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Dealing with an arrest after a criminal accusation raises a lot of stressful situations for involved parties. Among these situations is facing detention in a police cell as you await your first court arraignment. Although the law provides for procedures that each arrested person should undergo, you will still face challenges when behind bars. For example, communication with your family and loved ones is limited and monitored. Moreover, you lack access to a criminal attorney's input regarding your case. Therefore, you want to seek the best alternative to help you exit jail as soon as possible. Among the legally recognized avenues is posting bail in exchange for your release. While the option is available for most offenders, navigating the bail bond process alone may be hectic and expensive.

You can avoid dealing with the hardships by working with Cali Bail Bonds. Their support and expertise in posting bail and bond has enabled multiple arrested persons in Carson, California, to regain their freedom. As a result, the clients can make adequate preparations for the upcoming trial and any urgent family affairs. The team is also well equipped to provide expeditious services. This way, you will avoid unnecessary delays that result in additional time behind bars.

The Importance of Posting Bail

Most offense categories allow the arrested suspect a chance to exit jail as investigations and trials continue. This is to help them seek legal support required during the period, including consulting a criminal defense attorney.

Furthermore, most charged offenses do not warrant continuous detention, especially if you do not pose a direct threat to the community. Therefore, you can exit jail despite having criminal charges pressed against you. This means you will not be detained pending the conclusion of the trial.

You can access this benefit by posting bail or bond as the judge directs. Normally, posting bail is a transactional process requiring you to deposit a security amount with the court. You will have a chance to return to your normal life in exchange, provided you comply with the issued court directives.

You may compare exiting jail on bail or bond with being on probation, as you will live your life under strict scrutiny and regulations. Despite this, you have a chance to prepare adequately for the oncoming trial and subsequent consequences.

Posting bail is also important in helping you avoid serious risks like escaping jail illegally. This would make you a fugitive, resulting in harsher consequences before your official sentencing begins. Further, instances where people escape jail may result in fatalities as officers try to uphold their safety. Hence, posting bail is a safer option backed by legal provisions.

What Happens After Arrest in Carson

Arresting officers must form probable cause before apprehending you and detaining you for a suspected offense. Therefore, you want to understand the arrest process leading up to a bail or bond requirement. In doing so, you will empower yourself with the necessary information to detect any violation of rights. On top of this, you will be better prepared to comply with the demands at the police station. The following are the two main encounters before you exit jail on bail or bond:

The Booking Process

Undergoing the booking process is a mandatory requirement that helps in collecting essential details about your identity. Hence, it is among the first procedures you will undergo and takes a relatively short time to complete.

During the process, officers will collect the following details for case references:

  • Your name
  • Your physical address
  • Contact details
  • Next of kin details
  • Employment details
  • Your fingerprints
  • Your mugshot photographs

On top of this, the law enforcement officers will run a background check on your name to establish whether you have an existing criminal record. This is a crucial part of the process, as it informs the prosecutor’s decision on the type of charge you face. Mostly, suspects with an existing criminal record will face a more serious charge compared to first-time offenders.

Further, repeat offenders for the same crime may face an even harsher charge, as their involvement may demonstrate impunity. For example, committing theft twice may lead to a felony charge on the second offense, even when an option is a misdemeanor.

Detention as You Await Arraignment

After recording your details, you will face temporary detention until you contact your Carson bail bonds agent. This period is the most difficult for most suspects, as it entails remaining in a confined area for long durations.

Despite this, you should remember that court arraignment must occur within twenty-four hours of arrest. The time limit is to prevent unfair detention of suspects for prolonged durations. However, persons arrested over the weekend will have to wait until Monday for the court sessions to resume.

What to Know When Attending the Bail Hearing

When you are eligible for a court arraignment, you want to be ready to face the judge. You can do this by contacting a criminal lawyer or collaborating with your Carson bail bonds agent in presenting your case. Typically, a bail hearing gives the judge an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your case and determine whether you are eligible for release.

