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A criminal charge resulting in imprisonment can disrupt your life significantly. The experience often begins with jail detention for the investigation officers to complete further investigations. Subsequently, you may spend a significant period behind bars with minimized liberties. Despite this, you can opt to regain your freedom by posting bail or bond. This option is often easy to undertake, provided you understand the requirements to satisfy. For example, you should have a reasonable estimate of the bail amount that the court requires. Additionally, you will need to appear in court for the bail hearing and to receive any further directives. While the procedures may seem quite straightforward, you may encounter some challenges along the way. For example, since you are in custody, completing the bail application and transaction becomes difficult.

You can make the experience smoother by working with Cali Bail Bonds. The company specializes in posting bail or bond on behalf of detained clients in Compton, California. With their help, you can access fast and reliable services to expedite your release from jail. Furthermore, the team includes innovative and flexible bail bond options to efficiently support a wide range of clients. Therefore, you can expect excellent bail bond support from the assigned agent.

What Happens After an Arrest

The moments leading up to apprehension may be unclear, especially if you genuinely believe you have not committed a crime. Further, you should remember that most arrests may occur in unexpected locations like your place of work, at home or when you are out. Due to this, some suspects remain unaware of the subsequent events.

Thus, you want to understand the events occurring after arrest and leading up to a bail hearing. Firstly, you are transferred to the closest police station, where you will face booking and detention. The booking process is a crucial step in any suspect’s case, as it paves the way for officers to collect your information.

Typically, your booking process should take a few minutes to complete, provided the officer handling the task is well experienced. Since they aim to retrieve as much information about you as possible, your participation is crucial.

Some details collected during the booking process include:

  • Your name
  • Your place of residence
  • Employment details
  • Your next of kin details
  • Mugshot images
  • Fingerprints collected using biometrics
  • The crime charged against you

Once the officers have all the requisite details, they will run a background check on your name. The purpose is to determine whether you are a repeat offender, as they are often subject to different regulations.

If your name does not yield criminal record results, details regarding your charge will only include the current accusations. However, past offenders will have the previous offenses cited for the judge’s reference during the bail hearing.

The Three Main Options for Release After Arrest

All arrested suspects have the right to a fair trial, including release on various options. Subsequently, you can negotiate with the arresting officers to exit jail on your recognizance, a citation, or on bail. Your most suitable choice will depend on the case circumstances and whether the charged crime allows for release.

Release on Own Recognizance

When you are detained for offenses not punishable by life imprisonment or death, you can request for release on your own recognizance. The option involves asking a judge to allow you to exit jail without having to post bail or bond. In return, you will sign a promissory document that binds you to appear in all required court proceedings.

Although a release on own recognizance is a straightforward process, it may later jeopardize your criminal defenses against the prosecutor. This is because you will have admitted to involvement in an unlawful offense, limiting your counterargument options.

Consequently, while your freedom is temporarily secured, you may be answerable to serious allegations that you cannot back out from. Thus, own recognizance is more suitable where offense penalties are lenient.

Requirements to Satisfy After Release on Own Recognizance

Although you will have admitted to committing an offense and are willing to face trial, your release from jail is conditional. As a result, you will have to follow the court’s directives or risk facing mandatory arrest and detention. The following are some guidelines to follow after release on own recognizance:

  • Persons charged with a DUI have to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed
  • Persons arrested for drug-related offenses should comply with random drug tests and screening
  • Compliance with regular check-ins by a court-appointed officer is necessary
  • You may have to comply with house-arrest restrictions
  • Attend mental health therapy sessions as required

Further guidelines may be issued as required, including attending the subsequent court proceedings. Hence, your compliance is crucial in retaining your liberty as you await a final determination on your case.

Release on a Citation

Citations are issued to offenders who commit minor infractions, especially those listed in traffic regulations. Usually, the arresting police officer will determine whether to release you on a citation, depending on the case circumstances. This means that you do not have to face jail detention and the booking process.

