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When you face an arrest in Pomona, Los Angeles County, CA, it could seem like the end of the world for you. No one wants to be on the wrong side of the law. Worse still, no one anticipates an arrest and a possibility of losing their freedom. The problem with arrests is that you may remain in jail until a criminal court judge decides your case. You might even stay behind bars a little longer if the court finds you guilty as charged.

But before that, it helps to find a way to obtain your freedom, at least to prepare yourself for trial. Thus, you may consider paying bail for an early release. At Cali Bail Bonds, we might help you raise the required bail amount and process your release in time. This way, you won’t have to remain behind bars longer than necessary.

Understanding California Bail Process

If you have been arrested before, you probably wouldn’t want to go through the same ordeal again. However, it happens, mainly when you least expect it. For some people, it happens when they are going about their daily life, whether at work, in school, on the streets, or at home. When law enforcement officers catch you while you’re committing an offense or someone calls them against you, they’ll arrest you immediately. Other times the police conduct criminal arrests after obtaining or receiving an arrest warrant from a judge. You will be arrested and taken to the police station, where you are booked in any of those instances.

It is usually a traumatizing experience, especially if you think of what you might go through if you stayed in incarceration. However, the law gives everyone a chance to ensure their freedom from custody through bail payment. It could be an amount of money, or a property, with which you secure your release from custody. A judge determines the bail you must pay before you’re released from jail. If you have the amount or can raise the amount, you’ll be able to go back home to your life shortly after the arrest.

Sometimes the court might accept the title of an invaluable asset like a car log book or the title of a real estate property. However, the worth of the asset must be greater than your bail. The idea is to make sure that you’ll appear in court as required for fear of losing your money or valuable assets. The judge will also set strict conditions by which you must abide while out of bail. It becomes a criminal offense if you violated your bail conditions or failed to appear for trial as required.

Not everyone can afford bail. Bail is generally set high, even for minor misdemeanors. Judges feel that people might flee or escape trial if bail was set low since most will choose to lose a small amount rather than face the uncertainty of a criminal trial. The problem is that not everyone can afford bail. The majority of defendants in Los Angeles County cannot afford to post bail. Thus, they rely on the assistance of a third party, who pays a surety bond for their release, for a small fee. Therefore, you could benefit from the support of a bond dealer.

Types of Bail Available in Los Angeles County, CA

The type of bail a judge will order you to pay for your release after arrest will be based on the facts of your case. Here are the common types of bails you could find in Pomona:

Recognizance Release

In this bail, the judge will offer to give you back your freedom on your own recognizance without requiring you to pay any money or provide collateral for your release. Release on own recognizance is mainly possible for first defendants and those whose charges involve a minor misdemeanor. The judge rules to free you from incarceration, trusting that you’ll show up for trial. The bail process here will be quick. You’ll only be required to sign some documents and an agreement that you will accept all the consequences meted against you by the court if you failed to appear in court.

Cash Bail

Only a few cases qualify for recognizance release in Pomona. Therefore, you may have to pay cash bail to secure your release from custody. This bail entails paying the full bail amount in cash. If you choose this bail, the court can only process your discharge from jail if you paid the total amount. This bail is available to defendants who have the money or can promptly raise the bail amount within a short period. Remember that the longer it takes you to gather the required amount, the longer you might remain in jail. Unfortunately, not many people can pay this kind of bail.

Property Bonds

It is a type of bail in which a property is used as collateral to secure a defendant’s release from jail. The court agrees to a property bond if you cannot raise your bail amount in cash but have an invaluable asset with which you can secure your release. As previously mentioned, the worth of the collateral must be greater than your bail for the judge to allow you to use it to obtain your freedom. The court will give the collateral back after the determination of the case, whatever the verdict.

Federal Bonds

As their name suggests, federal bonds are bonds offered to defendants who face charges for federal offenses. They are usually higher than state bonds. Thus, they could be unaffordable for most defendants. You might need the help of your family, friends, or any other third party to fund-raise the expected bail amount if you wish to enjoy an earlier release from jail.

Surety Bonds

They are the most common type of bond in Los Angeles County. They involve obtaining financial help from a third party when you cannot raise your bail. Bail bonds companies are available for this purpose, to pay surety bond on your behalf, to help obtain your release from custody. Surety bonds are pretty fast and reliable because bail bonds companies are usually well prepared to help defendants that require their help. It is advisable to contact a bail bond company immediately after your arrest to start the bail process and ensure that you’re not spending more time in jail.

The Bail Process

It is essential to know what the process is like once the police arrest you. That prepares your mind on what to expect and may help you make quicker decisions that might help your situation.

After arrest, the police take you to the station, where they book you. Note that this happens for all suspects, whether or not you are guilty of the charges you face. The booking involves taking down your personal details, including your name, place of residence, physical address, details of your case, and your fingerprints. Once the officer books you in, the police will throw you in jail. You are expected to remain in jail until your arraignment. But since arraignments do not occur as quickly as they should, it might be costly for the police to detain you.

The law doesn't allow the police to hold you for a long time without establishing whether you’re guilty or not. That’s why California courts allow suspects of criminal offenses to wait for trial out of incarceration. However, this is done on the condition that you will appear before a judge as required.

