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The police officers may arrest you or your loved one in Los Angeles at any time. The officers will take you in custody and start a booking process. After the arrest, you want to walk out of jail and resume your daily activities as soon as possible. The law enforcement officers may decide to release you under citation or after you post the bail. So how do you post the bail? Posting bail might be a complicated process, especially when it's your first time. You want to seek legal help from a competent attorney to help you understand how bail bonds work, the types of bail bonds, how the court sets the bail, posting bail, and how you may work with a bail bond agent to secure your release. Remember, every case is unique and will carry a different bail amount.

Our bail bonds agents at Cali Bail Bonds are ready to help you post bail and resume your regular duties right away. We will provide legal assistance throughout the bail bond process. Our bail bond agents will discuss your case and determine the type of bail which suits your case. Thus if the police arrest you in Los Angeles, contact us as soon as possible.

What is Bail vs. Bond in Los Angeles?

The two terms are commonly used when you seek to walk out of jail before your trial. Bail is the amount of money you are required to pay to secure your release from custody. The bail changes from one defendant to the other due to factors like the nature of the case and the defendant's criminal records. Alternatively, a bond is an agreement between the court, surety and the defendant, which helps the defendant walk out of jail before their trial.

The Arrest and Booking

After the police arrest you, they will take you into custody and conduct a booking process. During the booking process, the law enforcement officers will take your personal information, record the information, perform a background check involving fingerprints, search, and take your photographs. They will also confiscate your items, including your purse and keys. Then they will place you in a detention cell.

Bail Hearing in Los Angeles

A bail hearing is a court proceeding mainly requested by your defense attorney to convince the court to either reduce the bail or release you under your recognizance. Own recognizance will require you to promise the court to appear at all court proceedings without posting a bail. The court may impose a non-monetary condition as part of your release. When the prosecution team believes the bail is insufficient, they may call for a bail hearing.

During the bail hearing, the judge will listen to both your defense attorney and the prosecution team. When the defense attorney secures the release on own recognizance, the court will conclude the hearing. However, when the judge denies the release on your recognizance, your defense attorney will convince the court to reduce the bail amount.

The bail hearing may occur during your first court appearance, referred to as arraignment, or any time during your court proceedings. The presumption of innocence will not apply at the bail hearing. The judge will presume the charges were true. To reduce or deny, or even grant the bail, the judge will consider:

  • Public safety
  • Your prior criminal records
  • Previous FTAs
  • Your probability of showing up at the court as ordered
  • Your current employment status

Setting Bail

In California, the judge doesn’t set bail amounts randomly. However, the court will use a bail schedule as their reference point. The less severe crimes have a lower bail amount as compared to severe crimes. The judge may reduce or increase the bail at the hearing. During the hearing, the prosecution team may raise facts about you or the charges which the judge was previously unaware of, including parole or probation violation. In California, judges have significant discretion in setting bail. That’s why it's essential to work closely with a competent attorney, majorly a lawyer conversant with bail bonds and other issues related to bail bonds.

How to Post the Bail in Los Angeles

After the booking process, the law allows you to post the bail immediately. Otherwise, you will wait for around 48 hours, where the judge will hold a hearing to determine whether you qualify for bail and the amount. The law allows you to post the bail-in various ways, including cash, real estate, property, among others. Your family member or friends may also post the bail on your behalf. You will pay the bail amount to the clerks located next to the courthouse.

What Happens When You are Unable to Pay the Bail?

If you have insufficient money to post the bail, the great thing you may do is work closely with a bail bond company. The bondsmen will offer all support and assistance you deserve. It's essential to work with experts like bondsmen to help you obtain the bail amount you seek. You and the bondsmen will come into an agreement. The bondsmen will assure the court to pay all the bail amount when you skip the scheduled court hearing. Also, you will promise the bondsmen to appear at the court appearances. The agreement will also come with consequences. For example, the bondsmen will hire a bounty hunter to come for you and return you to jail once you skip a court appearance. They will charge you a fee of around ten percent of the total bail amount.

