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Arrests can be a traumatizing event for you and your family. Your priority after an arrest is to secure a release and avoid spending unnecessary time behind bars. Most criminal defendants will require bail to secure a release in California while awaiting trial and other court proceedings. Bail is the monetary commitment you make to the court when they allow you to go home and move on with your life before your case ends.

At times, the set bail is very high in California, and many people could find it challenging to come up with the amount required on short notice. Fortunately for you, there are several options through which you can secure a release, including bail bonds. A bail bonds company will pay the total amount of your bail for a fee that is often 10% of the total bail amount. If you or your loved one is stuck in a jail cell for lack of bail money, it would be wise to contact Cali Bail Bonds. Our Marina Del Rey bail bonds agents will pay your bail and provide the guidance you require throughout the bail process.

Overview of Bail in California

When you are arrested for violating the law in California, the prosecutor will file criminal charges against you. Before the court determines your case, you may need to remain in custody for the trial [period. Spending time in jail can be a very challenging experience for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, the law allows you to go home, spend time with your family and move on with life if you post bail.

The judge sets bail during your first appearance in court. Bail amounts vary depending on your criminal charges and your criminal history, among other factors. To secure your release, you will post the total amount of bail with the court clerk, and it acts as an assurance of your return to court for trial and other proceedings. Some of the factors that a judge could consider when setting your bail include:

  • Flight risk. Bail is aimed at ensuring that a defendant returns to court for the proceedings. Flight risk is the likelihood of a defendant to flee and skip bail. If the court determines you have a high flight risk, the judge could set a high bail amount.
  • The severity of your crimes. Individuals facing charges for serious crimes are more likely to escape and avoid trial. Therefore, the amount of bail you require may increase with an increase in the severity of your charges.
  • Threat to public safety. If you face charges for a violent crime, the court will consider the safety of the alleged victims and other members of society when setting your bail. In addition to setting a high bail for you, the judge may issue a restraining order.
  • Ties to the community. Defendants with more ties to the community may be reluctant to flee. If you have a job or family in the jurisdiction, the court may set a lower bail amount for your release.

There are several ways through which one can secure a release through bail. The easiest way to pay your bail is through cash. With the cash bail, you must present the full amount to the court before a release. Since arrests are not events you can plan for, bail amounts may be too high for some people to pay. Luckily, there are other ways through which you can secure bail, including the use of the property and using bail bonds.

Bail bonds companies provide defendants with the amount required to pay for bail. When a Marina Del Rey bail bonds agent pays your bail, you will be responsible for up to 10% fees that act as a fee for their services.

Using Property to Secure Bail in California

Posting bail is the only way to free yourself or a loved one from jail with a pending criminal case. Mostly, the amount of bail required is very high, and raising it can be very challenging. In California, you can use a property bond to secure a release. When you decide to use a property bond for your case, you pledge the property value to guarantee the defendant’s appearance for court proceedings.

In California, the property you intend to use as a bond must have an equity of at least 150% of the total bail. If you appear for the hearing and your case ends, the court will back the property you used. However, skipping bail will prompt the court to sell your property to recover the bail money.

Before the judge accepts property as a form of bail, they will set a hearing to determine legal ownership of the particular property. Some of the documents that you must present when preparing for a property bond hearing include:

  1. Original or certified property deed. If you have recently acquired the property, you can present a grant deed death certificate or other documents to ascertain property ownership changes.
  2. Lot book guarantee. A guarantee or the preliminary title report must not be older than ten days.
  3. Current appraisals. When you use the property as bail, the court will want to determine its market value. If you purchased the property in the last year, the court might require that you present your tax statements on the property.
  4. Balance of loans. If the property you are presenting as the bond is under a mortgage, you must present a list of all loan balances and payments from different banks.
  5. Affidavit for justification of bail. You can find this document from the clerk’s office, and it must be presented before the hearing.

In addition to presenting the above documents, all individuals whose names are on the deed must appear at the property bond hearing.

Bail Bonds Process

A bail bonds process begins when you or your loved one faces an arrest for violating the law. Sometimes, the court may release you on your recognizance, which means you will not pay to secure your release. Mostly, individuals facing minor charges and are first-time offenders may be eligible for release on their own recognizance. However, most defendants will require bail. Paying a cash bail is challenging for many people, and the only option to avoid remaining in jail will be to seek bail bonds services.

A bail bond is a contract between a defendant and the bail bond company. The bail bond company serves as a guarantor of your appearance at all court proceedings. Also, they assume financial responsibility in case of bail forfeiture. When you cannot afford bail for your loved one, you can turn to a Marina Del Rey bail bond agent for the funds required to secure a release.

When you contact a bail bond agent, you need to have the following information about the defendant:

  • Their legal names
  • Date of birth
  • Jail where they are held
  • ID number
  • Amount of money required
  • Nature of their arrest and charges

After you complete the bail application process, you will pay a bail bond premium which is often 10% of the total bail. If you cannot afford the bail bond premium, the bail bond company can help you make a repayment plan to cover the deposit and pay the rest in installments. When offering bail bonds services, the bail bond company may require you to provide collateral. The value of the item you use as collateral for a bail bond must cover the total bail amount. Some of the types of collateral that you can use to secure bail bond include:

  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Investment accounts
  • Savings accounts

Your actual release after posting bail depends on different circumstances of your situation. However, an experienced marina Del Rey bail bonds agent may be able to secure a quick release for you. To expedite the bail bond process, you must understand the regulations and documents you need to present for a quicker release.

