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When you are arrested for violating the law in California, you will be booked in jail or placed under police custody. After an arrest, you have the option to remain in jail and wait for your trial date or secure a release on bail. Bail is a financial commitment that a defendant makes with the court. In exchange for your release, you deposit the bail amount to act as an assurance of your return.

While you can pay bail in cash and go home, bail amounts may be too high for some defendants to afford. Fortunately, there are other ways through which you can pay your bail, like seeking bail bonds. An Arcadia bail bonds company like Cali Bail Bonds will post bail for you or your loved one at a fee. This reduces your financial burden and speeds up your release.

Factors that Affect Determination of Bail Amounts

The amount of bail required for each criminal defendant is different. During a first appearance before the judge, the court sets your bail. Some of the factors that the judge may consider when determining your bail include:

Bail Schedules

A bail schedule is a list that outlines the recommended bail amount for each offense in the jurisdiction. Bail schedules vary with jurisdiction, and they categorize crimes into felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies are serious and violent offenses, while misdemeanors are not violent offenses but call for legal action.

Before setting your bail, the judge will consult the bail schedules. At their discretion, the judge can adjust the amount indicated on the bail schedules based on other specifics of your case.

Nature of the Crime

The seriousness of the crimes from which you are charged will significantly influence the bail amounts. Usually, a misdemeanor offense will attract a lower payment when compared to felonies. Criminal charges that often attract high bail amounts include sexual assault, murder, and attempted murder, among others. A defendant facing charges for a serious offense may be tempted to skip bail and avoid the consequences of a conviction. Therefore, the judge may order a high bail to discourage fleeing and protect the victims of the crime.

Criminal History

Your criminal history gives the court an overview of your likely conduct when you leave jail. If you have an extensive history of violence or crime, the court may raise your bail. On the other hand, first-time offenders charged with a misdemeanor may be subjected to lower bail.

Risk of Flight

One of the main concerns of the court when releasing you on bail is your likelihood of returning to court for trial. Bail acts as an assurance that you will keep up with court proceedings. If there is an indication that you might skip bail, the judge will set a high bail. Also, the court will check your conduct while out on bail in previous cases. If you have a history of fleeing to avoid your charges, the court may even deny your bail.

Income and Assets

Since bail amounts are not punitive, the court may review your finances before setting bail. A defendant with a high income may not be deterred from flight by a low amount of money deposited with the court. Therefore, these individuals may require a high bail to avoid spending time in jail while the case continues. Also, the court could check the link between your financial situation and the crime for which you are charged.

Collateral for Arcadia Bail Bonds

When you think of seeking bail bonds, many people will probably consider the cost. The next thing is how much money you must have in your account to qualify for the bond. Many people assume that cash or credit card is the only way to pay for a bail bond. However, collateral bonds are available.

When you contact a bail bond company to help post your bail, you must understand the types of collateral they accept. Some of the common forms of collateral you can use to secure bail bonds include property like homes and vehicles. Sometimes investment and saving accounts are accepted. Before you use non-cash collateral for your bail bond, you must meet the property's requirements regarding ownership and equity.

If you use a vehicle or real estate as collateral, you must produce the original property deed. If the property has multiple owners, all individuals whose names are not the deed must be physically present. If the property meets the requirement to sell in California, you can use it to secure a bond for your loved one. If you do not have a property to give as collateral, the bail bond company can allow a cosigner to put up their property. This will give the individual a financial responsibility towards the defendant and a responsibility to ensure they appear for trial.

When you use collateral to secure bail bonds for you or a loved one, your responsibility is to appear for trial as scheduled. After your case and the bail bond agent return the property, you use it as collateral. However, if you fail to show up in court, your bail is forfeited, and your property will cover the bail amount.

How the Services of an Arcadia Bail Bonds Agent Improve your Financial Situation

After an arrest, you have an option to remain in jail and await your hearing or post bail and go home with a pending case. Facing an arrested is traumatizing, and spending time in jail for a crime that is yet to be proven can take a toll on your life. Many people shy away from bail since it is costly. Gathering the amount required to pay a cash bail may take some time and make the whole arrest situation public. Seeking the services of a bail bonds company could be beneficial in many ways, including:

  1. Saves you money

California courts often set high bail amounts. This aims to ensure that the defendants who make bail will not flee and leave the bail money behind. When you use bail bonds to secure a loved one's release, you will not need to raise the full bail amount. An Arcadia bail bonds agent will provide the finances you require for the release. In return, you will be financially responsible for a portion of the bail which acts as a fee for their services.

Contrary to common belief, jail is not free. Although an inmate will receive three meals a day and some hygiene products, you will not receive everything you require. You may need to request money from your family to purchase the extra items you need. Spending time in jail may cost you more than you would have paid as a premium for bail bonds.

  1. Being Free Allows you to work

One of the most significant benefits of securing a release through bail is going back to work. If you were employed at the time of arrest, staying in jail or being released on bail could differentiate between retaining and losing your job. Even when you do not have a job, staying out of jail will allow you to find one. Therefore, you should not shy away from seeking bail bonds if you cannot afford to pay in cash.

Battling a criminal case is very expensive. You will need legal fees and money to pay fines if you are convicted of the crime. Going back to work allows you to earn enough money to pay your bills and cover the costs of the case.

  1. Bail Bonds Helps you Avoid Financial Scrutiny

You may be subject to financial investigation if you pay a high bail amount in cash. If you face federal charges, the federal court will always carry out investigations on the source of your funds. Whether or not you face charges for a financial crime, financial analysis could take some time and hence prolong your release. Also, a financial investigation could invade your privacy.

