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When the police arrest you in Cudahy, there is usually no way to tell that your case will be determined quick enough for you to go back to your life. The police will detain you until the mention of your case, after which the judge decides whether you’ll be released or incarcerated. All this while, you’ll not be able to go to work, be with your family or even attend school.

Fortunately for you, California law allows defendants to secure their release from jail until the determination of their case. You could do this by posting a cash bail or seeking the assistance of a bail bond dealer. At Cali Bail Bonds, we have affordable, round-the-clock bail services for you if you’re unable to afford to post your bail.

Arrest and Seizure in California

Arrests in California are conducted by law enforcement officers, particularly the police. You can be arrested under two main conditions:

  • If you are suspected of having committed a criminal offense
  • If the police find you in the act of committing a crime

If a person reports to the police regarding a criminal offense you have committed, the police seek a warrant for your arrest from a judge. An arrest warrant provides the details and conditions for your arrest. Sometimes the warrant gives the police a right to search and seize any illegal paraphernalia you might be having in your home, car, person, or office.

If the police catch you in the act of committing an offense, they’ll arrest you on the spot. It can happen anywhere, including your place of work, school, church, or even at home. They won’t give you a chance to prepare or explain yourself.

After arrest, the process remains the same for all defendants. You are taken through the booking process, after which you are detained until you can pay bail for release from incarceration. The arresting officer will tell you whether you qualify for bail and how much you’ll be required to pay for your freedom. You’ll also be allowed to make a call to your family or lawyer.

Bail refers to the amount you pay to the court to secure your release before the mentioning of your case. California courts do not conduct criminal trials soon after arrest. They give time to the prosecution team to prepare the case and gather all the evidence they need to support the defendant’s charges. The court also offers defendants time to prepare for defense. Therefore, your trial is set for a future date on which the court expects you to show up without fail.

Without bail, you may have to remain in police custody until the date of your trial. It could be days, weeks, or even months, depending on the complexity of your case. The law would be unfair to hold a suspect for a long time before you are declared guilty. That’s why you might be allowed to post bail to secure your freedom before trial.

Additionally, it costs a lot of money in a day for the California justice system to keep one suspect. Bail is a way for the system to save on unnecessary expenses and relieve taxpayers of this burden.

How California Courts Set Bail

California has a bail schedule, though it varies from one county to the other. It determines the bail amount you’ll pay for a particular offense. The judge determines the bail amount in these schedules and is communicated to the defendant during their first court appearance. The judge considers the details of your case and criminal history to determine the amount of bail you must post for your freedom. Here are the main factors that are considered in setting bail in California:

The Severity of Your Offense

Bail for minor misdemeanor offenses is not usually as high as bail set for severe felonies. Defendants who face misdemeanor charges are considered less of a threat to the members of the public. Therefore, the court will be more than willing to allow them back to society until the determination of their case. However, if you face charges for a more severe felony, your bail might be high to discourage you from securing your release from incarceration. The judge does this to protect the public.

Your Criminal History

A first-time offender in California is also considered less of a threat when compared to a frequent offender. If it is your first time to be arrested, the chances are high that you are generally a law-abiding citizen, save for that particular situation. The judge will be confident that you are not a threat to society and will be more willing to attend trial than a frequent offender. However, if you have more prior convictions in your criminal record, you are considered a high risk to society and could be required to pay a higher bail for your freedom.

If You Have Previous Failure to Appear

Note that a California judge will not grant you bail if he/she is not sure of your willingness to show up for trial in court. Thus, if you have a previous history of failing to appear for trial, your bail might be set high to make it hard for your release from incarceration. On the other hand, if the judge is sure of your unwillingness to appear, he/she might deny you bail. You’ll have to remain in custody until the conclusion of your case.

Whether You Are on Parole or Probation

If you are on probation or parole, it means that you are already in trouble with the law. The judge will be cautious when granting you freedom before trial. Thus, he/she could set your bail high to discourage you from securing your freedom.

Your Flight Risk

How likely are you to run if granted bail?

The judge will be cautious not to allow you to post bail if you have a high flight risk. He/she will make several considerations, including the stability of your life within the city or county. For instance, if you have a permanent job or a family within the city, you are less likely to run when granted bail. However, if you do not have anything that might hold you back to the city, you may decide to run and not appear for trial. Thus, the judge might deny bail or set your bail high.