Cosigning Bail Bonds

An arrest of your loved one can be challenging for the whole family. By cosigning bail bonds, you can help your friend or loved one secure a faster release. Having a cosigner is one of the requirements of obtaining bail bonds in California. The cosigner vouches for the defendant and ensures that they will appear in court as scheduled. A bail bond cosigner can be anyone who knows a defendant. However, individuals with a stronger relationship with the accused are more acceptable.

Before deciding to be a cosigner, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Good credit history. When you cosign bail bonds, you will be financially responsible for the bail if the defendant fails to appear for trial. Therefore, you must have a good credit score, savings, or collateral to make a good cosigner.
  • Good job, history. You can be a good cosigner if you have held the same job position and have a steady paycheck. Also, having a regular job goes to show that you are reliable.
  • You should be responsible. When you act as a cosigner, you may have to deal with the consequences outlined in a bail agreement if the responsibilities are not met.

Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Cosigner

When you decide to act as a cosigner, you will sign a contract naming you the liable party for the defendant. A cosigner has two primary responsibilities, which include:

  • Ensuring that the defendant goes to court on the scheduled date. If a defendant skips bail, the court will forfeit the bail, and the bail bond company will lose its money. In this case, the bail bond agent will seek you to pay for the amount they lost to the court. The bail bond company may sometimes charge you a recovery fee to find the defendant and return them to jail.
  • Responsibility to pay bail bond premium. When a Marina Del Rey bail bonds agent pays bail for a defendant, the defendant must pay a bail bond premium that acts as a service fee. As a cosigner, you will be responsible for paying this amount before securing the defendant’s release.

Before you decide to cosign a bail bond agreement, you know your rights. First, you have the right not to be a cosigner. You should only enter a legal agreement where you understand your financial responsibility and duties towards the defendant. If you feel that the defendant may fail to appear as planned after cosigning that agreement, you can revoke that bail bond. In this case, the defendant may return to jail.

Cosigning bail bonds for your loved ones may help them spend less time in jail. However, being a cosigner may not be in your best interests. Therefore, working with an experienced bail bond agent is essential to ensure that you make the right decisions.

What Happens to Bail After the Case Ends?

Bail is not a punishment or penalty for the crimes that you allegedly committed. When you post bail, whether in cash, property, or bail bonds, you have the right to recover your money after the case ends. The verdict from your criminal trial will not affect your bail. At the end of your case, there are two possible outcomes for your bail:

Bail Release

When the court releases you on bail, the judge will impose some bail conditions that you must follow. Some of the bail conditions may include travel restrictions, protection orders, and an appearance for your trial, among others. If you obey all the requirements and appear for trial, your bail money will be refunded to the payer. If you posted cash bail, you could receive your money a few weeks after your case ends. If you used the property for bail, the court would issue a lien on the property.

However, if you face trial in federal court, the court will not release the bail automatically. You or the bail bond company must file a petition seeking a bail release. After bail release, the federal court may keep some amount to act as administrative fees. When the bail bond agent recovers the amount they used as your bail from the court, they will return the property or item you used as collateral. However, it is crucial to understand that the bail bond premium is not refundable.

Bail Forfeiture

If you skip bail or violate one of the conditions set during a bail hearing, the court will forfeit your bail. If you used the property for bail, the court may repossess it and resell it to recover bail money. Sometimes, there is hope for defendants who skip bail to avoid forfeiture. You can petition the court to reinstate bail by showing a valid reason why you failed to appear for trial.

When you use bail bonds and violate bail conditions, a bail bond agent has the right to find you and present you before the judge. Before resulting in bail forfeiture, the court will allow the bail bondsman to find the defendant and bring them back to court. Bail bond companies often hire bounty hunters to find defendants who skip bail. In the agreement you enter with a marina Del Rey Bail Bonds Agent, they have a right to enter your home and arrest you or take action against you for failure to appear for trial.

Benefits of Using a Marina Del Rey Bail Bond Agent

Some of the benefits that you accrue from using bail bonds to secure the release of your loved one include:

  • Quick-release. Cash bail requires that you post the total amount before securing a release. Coming up with the amount required for cash bail may take some time and delay your release. Seeking bail bonds can ensure a faster release.
  • Save money. Bail amounts can be very high for one to raise on short notice. However, when you seek bail bonds services, you will only take responsibility for a small percentage of the bail amount.
  • Avoid financial scrutiny. When you post cash bail in California, you may be subjected to financial scrutiny. Whether you face charges for financial crimes or not, using cash bail could delay your release as the court investigates the source of your funds.

Jails Serving Marina Del Rey, CA, include:

Redondo Beach Jail
401 Diamond Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division Station
12312 Culver Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Inmate Reception Center
450 Bauchet Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Some of the courts in Marina Del Rey are

Santa Monica Courthouse
1725 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Inglewood Courthouse
1 E Regent St 6th floor
Inglewood, CA 90301

Find a Marina Del Rey Bail Bond Agent Near Me

No one wants to receive a phone call that says that their loved one is in jail. However, arrests are unanticipated events, and when they happen, you want to take the necessary steps to secure a fast release for them. Bail is the amount of money you pay to act as an assurance that you will return for trial when the court releases you with a pending case. Being released on bail allows you to walk out of jail, meet your attorney, and work on your case.

If you have the full amount required by the court, you can pay cash bail. However, since bail amounts are often very high, an attempt to pay cash bail could leave you under intense financial scrutiny or dent your financial status. If you do not want to go through all the stress of liquidating your assets, you can seek bail bonds services. At Cali Bail Bonds, we understand the urgency of securing the release of your loved one and will provide the amount you require to post bail. Contact our Marina Del Rey bail bonds agents today at 562-376-5476.


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