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After arrest, a suspect is held in police custody until their guilt or innocence is determined. However, the court could release you through bail to continue with your normal life as you attend court sessions. Bail is the monetary commitment to the court after an arrest to act as an assurance of your return to court as scheduled. In California, the bail amount is set by the judge and can be paid in the form of money or property.

Mostly, arrests are unexpected occurrences, and many people do not have money set aside to pay a loved one’s bail. Fortunately, if you want to secure a quick release for you or a loved one, you can seek bail bond services. Seeking a bail bond is an easier method of posting bail since you will only pay the bond dealer about 10% of the bail amount. The 10% premium acts as a service fee for the bail bond agent.

If your loved one is stuck in a jail cell due to a lack of enough money for bail, seek the services of Cali Bail Bonds. Our East Los Angeles bail bond agents will help you or your loved one walk out of jail fast.

How does Bail Bonds Work?

Bail is the amount you need to pay to the court to guarantee that you will make your court appearances when you are released before trial. When you are arrested and booked in a jail cell, the court will schedule your meeting with a judge to determine your eligibility for bail. At a bail hearing, the court sets a specific amount that you need to raise before securing a release.

Failure to post bail may cause you to remain in jail until your case is concluded. California courts accept bail in cash or property. Posting cash bail is the easiest way to secure a loved one’s release. However, most people find it challenging to raise bail on short notice.

A bail bond is a guarantee of your court appearance by a third party. For example, a bail bond company will settle your bail with the court in exchange for your release. The bail bond company appoints a bail bond agent to work with you through the bail process. As a fee for their services, you will be responsible for a percentage of the bail. Whether you are entangled in a civil or criminal case, you may be entitled to bail:

Civil Actions

Defendants in civil actions face arrests to ensure that they appear in court to respond to civil claims. A civil arrest helps prevent you from leaving your jurisdiction to evade litigation. Also, it attempts to prevent a plaintiff from collecting on their judgment. When you face an arrest in a civil case, you can be released on bail to assure the court that you will appear at the trial and you will settle the plaintiff.

In civil cases, bail is set based on the probable amount of damages you owe to the defendant. If there is a change in circumstances of your case, the court may increase bail. When you do not have enough money to post bail in cash, An East Los Angeles bail bonds agent can post the bail for you. However, it is crucial to understand that they could decide to use the bail deposit to settle the plaintiff.

Criminal Prosecutions

The aim of bail in criminal cases is to keep you away from jail while assuring the court of your return for trial. Therefore, unless you face charges for a serious crime with the potential of capital punishment, you will be entitled to bail. However, defendants facing serious criminal charges are more likely to flee and skip bail. Therefore, the severity of your crime may impact the amount of bail set by the judge at your first court appearance.

Even when you are entitled to bail, there are circumstances under which your bail may be denied, and you will have to remain in custody awaiting trial. But, again, the court exercises its discretion to grant or deny bail.

What Happens When a Defendant Skips Bail?

When they offer you bail bond services, a surety company may require that you provide collateral for the bond. You can use vehicles, property, or other items whose value is close to the bail amount. When you appear for your hearing and adhere to other bail conditions, the surety company will return the item you used as collateral. Before you place collateral for the bail bond, you must prove ownership of the property.

When an East Los Angeles bail bond agent posts your bail, the court will hold them responsible for your conduct while out on bail. If you fail to appear for a court hearing, the court may forfeit the bail. When a surety company loses their money from bail forfeiture, they will keep the property or item you used as collateral to recover their money. Also, it is crucial to understand that you will not recover the premium you paid to the surety company regardless of the case outcome.

Impact of Bail Schedules on Bail Amounts

No one looks forward to being arrested, and worse, spending time in jail. In most cases, the judge will hold a hearing to set bail and provide the defendant with an opportunity of freedom while awaiting trial. Bail amounts vary from case to case. One of the most significant factors that affect bail amounts is the bail schedule.

A bail schedule is the breakdown of bail amounts required for each crime. Bail schedules are approved by your local jurisdiction and play a significant role in the court's decision when setting your bail. A bail schedule is organized in sections that indicate a specific crime and the amount required to release a defendant facing the specific charge.