Types of Bail Available For You In Cudahy

If you face arrest in Cudahy, it helps to know the types of bail that’ll be available for you. That will make things easy for you once granted bail and is expected to secure your freedom. Here are the most common types of bail in California:

Release on Own Recognizance

You may not be required to pay money to secure your freedom. A judge may decide to release you on your own recognizance. Judges make this decision when they have no reason to worry about the defendant’s flight of risk. For instance, if you are a first offender with no prior criminal history, you might qualify for release on personal recognizance. The judge will only require you to sign a few forms and a declaration of your willingness to attend the trial.

Cash Bail

It’s the bail you pay if you can raise your full bail. If the court has set your bail low, you or your family can raise the total amount without seeking financial assistance. Just as its name suggests, you pay cash bail if you pay the entire bail amount to the court. Once the court receives your money, you’ll sign a few documents and soon will be free to go home.

If you have money to post your full bail, it becomes relatively easy to secure your release from jail. Once you attend all court hearings and a judge concludes your case, you’ll receive a refund of the money, regardless of the outcome of your case.

Surety Bond

A bail bond agency pays surety bonds for defendants who cannot raise the entire bail amount. When bail is set high, it could be challenging for you or your family to raise the money needed for your release from jail. In this case, you could seek the assistance of a third party. Bail bond companies in Cudahy are in the business of assisting defendants who are unable to post cash bail. They give everyone an equal chance to obtain their freedom before the conclusion of their case.

You hire the services of a bail bond company once you have determined your bail amount and realized that you could not raise the total amount. Bail bond companies respond very fast since they know how important it is for you to regain your freedom after arrest.

Property Bond

Though not very popular, property bonds are available to defendants who may not afford cash bail but have a valuable asset with which they could secure their release from jail. A valuable property could be a house, business premises, or even a car. Its value must be more than the bond required by the court for your freedom. Just like cash bail, you sign release forms soon after providing collateral to the court. The court will give you back your property after determining your case, regardless of the outcome of your case.

Hiring a Bail Bondsman in Cudahy

For most defendants, bail is usually too high to afford. Defendants are generally not willing to wait in jail longer as their families raise the required amount. Fortunately, bail bonds companies are available and could help in situations like these. The goal is to secure your release soon after arrest so that you can return to school, work, or your family. It also gives you a chance to hire an attorney and plan for defense.

When dealing with a bail bond dealer, the process usually starts with contacting a reliable Cudahy bail bondsman immediately after you are allowed to post bail. The judge will let you know the amount of bail you should pay for your freedom. Most bail bond dealers in California operate round the clock. Therefore, you can do that as soon as you have the chance, regardless of the time of day or night.

A bail bonds company will assign an agent to your case immediately. The agent will start processing your release right away. He/she will first call to obtain important information that will enable him/her to fill out the necessary documents to secure your freedom, including your name, date of birth, the jail where the police are holding you, and some details of your case. The agent will also discuss the bond services, including the amount of money you’ll be required to pay as a premium. If both of you are in agreement, the agent will start the bail process.

Most bond dealers in California offer their clients some flexibility when paying for bail services. Therefore it will be essential to discuss how you’ll make payments for the premium, which is also the service fee.

Once the agent completes the paperwork, he/she will send you the documents online to sign. The agent will present the signed copies to the police to obtain your freedom.

The bail process in California is swift, especially if you are dealing with a reliable bond dealer. You do not have to remain in incarceration more than you should. In a few hours, the police will have released you from incarceration so that you can go back to your life.

Jail and Court Information

Cudahy City Jail
5050 S Lake Drive, Cudahy, WI, 53110
Phone: 414-769-2260

Cudahy Municipal Court
5050 S. Lake Drive
Cudahy, WI 53110
Phone: (414) 769-2218
Fax: (414) 769-2259

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An arrest in Cudahy, CA, can affect your life in so many ways. It gets worse if you have to remain in custody until a judge concludes your case. However, you can obtain your freedom by posting bail. If bail is set high, a reliable bail bondsman can offer the timely financial assistance you need to secure your release before trial. At Cali Bail Bonds, our agents will start the process immediately after you call us for help. Our affordable, round-the-clock bail services will ensure you are not spending more time in jail than you should. Call us at 562-376-5476, and let us be there when you need us the most.


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