bond company will constantly communicate with you and hold you accountable even after posting bail. The company will be responsible for ensuring that the defendant attends all the court hearings without fail. If the defendant fails to appear in court, it could lead to hefty fines and jail time. You want to work with a licensed bail bond company with a proven track record. How committed is the bail bond company in ensuring that the defendant will make all the court appearances? Will the bail bond company keep you updated on all the steps you should take?

Whether The Bail Bond Company Has A Physical Address

Despite the convenience of finding a bail bond agent online, it is advisable to ensure that you choose a bail bond company that has a physical address. Any person can create a website and claim to be providing bail bond services in Montebello. If the bail bond company has a physical address, it is an indication that the company has established a good reputation in the community in which they operate. It is also essential to ensure that the company is licensed. Ensure that the license is valid and current. If a bail bond company is unwilling to disclose its licensing details, this should serve as a red flag showing that the company might be fraudulent.

There are no rock-solid criteria for choosing the best Montebello bail bond company. However, taking some time to research and review several bail bond companies will help you make a choice that you won’t regret later. A good bail bond agent will take time to ascertain your needs and do everything possible to meet them.

Get Started With The Bail Bond Process Montebello

Most people do not budget for having to post bail. Therefore, when a need to post bail arises, a bail bond agent comes in handy. At Cali Bail Bonds, we have the best bail bond agents in Montebello and the surrounding areas. Our agents are up to date with the current bail bond procedures; they will help secure your release within a short period.

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