Therefore, you will undergo your first arraignment before a judge immediately after the booking. This first arraignment is called the bail hearing. The judge will set bail during this hearing and give you conditions by which you must abide while out on bail. The judge will also seek to find your most preferred mode of bail payment, whether in cash, property or with the support of a bond dealer. At the end of this trial, you will be ready to post bail for your release.

For defendants who have the money, or an invaluable asset with which to secure their release, you will quickly pay the bond, sign the required documents, and you will be free once again. However, if you need help with posting bail, you’ll contact a dependable bail bondsman. The bail bondsman will allocate your case to an agent who will walk you through the process.

Bail bonds companies in Pomona are pretty reliable. They are also quick to process their client’s release because they do not want to keep you in custody much longer than they should. Therefore, your agent will begin the process right away. He/she will first let you know about your financial obligations. That includes the fee you will be expected to pay for the services. If you have questions, it is advisable to ask them at the beginning of the process. You will make better decisions this way. Most bail companies in Los Angeles County charge a fee of 10% of your bail amount. It is the money you’ll pay as a premium for your discharge from incarceration and the fee you’ll pay for the company’s help.

Once you agree with the agent, the agent would like to know your commitment to appearing in court for the mentioning of your case. Your failure to appear in court will translate to a loss for the bail bondsman. That’s why it is crucial for the bonds dealer if you fulfill the end of your bargain. The company will do everything possible to ensure that you meet all your court dates and appointments.

Lastly, the agent will start the bail process. It only takes a few minutes to ensure your release when you engage the help of a reliable bail bondsman. The agent will fill in the release forms using the details you provide regarding your case and personal information, send it to the court, make the necessary payments, and the police will let you go.

Reasons Why you Need the Assistance of a Bail Bondsman

As previously mentioned, an arrest occurs when one is not prepared. Therefore, defendants do not have money to post bail in most cases. Some might require some time to fundraise from their family or friends, with no guarantee that they’ll raise sufficient money for the bail. But bail bonds services do not disappoint. You are assured of help no matter how much your bail is. Bail bonds services come with several benefits you shouldn't ignore if you are arrested in Pomona today.

First, you can be sure to gain your freedom back shortly after the arrest. Bail bonds companies are always ready to bail their clients out. Therefore, the agent will not need some time to gather the required amount. The bail process will begin as soon as you contact them. It means that you can regain your freedom quite fast when you engage a bail bondsman.

Additionally, most bail bond companies today operate 24/7. They understand that the police in Pomona do not have a specific time when they arrest suspects. You can be arrested during the day, at night, early in the morning, or in the middle of the night. When that happens, you want to be sure that you can find help with bail as soon as possible. Fortunately for you, you can contact a reputable bail bondsman any time of the day or night and be sure that an agent will start the process immediately.

You don’t need to visit a bail bondsman’s office nowadays to inquire about or hire their services. Most bail bond services in Pomona are available online and over the phone. You can quickly call the company for help or send them an online message for assistance. An agent will call back for your personal details and details about your case, which will enable them to start the bail process.

Bail bonds companies operating within Pomona have in-depth information regarding the operation of jails and courthouses within the city. You need this information to ensure that your bail process is smooth. Your agent will only want to know the jail where you’re held and any court information you may have to handle the bail process for you. It becomes easier for the agent to quickly process your release from jail when they are already familiar with the court processes or even with people who work in the local courts.

What Happens After Your Release

If the judge grants you bail, you would only need to pay the full bail amount to obtain your freedom. The bail bondsman will do that and even process your release documents. However, the agent will first ensure that you understand the consequences of failing to appear in court as ordered by the judge. If there are any doubts that you might escape trial, the company might not be willing to continue with the process.

You need to honor the end of your bargain. The trial is essential, as it will determine whether or not you're guilty of the charges you face. Fortunately, you are given a chance to defend yourself. Therefore, you can use the time you will be out on bail to prepare for trial. You can hire an attorney, gather enough evidence, and look for witnesses who may be willing to testify in court in your favor. With the proper preparation, you might be acquitted of your charges.

If you don’t appear in court, you will be putting yourself in more significant trouble than you’re already in. The judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. You risk facing additional charges for failing to appear on top of the underlying charge. The judge might also not grant you bail again. It means that you might remain in custody until trial.

Above all, you risk losing your bail if you don’t appear for trial as ordered. If you paid the bail in cash, you’d forfeit the entire amount. If you sought the support of a bail bondsman, the company would lose the whole bail amount. That’s why the bail bonds dealer might require you to provide collateral for their services. This way, the company will sell the valuable asset you offer as collateral to recover its money if you fail to appear.

Pomona Jail & Court Information

Jail Information
490 West Mission Boulevard
Pomona, CA 91766
(909) 620-2131

Court Information
Pomona Courthouse South
400 Civic Center Plaza
Pomona, CA 91766

Phone: (909) 802-1199 (Criminal), (909) 802-1198 (Civil Unlimited), (909) 802-1195 (Juvenile), (909) 802-1197 (Family Law)

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Bail bonds companies make things a lot easier for defendants who are unable to afford bail. Since bail is usually set high, not many defendants or their families can afford to secure the defendant’s release from jail. A bail bondsman will pay a surety bond to ensure your release. For that service, you will be charged about 10% of your bail amount. If you need help with posting bail in Pomona, CA, call Cali Bail Bonds at 562-376-5476. Our agent will begin the process right away to prevent any delays that could leave you in incarceration longer than is necessary.


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