Instead, you will receive a written notice from the officer requiring you to appear in court on a specified date. Alternatively, the date may be communicated later through official mail. A citation release is the best way to avoid posting bail or bond, as you do not face detention at all.

Nonetheless, failure to comply with the requirement to appear in court may yield more severe outcomes. For example, the officer may apply for an arrest warrant from the judge. If the application is approved, you are likely to remain in custody for the remaining period until the trial concludes.

Release on Bail

Lastly, you may opt to post bail or bond to secure your release, especially if the arresting officers do not officer the first two options. Bail or bond payments are made to the court to secure your release. They provide security for your freedom while acting as collateral for your compliance with court directives.

Hence, after depositing the required amount with the court, you will retrieve it after your case is concluded. However, if you fail to observe the court’s guidelines on court attendance, you will forfeit the amount. Subsequently, posting bail individually may be a significant financial risk for you. Contacting a Compton bail bonds agent to help post bail is, therefore, an excellent solution.

While in police custody, the officers will issue the estimated bail amount assigned to your charged crime. The details are retrievable in a court schedule to be found online or at the station.

 After learning of the estimated amount, you can then contact your bail bonds agent to further action. However, you will first have to attend a bail hearing to receive the judge’s approval on posting bail.

The Bail Hearing

Upon concluding the booking process, you want to start preparing for the bail hearing. Understandably, remaining in police custody limits your ability to contact resourceful persons to help you prepare for arraignment.

Thus, using your right to a phone call to contact a loved one who can connect you to a Compton bail bonds agent is advisable. This is because your loved one is more likely to provide the necessary details to help your bail bonds agent prepare for the service.

Alternatively, you can reach us directly for more effective communication. After the assigned Compton bail bonds agent receives your information, they will begin filling the paperwork. It should be ready for court presentation within the stipulated timeline to avoid delays and time bars.

When the court arraignment time comes, you will then appear before a judge to take a plea and receive the bail bond verdict. The plea requirement is that you may either plead guilty or not guilty to the offense, to allow the court to proceed accordingly.

By pleading not guilty, you deny the charges and are willing to have the matter tried by a prosecutor. Since this would result in a longer detention time as the trial continues, posting bail or bond for your release is important.

Factors Considered Before the Judge Grants Bail

The judge holds discretion in deciding on whether to grant a release on bail or bond. They will consider several factors before reaching their determination, including:

Effects of your Release on the Society

Naturally, the judge’s priority is to ensure your release from jail does not hinder investigations and the community’s safety. Releasing a suspect who poses potential harm would be detrimental to the justice process, as they are bound to commit more offenses. Consequently, the judge considers whether you are a suitable candidate for release based on several considerations.

For example, if you have participated in community service or other helpful projects in the past, you may use these details to help improve the chances of release. Similarly, providing testimonies and reviews from past probation officers you have worked with will promote a positive outcome.

The Severity of the Crime Committed

Additionally, the judge needs to determine whether the crime committed was severe and whether the law allows the release of suspects. In California, arrested persons charged with murder will not benefit from a bail or bond release.

This is because the crime is classified as a serious safety threat. Hence, releasing you may result in adverse effects like repeat offenses and unrest in the community. Further, your own safety may be jeopardized because individuals may target you for revenge. Therefore, the judge will decline to grant release on bail for serious offenses based on the potential repercussions tied to your liberty.

Whether You are a Repeat Offender

As a repeat offender, you may encounter tougher restrictions regarding your release on bail. Since you face accusations for another offense after a past conviction, the judge is bound to exercise more caution on your release.

Due to the stricter restrictions, you want to have a criminal lawyer representing you in the hearing. Their support will help you increase your chances of securing release on bail. In return, you will have the opportunity to contact your bail bonds agent and authorize the service.

If You are a Flight Risk

Flight risk suspects will also have fewer chances of release from police custody, as they are likely to escape the country. They mainly do this to avoid facing criminal trials in fear of incarceration. Hence, the judge presiding over your bail hearing must ensure you understand the repercussions you may face if your case goes for trial.

