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Dealing with an arrest for criminal accusations can cause multiple problems for you and your loved ones. One of the toughest challenges to overcome is remaining in custody as you await further directives. While you stand a chance of facing an acquittal for the criminal charges, your wait in jail may be too long. Consequently, you may miss out on important life events. Fortunately, you can exit jail before your trial begins by posting bail or bond. The option involves a transactional agreement between you and the court, whereby you must comply with their requirements. However, most people find posting bail by themselves as an expensive process depending on the court-issued amount.

When working with a bail bonds service company, you will have an easier time paying the required bail amount and securing your freedom. Furthermore, the bail bonds agent working on your case has rich knowledge and experience to satisfy your expectations. At Cali Bail Bonds, we dedicate our services to helping persons detained in San Bernardino County regain their freedom. Over the years, we have supported multiple clients by posting bail for them before their oncoming trial. Thus, you can count on us for a supportive and professional team that puts your needs first.

Preparing for Your Bail Hearing

After your arrest, you will face detention in jail as the arresting officers engage in further investigations on your accusations. While in police custody, you will undergo a booking process to prepare you for the bail hearing. During the brief procedure, the officers will obtain information to help identify you and keep records for future reference.

Therefore, you will have to provide details on your physical address, your official name, identification card numbers, next of kin details, and employment information. Further, the officers will obtain your photographs, fingerprints and ask you to sign several documents.

Since you are preparing for subsequent court arraignment, the officers will also run a background check to determine if you have a criminal record. The information may drastically change the bail hearing outcome.

Consequently, you want to consult a defense attorney if you have a previous conviction record. Their assistance will help you counter the ramifications of your criminal history to give you a chance to exit jail.

You should also note that the judge considers various factors before deciding to grant bail. They do this to ensure that your release is based on reasonable grounds that do not endanger the community. Further, the judge must be convinced that you will not attempt to flee the country before your trial begins.

If the judge assesses your case and verifies that you meet all the requirements, they will grant your release on bail. Hence, you can start preparing your preferred payment option to help complete the transaction as soon as possible.

How to Post Bail after Receiving Court Orders

The court accepts several payment options after you receive orders to post bail. Since you are familiar with your financial condition, you want to choose a suitable payment option that does not strain you. You can explore these three main choices when posting bail:

  • Cash payments
  • Cheque deposits
  • Posting bail or bond

The Role of a Bail Bonds Agent

By contacting a San Bernardino County bail bonds agent, you will access a more financially friendly option to help you exit jail. You will therefore regain your freedom thanks to your bail bond agent’s participation in securing your freedom.

A bail bond business structure is simple, and it accommodates hundreds of clients who would face challenges in paying the bail amount upfront. Upon contacting the service, an agent is assigned to your case, meaning they will oversee payment operations until you are released. The process involves posting bail or bond on your behalf for a small percentage as a service fee.

Usually, the bail bonds agent is free to begin the bail payment process provided they receive several details. They are:

  • Your full name
  • Your booking number
  • Your next of kin details
  • Your physical address
  • Your employment/credit details

The bail bonds company will also request collateral before taking on the case. You can make arrangements to have a trusted family member or loved one complete the process on your behalf. The role of presenting collateral is to secure the bail bonds company in case the court claims the bail or bond amount. These instances arise where a suspect does not appear for their court mentions and trials, contrary to the instructions that the judge issues.

You do not have to worry about recovering the collateral property, as the bail bonds company will reinstate it as soon as your case concludes and the bail amount is returned. Nevertheless, you want to keep following the court-issued attendance directives to avoid risking the bail or bond amount posted.

Defenses for Non-Compliance With Court Appearance Requirements

Although a failure to appear in court for your trial proceedings will result in forfeiting your bail or bond payment, you may seek several avenues for pardon. The strategy works similar to presenting defenses for your non-action, to persuade the judge for leniency.

Thus, working with a criminal defense attorney is ideal, as they will help you prepare the best arguments to present. If the judge accepts your defenses, you will have the bail or bond reinstated as security against you, provided you do not contravene the rules again.

When preparing your defenses, you also want to gather as much evidence as possible to support your claims. In doing so, you will improve your credibility and increase the chances of a favorable case outcome. With your attorney’s help, you can present the following defenses for on-appearance in court:

You Suffered From Temporary Insanity

Firstly, you may plead pardon for suffering from temporary insanity. The occurrence may result from different life events, including extreme intoxication or a temporary medical condition. If your claims involve intoxication, the judge may ask whether you deliberately used drugs before an assigned court date. They will do this to derive evidence on recklessness or addiction, meaning you are less likely to receive a pardon.

Due to this, you want to present the defense of insanity from intoxication only if you took the drugs unknowingly. In that case, the judge will understand that you were not in control of events and issue directives accordingly.

Alternatively, your defense may involve insanity from a temporary medical condition. Subsequently, you want to back your claims with medical documents like doctor’s reports, scans, and images. These evidential sources play a pivotal role in justifying your claims.

You Became Physically Impaired

Sometimes, accidents may occur soon after your release on bail, making it difficult for you to maintain mobility as before. Therefore, you will have a difficult time making court appearances, especially if you lack someone to provide support. Thus, the defense can help you retain your bail or bond payment, provided it is justifiable before the judge.