As a result, you want to present yourself in the best way possible to secure a positive bail hearing outcome. One of the ways to prepare yourself is to learn of the various factors that influence the judge’s decision on whether to grant bail. They include:

Whether You Are a Threat to Society

Before the judge can authorize your release, they will prioritize the community’s safety once you are out of custody. The factor prevents any dangerous criminals from furthering their unlawful actions, especially if they are likely to endanger innocent parties.

During the consideration, the judge may inquire about your general behavioral tendencies from various sources. For example, a repeat offender may have their past probation officer testify on their behavioral reform. Additionally, first-time offenders can rely on their non-involvement in previous crimes as leverage to post bail.

If You are a Flight Risk

Persons marked as flight risks are likely to flee the country to avoid criminal prosecution, making it hard to sentence them. Since the occurrence would cripple the criminal justice system, the presiding judge must ensure you do not pose the risk.

Subsequently, they may order you to hand over your passport to limit your ability to travel overseas or to a different state. Moreover, the judge may order your accounts to be temporarily frozen to prevent you from traveling altogether. Hence, you will only receive the bail release authorization upon complying with the judge’s directives.

The Nature of Offense You Face Accusations For

Some offenses do not offer the arrested suspect a chance to exit jail on bail or bond based on their severity. In California, committing murder will exempt you from eligibility to post bail, as you are likely to interfere with investigations.

Further, reintegrating into society with a murder charge is difficult, as community members may feel unsafe based on your criminal involvement. The judge will assess your charge during your bail hearing and determine if releasing you is the best option.

If You are a Repeat Offender

As mentioned, repeat offenders often face harsher conditions during a bail hearing based on their past convictions. The situation may be even worse if the offenders are involved in the same crime multiple times. However, a criminal defense lawyer can help plead leniency in the bail hearing pursuant to upholding a fair arrest and trial process.

Distinguishing Between Bail and Bond

Different arrested persons will receive varying court orders after arraignment for the bail hearing. You may therefore have to post either bail or bond to secure your release. While court guidelines will inform the judge’s decision on the best option, the circumstances surrounding your case also influence whether you will post bail or bond.

Hence, you want to understand the difference between the two requirements, as it may help you gauge the directive you will most likely receive. The information will also be useful in estimating the amount of money you need to deposit with the court.

On one hand, posting bail entails securing your release by depositing a specified cash amount with the court. The amount depends on the type of offense you were charged with, so it may vary significantly. Upon reaching the police station, the arresting officers will inform you of the possible charge you face and check the bail schedule to determine the amount.

Through undergoing this process, you can predict the bail amount to pay and contact your Carson bail bonds agent as soon as possible. Once the amount is ready, the agent will deposit it with the designated court account.

The court will hold it as security to make you comply with their attendance requirements. When you meet all the required standards, the court will release the deposited amount after the trial is complete. However, defendants who violate the regulations risk losing their bail deposit.

On the other hand, a bond involves depositing a more valuable item, property, or sum with the court in exchange for your freedom. Bond requirements are significantly more expensive than bail, as they target offenders involved in serious offenses. Nevertheless, they function similarly to bail transactions in securing your release.

Often, the court will require you to deposit documents that transfer lien of ownership to them until the trial is complete. Alternatively, you will need to hand over a prized possession as security over your release. You will sign a waiver that allows the court to exercise ownership rights over the property if you fail to attend all sessions during the process. Since the stakes are higher in a bond payment, most suspects prefer to work with a bail bonds company.

How the Carson Bail Bond Agent Posts Bail

Once the assigned bail bonds agent receives the necessary details to post bail, they will contact you or your close family members to discuss the course of action. The interaction will also include retrieving your details to help with the applications later.

Further, your bail bonds agent will discuss the type of collateral property you wish to sign with them if you violate court directives. This collateral protects the company from significant losses after the court retains the bail amount, as discussed below.