  1. Saves your Assets from Liquidation

When you lack money to bail yourself or a loved one out of jail, one may opt to liquidate an asset to raise the money. This could cause you to sell the asset at a lower amount than its value. When you use bail bonds, you can secure a loved one's release and protect your property.

Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

Being arrested and locked up in a jail cell for allegedly committing a crime is frightening. If it is your first arrest or the first time to have your loved one locked up, the process of securing a release may be challenging. Understanding the process of bail is helpfully in ensuring a faster release and less time spent behind bars. Some commonly asked questions regarding bail bonds include:

  1. What should I do when a loved one calls from jail?

Anyone can receive a call from a loved one from jail at any time of the day. Often, a criminal defendant is allowed to make a call after the booking process ends. If you have never bailed yourself or another person out of jail, the process could be confusing. Although it is shocking to learn of your loved one's arrest, it is crucial to keep calm.

The first thing you need to learn is the location of the jail in which they are held. You need to avoid asking about the details of the case. The authorities will record most of these calls, and the defendant may make an incriminating statement. During that first phone call, you should remind your loved ones that they can remain silent as you seek legal counsel for them.

At the police station, you must ensure to note down this information since it is essential when seeking bail bonds:

  • Full and official names of the defendant
  • The precise charges filed against them
  • Whether the charges are state or federal
  • The amount of bail required for their release

Although lawyers protect you or your loved one from wrongful conviction, they may not do much to secure your release before trial. Paying cash bail is challenging for many people since the amount may be very high. Therefore, contacting a bail bonds company is crucial. An Arcadia bail bonds agent will always have the cash required to bail your loved one out of jail. This helps ensure that the defendant spends less time behind bars.

  1. Is bail always necessary to secure a release?

NO. Sometimes, you may be released from jail before trial without a monetary commitment. When you face an arrest, you may not even need to go before the judge. Some courts have officers who determine individuals who are eligible for release on recognizance. When you secure an OR release, you will not need to pay money. However, the court will require you to sign a note promising to return to court for trial and other proceedings.

Not all criminal defendants will quality for recognizance release in California. However, if you face a non-violent misdemeanor and do not have a criminal history, your chances of release without bail may be higher. Also, it is essential to understand that the judge can deny you bail. If the court decides that you are a high flight risk or have committed a serious felony punishable by life imprisonment, you could remain behind bars until your case is resolved.

  1. Is bail money reimbursed?

Bailing a loved one out of jail can be expensive. Fortunately, you can collect your bail money after the defendant attends all court hearings and the judge pronounces a verdict on the case. In California, the outcome of a criminal case does not affect your ability to recover bail money. If you posted cash bail, you would receive the total amount after the case ends.

If you posted bail with the help of a bail bonds company, the bail bonds agent would collect the amount from the court. It is crucial to understand that the 10% premium you pay for bail bonds services is not refundable. After the bail bonds company collects their money from the court, they will give back the collateral you used for bail bonds.

If a criminal defendant fails to show up for court proceedings or violates the bail conditions, the court could forfeit their bail. This means that you cannot collect the ail money. If an Arcadia bail bonds agent loses their money from bail forfeiture, they could sell the property you used as collateral to recover their money. You can avoid bail forfeiture by ensuring that the defendant shows up in court as scheduled.

  1. What are bail conditions?

Bail conditions are a unique set of rules that a defendant must follow while out on bail. Release in bail means that your case has not been resolved, and the court considers you a criminal. Bail conditions vary depending on your charges and your criminal history. Some bail conditions like travel restrictions are common, while others are based on specific circumstances. If you face charges for domestic violence or a violent crime, the court may issue a restraining order against you. The main aim of releasing defendants on bail is to allow them to live in the community and protect the community.

  1. Who is a bail bonds cosigner?

Unless you are a severe threat to the safety of others or are a flight risk, you can be released on bail as your case continues. However, bail money can be too much for many defendants to raise on short notice. Therefore, people turn to bail bonds companies. If you are incapable of paying for bail bonds services, you may need a cosigner. The cosigner will not only shoulder the financial responsibility for the bail bonds but will be held responsible for your conduct. If a defendant fails to show you for trial, the cosigner could be liable for paying the forfeited bail.

Due to the increased responsibility that a cosigner takes up in your case, they may request the court to impose more restrictions in addition to the bail conditions. If a loved one or friend cosigns your bail bonds, it is crucial to constantly communicate with them. If your cosigner feels teeth, you might flee and avoid trial; they have a right to cancel the bond. In this case, you will have to return to jail.

If you face an arrest in Arcadia, CA, you could be held in these jails

Arcadia Police Department
250 W Huntington Dr
Arcadia, CA 91007

Arcadia Jail
250 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, California, 91007
Courts serving Arcadia, CA, include

Pasadena Courthouse
300 East Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91101

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Although bail bonds are not free, it is convenient to secure funds for your loved ones' release from jail. When you seek bail bonds, you will only be responsible for up to 10% of the total bail. This acts as a fee for the bail bonds services and is easier to raise. If you find it challenging to raise the bail bonds premium, an Arcadia bail bonds agent can help you make a repayment plan where you pay a deposit and cover the rest in installments.

The bail process can be very challenging when it is your first time or lacking the finances required. At Cali Bail Bonds, we are ready to offer you the finances to pay for your bail and guide you to ensure a smooth process. Contact us today at 562-376-5476

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