Conditions of Bail

The bail will come with conditions and terms after the court permits you to walk out of jail through bail. So, the court will require you to meet certain conditions set by the court. Failure to observe these conditions may attract re-arrest and detention until your trial and forfeiture of the bail amount. The conditions set by the court may vary according to various factors. The following are the common bail conditions set by judges in California:

  • Travel Restrictions

To avoid bail skipping and track the defendants released on bond, the court may require you remain within your local jurisdiction area. The travel restrictions are popular and strictly enforced. Thus when you have travel restrictions, you want to adhere to them.

  • Mandatory Check-Ins

The judge may decide to track you by issuing an order to keep regular check-ins with the pretrial professionals. The check-ins will help assure the criminal court you’re complying with the conditions of the bond.

  • Attending Court Ordered Classes

The court may order you to attend mandatory classes as part of your bail condition. The class may involve behavioral courses, anger management courses, and alcohol and drug counseling.

  • Weapon Restrictions

The judge may require you to surrender all the deadly weapons and refrain from purchasing a new firearm. The restriction is common and applies even when your case is not drug-related.

  • Staying Sober

The judge may order you to refrain from alcohol and drug use while free on your bond. The restriction is common, especially when you face alcohol or drug-related charges.

  • Employment Requirements

The judge may order you to maintain your work while waiting for your trial. Also, if you are unemployed, you are free to seek job opportunities while free on bond. The restrictions help the judge know you’re pursuing a lawful means to self-sufficiency.

Varied Types of Bail Bond in Los Angeles

There are different types of bails, whereby some are used more frequently than others. All bail bonds are not used similarly. The situation of your case, the alleged crime, and your prior criminal offense call for specific bail bond types. The different bond types are below.

  • Cash Bond

A cash bond involves the accused paying the full bail amount through cash. Some courts accept credit cards, debit card payments, money orders, and checks. When the judge wants to be sure that you stay in jail during trial, they set a high amount of cash bail. Judges use cash bonds when they feel you are a risk or danger to the public. In case you fail to show up in the court during the pre-determined hearing, your bail is dismissed and an arrest warrant issued for you. Alternatively, when you appear at all court hearings, your bail is reimbursed after two to six weeks at the end of the court case.

  • Surety Bond

Surety bond involves the defendant's friend or relative contacting bail agents to appear in court with the defendant. The agents are referred to as bail bondsmen. The bail bondsmen appear in court and promise to pay the total amount when the defendant fails to appear before the court. The bail bondsmen charge you a certain percentage of money and may hold your large personal items as their collateral. Severe repercussions come when you cannot pay bail and condemn it to make a court appearance. Bail hunters may hint at you for turning down the agreement. A surety bond is used when the defendant cannot pay the bail set by the judge.

  • Property Bond

You use property bonds by using personal possession as a method of ensuring bail payment. The bond type is used for large cases that require a large bond amount. Property bond involves large property, including a car, house, and other property. It consists of the court placing a claim on your property. The method takes some time since it involves the approval of the property by a professional company and turning the paperwork into the courts.

If you skip a court appearance, the court may possess your property and force you to forego the ownership of the property to cover the bail amount. You should avoid using property bonds unless it's the only remaining last option. This is because the repercussions of losing your land or car could result in financial misery after sentencing. Alternatively, when you appear as per the court date, your property is returned at the end of the case.

  • Immigration Bond

Immigration bond works like a surety bond. The bonds are used to release defendants detained by immigration services. It involves you paying a premium to the bond agent who puts up the remainder to have you released from detention. When held by the federal immigration and customs enforcement department, you need an immigration bond to be free from custody. Bond agents try their best to have you out of custody soon.

The bail amount depends on the risk level and the chances of you running back to your home country. Once released, you want to attend all your immigration hearings and report to (ICE) If ordered or deported. If you miss your court hearings or fail to report for deportation, your bond will be dismissed, and you face arrest.

  • Personal Recognizance

Personal recognizance involves the judge releasing you without having to pay a bail amount to the court. It happens when the judge sees you as responsible for appearing before the court in all the hearings. You only sign an agreement promising to appear in the court hearing and pay the bail amount. However, you may be remanded in custody until your trial dates when you fail to appear before the court. The type of bail is not allowed for high-risk cases, including murder. When seeking a flight risk to other people, personal recognition cannot work for you.