After concluding your agreements, they will then apply for your transaction with the relevant court department. Earlier, these applications involved a lot of paperwork and signing, leading to several possible delays. However, the online systems have made posting bail easier and faster. Thus, the Carson bail bonds agent will begin working as soon as all requisite details are available.

Firstly, they will enter your information, including your name, occupation, address, and the crime charged, among other details. By doing so, the court and department of justice will have your information on record for future references. Additionally, having the information is necessary to help in authorization for your release.

Before presenting the application forms, the bail bonds agent may require you to sign or agree to specific sections in the various documents. Therefore, they will need to contact the police station where you are detained to help you access the application forms and complete them. Afterward, you can expect notification of your release within hours.

Upon applying, the bail bonds agent will complete the transaction with the court by depositing the required security amount. As discussed, the court will release the amount upon the conclusion of your case, provided you comply with court attendance requirements.

Since the bail bond company wants to retain their money, they will be responsible for following up on your court attendances and other requirements. If you satisfy all regulations, the bail bond company secures their security deposits and avoids losses.

Conversely, a failure to comply with the court attendance requirements results in a forfeiture of the company’s money. Consequently, you will face some penalties, including losing your collateral property signed to the bail bonds company when you sought their services. Further, the presiding judge may decide to revoke your bail release, making you remain in custody from then onwards.

Charges for Bail Bond Services

The bail bonds business model is designed to help clients in need secure their release by posting bail on their behalf at a fee. Therefore, the Carson bail bonds agent assigned to your case charges a standard fee for the payments done.

Usually, the amount is 10% of the total posted in bail. Due to this, the bail bonds company does not charge a constant fee. Instead, your service fee will be directly proportional to the amount that the court requires. Nonetheless, different companies may also incorporate a base fee to allow the operations to begin. This amount is nominal and often serves as a deposit for the fee you will pay later.

Exploring a Payment Plan after Receiving Services

While working with a Carson bail bonds agent should help you relieve the financial strains of posting bail individually, some expenses remain high. For example, a bail amount set at $500,000 will require you to pay a bail bond service fee of at least $50,000. Subsequently, your expenses will run high, making you seek a financial repayment plan.

A trusted bail bonds service provider should be ready to accommodate your repayment plan suggestions, particularly if you have demonstrated a trustworthy repayment ability. Therefore, you can approach the bail bond agent and discuss a lenient repayment plan for your needs.

For example, you may decide to make monthly installments until your total amount is cleared. Alternatively, you may agree on specific dates to deposit the entire amount owed to the bail bonds company.

While the payment plans are available for clients in need, you should remember that non-fulfillment of your financial obligations is detrimental. You may lose the collateral property signed over to the bail bond company by failing to comply with the required payments.

Alternatively, the company representatives may lodge a lawsuit against you. This will be more disadvantageous to you, as it involves additional expenses like lawyers fees. Hence, you want to do your best to collaborate with the bail bonds company for your benefit.

Contact a Carson Bail Bonds Service Provider Near Me

The next step may be unclear when failing to comply with the required payments. You or a loved one is arrested and detained based on criminal charges. Sometimes, arrested persons spend a significant sum of money to secure their freedom in posting bail or bond. However, this option is strenuous to your financial situation and may cause hardships later on. Thus, seeking alternative sources to post bail will be highly beneficial. Among the viable options is working with a bail bonds agent who understands the requirements to fulfill. Thanks to their support, your transition out of jail will be smoother and faster compared to working alone.

When choosing a bail bonds company, you should ensure their services are reliable. Further, they should be open to exploring various payment options and collateral agreements on time before posting bail. This way, you will avoid dealing with disagreements and delays later on. With Cali Bail Bonds, you have access to some of the best Carson bail bond agents. Their involvement in your case will help you exit jail as soon as possible without incurring high costs in posting bail. Further, the team is happy to discuss services specially tailored to suit your needs. In doing so, you can receive convenient services that do not stress you financially. For more information on posting bail and bond, contact us today at 562-376-5476.


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