Afterward, they will require you to provide any travel documents in your possession. When you hand in the documents, your flight risk status will change, meaning the court can trust you to make court appearances.

Different Ways to Post Bail

When the presiding judge allows you to post bail, you can consider various payment options. Your choice will greatly depend on whether your financial ability matches the court’s demands. Some common ways to post bail include:

Cash Payments

Payments made in cash are acceptable transactions, although they may attract scrutiny from the court. You can expect this extra scrutiny, particularly when facing charges like money laundering, drug trafficking, and other offenses involving amassment of large cash sums.

Cheque Deposits

Alternatively, you can opt for cheque deposits with the court as a preferred transaction option. You may have to wait until the court cashes it and retrieves the required amount by making cheque payments. Subsequently, you may have to wait for a longer time compared to using other payment options.

Bail Bond Agent Services

Contacting a Competition bail bonds agent is a suitable option, as you entrust the company to transact on your behalf. Therefore, if you face significant financial constraints, you can request bail bond services to help you exit jail sooner and with less stress.

How a Bail Bonds Service Works

Choosing to contact a Compton bail bonds agent for their services is a great way to begin the jail release process. They are well versed with the requirements to satisfy and the various application forms to fill. Hence, you can expect quality services that put your needs first and aim for a timely release.

When you understand how a bail bonds service works, you are better positioned to track the progress and anticipate your release time. The knowledge can also help you detect when matters do not go as required to help you raise concerns.

The basic service structure involves delegating the bail or bond payment to your bail bonds company. Their services are especially suited for detained persons who cannot make full payments to the court individually. This may be because they have family responsibilities, low credit or are dealing with unemployment.

With a bail bonds service, you will have an agent post bail or bond for you at a fee, on top of handling all the preliminary applications. Therefore, you do not have to worry about striving to consolidate your funds on short notice. Instead, you will only owe the bail bonds company a percentage of the total bail bond amount for later repayment.

Once the assigned bail bonds agent completes the transaction, information is forwarded to your detaining center for further action. Therefore, the officers at the station should authorize your release as soon as possible to help you return to your regular life.

Payments to your Bail Bonds Agent

As mentioned, you will need to pay your Compton bail bonds agent a specific fee for the issued services. The standard percentage in California is 10% to cater to the company’s interests in completing the court transaction.

Usually, clients may pay the service fee when requesting an agent. Alternatively, you can ask to complete the payments after your release to help you plan for your financial responsibilities. Either way, your bail bonds service provider will be flexible to accommodate flexible payment plans. This way, you do not have to strain to complete the payments, especially if the percentage amount was high.

Jail and Court Information

If you need jail and court information to help your loved one facing detention, you can consult the following details:

Compton Courthouse
200 W Compton Boulevard,
Compton, California,
90220, United States.

Compton Sheriff's Station
301 S Willowbrook Avenue,
Compton, California,
90220, United States.

Corrections Department
322 W Compton Boulevard #203,
Compton, California,
90220, United States

Contact a Bail Bonds Company Near Me

After you or a loved one is arrested and detained, you will look for the best option to secure your release. Among these is by posting bail or bond in exchange for your freedom. Although posting bail or bond is advisable, you may encounter several challenges when undertaking the procedures. This is especially if you are behind bars, and have no third party to engage with the court on your behalf. To avoid unnecessary delays and inconveniences, you want to partner with a bail bonds agent and begin the application process. Their support will play a pivotal role in securing your freedom before the official trial begins. Subsequently, you want to contact your agent as soon as possible for an expeditious process.

With the help of Cali Bail Bonds, you will be ready to leave jail at the earliest opportunity after arrest. The bail bond agents are specially trained to handle each case according to the specifications for a successful outcome. Furthermore, the bail bonds company has partnered with hundreds of detained clients in Compton, California. Hence, they have a wealth of experience applicable to different sets of cases. If you or a loved one requires bail bond services, contact us for more information at 562-376-5476.


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