Why You Should Work with Cali Bail Bonds

Our bail bond agents at Van Nuys Bail Bonds are ready to help you walk out of jail through these challenging times. The agents are well trained and versed with California bail bond laws. Again, we ensure they have valid licenses issued in the state. We also understand posting a bail bond in Los Angeles might be a new process for you. Work with our bail bonds agents today and enjoy the following legal services:

  • Experience and Knowledge

Each case is different and comes with unique elements surrounding it. That’s why you should work with an experienced bondsman to provide legal help throughout the process. Working with a bail bond agent without knowing the county bail bond laws will worsen your situation. Our Van Nuys Bail Bond agents have been working with clients seeking to post bail in Los Angeles for decades. Our level of professionalism is unmatched. If you contact our agents, you will receive a warm receptionist from our well-licensed bail bonds agents and answer your question professionally. So, avoid costly mistakes by working with our team of legal experts.

  • Our Fees and Rates are the Lowest

Our Van Nuys Bail Bonds company is the best in what they do. We understand you are in a hurry to walk out of custody and resume your regular duties. Our rates and fees are the lowest. We offer special discounts for special situations and ensure you post the bail without placing you in a financial crisis. We accept various payment plans to ensure the process is simple and stress-free. We know many people don’t have savings for emergency issues like bail since it may happen anytime. That’s why you should choose to work with us immediately.

  • We Offer Qualitative Bail Bond Services

At Cali Bail Bonds, our bondsmen offer top-quality bail bond services. Whenever the police arrest you during the weekend, holidays, night, or daytime, we work tirelessly to meet your needs. You are most welcomed when you want to post your bail over the phone, fax, or email. Even when you try to call our offices, you will speak with our live agents. We don’t have answering machines or recorded messages. We work closely with our clients, judges, court clerks, criminal defense lawyers, and law enforcement officers in our region. Our professionalism, ethical standards have earned our offices respect.

  • No Hidden or Added Fees

Many bail bond companies advertise false information and later switch the client's fees. However, our Van Nuys Bail Bonds agents believe in honesty and transparency to win respect and trust from our clients. Thus, we don’t have hidden fees. Our legal expert also thinks you should not face punishment for accidentally failing to appear in court. The only fee our agents require is the amounts outlined in the bail agreements. We educate you more about bail bonds for free. We also guide you on the next step after posting the bail since posting the bail is not the end of your case.

  • Bail Online or Over The Phone

The law enforcement officers may arrest you before a critical aspect of your life, like a wedding. At this moment, you want to seek legal help and secure your release right away. Van Nuys Bail Bonds agents allow you to bail online or over the phone without traveling to the court or detention facility. You will only need to have your basic information at your hands, including booking number, detention facility, and your names.

The agents will help you bail over the phone or online and walk out of jail within the shortest period possible. We will keep in touch with the officials at the detention facility to know the type of case and the amount you require to bail.

Court Information and Jail Information in Los Angeles

Metropolitan Court
1945 S,  Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Los Angeles Superior Court
600 S Commonwealth Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005

LA Courthouse
501 West, 1st street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Los Angeles County Courthouse
150 W Commonwealth Ave
Alhambra, CA 91801

LASD Jail Center
11705 Alameda Street
Los Angeles, California 90059

Twin towers Correctional Center
450 Bauchet street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Los Angeles County Detention Center
450 Bauchet St
Los Angeles CA 90012

Men's Central Detention Center
965 North Vignes Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Contact a Van Nuys Bail Bond Company Near Me

Posting a bail bond in Los Angeles might be a challenging process. That’s why you want to work closely with a well-licensed and insured bail bond company. The bondsmen will help you post bail at fair rates. Thus if the police arrest your friend or loved one, call our bondsmen at Cali Bail Bonds, and they will help you walk out of jail immediately. Call us at 562-376-5476, and we will work on your case immediately to secure your release.


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