Under the bail schedule, serious crimes may require a higher amount of bail compared to misdemeanors. In California, the judge will not always set bail at the amount indicated in the schedule. At its discretion, the court can increase or lower the amount on the schedule. When the judge sets your bail, you can decide to settle it in cash or seek bail bond services. Some of the factors that could prompt the court to modify your bail include:

  1. Your flight risk. When you face an arrest, the judge will set a date for your hearing, and you are expected to be in court on that date. Bail is used to assuring the court that you will appear as scheduled. Due to the pressure associated with criminal charges and a possibility of a conviction, some defendants may be tempted to flee. When setting your bail, the judge may consider your likelihood of fleeing. If your flight risk is high, the court may increase the amount of bail on the schedule.
  2. Community ties. An individual with tiers to the community has more to lose when they flee the jurisdiction to escape a criminal case. Therefore, the judge may consider having a family or a stable job when establishing bail amounts.
  3. Income and assets. When you skip bail, the amount you deposited with the court will be forfeited. An individual with a high income and more assets may not mind leaving behind a few thousand dollars to flee. Therefore, bail for a defendant with a high income and assets may be set very high.
  4. Your criminal history. If you have faced criminal charges in the past, the court may seek to increase your bail amount. Also, the judge may look into your past conduct in adhering to the court order. For a defendant who has a history of skipping bail, the judge may set a high bail or deny it.

Condition of Bail in California

Regardless of the type of bail, the court is likely to impose conditions. Bail conditions are requirements that you must follow while out on bail. A breach of the bail conditions may prompt a rearrest or, worst case, bail forfeiture. If you do not understand the nature of your conditions, you should seek clarity from your East Los Angeles bail bonds agent. Common conditions of bail in California are:

  • Regular reporting. The reporting condition requires that you check-in in a police station regularly while out on bail. The number of times a week that you need to report depends on the circumstances of your case.
  • No Contact Order. When you face charges for violent crimes, the court may issue a protective order to keep you away from the victims and other individuals involved in your case. No contact is imposed in an attempt to protect people in society and help avoid reoffending.
  • Travel restrictions. In California, an attempt to travel out of the state may be viewed as an attempt to flee and avoid trial. Therefore, as a condition of bail, the judge may order that you surrender your travel documents and avoid leaving the state.

Concerns you Should Raise With a Potential Bil Bond Company. 

You hope that you will never need bail bond services since arrests are unpleasant. However, if your loved one is detained in a cell and you do not have the required cash to secure their bail, bail bonds may be the only option. While a bail bond agent helps you secure your loved ones' interests, not all surety companies have your best interests at heart. Before hiring a bail bond agent, you need to learn the following information:

  • Bail Bond Charges

When an East Los Angeles bail bonds agent posts your bail, you may be required to pay a service fee. The rate at which a surety bond company is going to charge varies from state to state. In California, bail bonds service fee ranges from 8-10% of the bail amount. Therefore, before you hire a bond dealer, it is crucial to find out their charges. 

  • Professional License

 In California, a bail bonds agent must be licensed to offer these services. Therefore, when you contact a surety bond company, you should seek to see their license. A decline on your request may mean that they are acting illegally and should be a reason for you to seek bail bonds elsewhere.

  • Bail Bond Process

Professional bond companies should not have an issue taking you through the bail process. The bail bond agent should be able to inform you of all the matters concerning the process. Also, they should give you a rough estimate on when you expect your loved one to be released from jail.

  • Surety Bond Location

Sometimes, you may contact a bond agent that is not within your area. This might cost you a lot more money due to the posting fee. You need to ensure that the company offering you bond services has a physical location. This could be proof that they are legitimate.

Some of the jails in East Los Angeles include:

East Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Patrol Station
5019 E 3rd Street
East Los Angeles, CA 90022

Central Juvenile Hall
1605 Eastlake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Twin Towers Correctional Facility
450 Bauchet Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The following are some of the courts serving the East Los Angeles area:

East Los Angeles Courthouse
214 S. Fetterly
Los Angeles, CA 90022

L A County Public Defender
210 W Temple St,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Los Angeles County Superior Court
1945 S Hill St,
Los Angeles, CA 9007

Find a Bail Bond Agent Near Me

After an arrest, the court has several options of releasing a defendant. When you are a first-time offender and you face minor charges, the judge may release you on your recognizance. In this case, you make a promise to return to court for trial as scheduled with no monetary commitment. However, many criminal defendants must post bail to secure a release from custody. If the crime is severe, the court schedules a bail hearing. During your first appearance in court, the judge will set your bail based on the circumstances of your case.

When bail is set too high, it can be challenging to raise the money required on short notice. Therefore, you can ensure that your loved one does spend less time in jail by seeking the help of a bail bond company. A bail bond agent will guide you through the bail process and post bail for the defendant at a fee which is often a percentage of the bail. If you need bail bond services in East Los Angeles, we invite you to contact Cali Bail Bonds today at 562-376-5476.


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