When making the inquiries, the judge will determine whether you made efforts to notify the court of your disability. If you genuinely contacted the relevant officials but received no feedback, you can present the attempted communication. Since your contact attempts will indicate a willingness to comply, the judge is more likely to rule in your favor.

You Were Required to Appear in a Different Court Jurisdiction

Similarly, you may be involved in several court proceedings in different jurisdictions. This, therefore, means you have to split your time between the current court and another. Sometimes, the court schedules may clash, leading to missed court appearances.

If you can present credible evidence on your court appearances in a different jurisdiction, the judge is more inclined to reverse the bail forfeiture orders. Nonetheless, you will still have to prove the other court’s schedule and elaborate on whether your appearance was mandatory.

You Suffered From a Severe Medical Condition

Finally, if you had to deal with a severe medical condition requiring hospitalization, the bail or bond forfeiture may be pardoned. However, you should note that the judge will inquire on why no prior communication was made to the court.

In this case, you may present an argument that you are alone and had nobody to convey the message. You may also add that since you were confined to a hospital ward at the time, communication became strained. If you can lawfully back your claims, you can expect a positive outcome from the judge. Hence, you are more likely to recover your bail or bond amount.

Fees Required for a Bail Bonds Service

Your San Bernardino County bail bonds agent is ready to process your bail or bond transaction as soon as you contact them. Therefore, you will need to pay a service fee for the expeditious and reliable services you receive. The payments serve to keep the bail bonds company running and secure an agent to handle your case immediately.

Upon contacting the bail bonds service, they will require you to pay a fee amounting to 10% of the total bail or bond amount asked. Moreover, your San Bernardino County bail bonds agent will request a collateral to serve as security in case of defaulted payments.

Thus, you want to prepare your loved ones or your financial handler for the fee in advance to help complete the transaction seamlessly. Additionally, you can request your attorney to prepare a lenient agreement for the collateral property. In doing so, you will secure the bail bonds services and have better chances of leaving jail early.

Although the 10% charged fee is a small fraction of what you would otherwise pay, it may still be an expensive sum to raise. This is especially common if the total bail amount was already set high, meaning that the percentage amounted to an expensive sum. As a result, we are happy to negotiate a payment plan to accommodate your financial flexibility.

Payment Plan Options for Bail Bond Services

When you present your concerns on the inability to raise the total bail bonds charge, your San Bernardino County bail bonds agent will present several alternatives. These options serve to help clients assess their financial condition and choose the most suitable plan.

Firstly, you may prefer making repayments in monthly installments until you complete the total fee. If so, you will need an elaborate payment structure that enables you to follow up on your balance. The assigned bail bonds agent can help you access a digitized platform where you can access these details.

Alternatively, you may request a period within which you are to repay the bail bond service fee owed. Thus, you can make repayments at your own pace, provided the total sum is collected by the end of the stipulated period. The option works well for clients running businesses, as the profits may fluctuate. Since the bail bonds company will accept any presented amount, the business owners have less pressure to fulfill a fixed amount every month.

Requirements for Payment Plan Applicants

Your San Bernardino County bail bonds agent will verify several requirements before you receive clearance to apply for a bail bonds payment plan. It is important for you to have met these conditions, as you may otherwise miss out on the financial support. The factors considered are:

Whether You are a California Resident

Usually, the bail bond company you work with will only accept a repayment plan strategy if you are a California resident. This is to avoid financial risks posed by working with an out-of-state client, as completing transactions with them may be challenging. Hence, your bail bonds agent will request proof of your residency before clearing you for repayment plan access.

You can rely on several documents to prove you are a resident, including any recent bills sent to your physical address. Moreover, information in your bank registration portfolio and the police records taken during the booking process can be useful in proving your residency. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable documents to present, depending on the convenience of retrieving them.

Whether You Own a Home or Have Property Equity

Since the bail bond service requires you to provide collateral in case of non-compliance with the court regulations, you will need to show your home equity. You can do this by presenting your homeownership documents or the equity you own in the property.

Before presenting documents on a specific real property, several factors are worth considering to help you avoid further liability. For example, if you jointly own your home with your current spouse, you want to seek their consent before presenting the home information to your San Bernardino County bail bonds agent. This way, you will minimize the conflicts that could later arise should the bail bonds company take a lien over the property.

Whether You Had a Co-signer For the Bail Bonds Service

Moreover, having a co-signer when requesting bail bond repayment plans is beneficial. The chosen person will act as a guarantor for the money you owe the company. Thus, they take on the responsibility to repay your bail bonds service provider if you cannot follow through.

The guarantors will therefore play a significant role in your bail bonds repayment process. This is because the company requires their signature before authorizing the payment plan. As a result, you want to partner with a reliable person who understands the payment structure.

Additionally, your guarantor must provide proof of employment or a source of steady income to finance the repayment if necessary. Usually, the income required for approval as a guarantor should be twice the bail amount. Due to this, your guarantor should be a financially stable person who will be responsive to the bail bonds company as required.

Jail and Court Information

You can avoid being stranded when trying to help a loved one by referring to the following jail and court information. It contains contact details for courts, detention centers, and sheriff departments in San Bernardino. They include:

Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino
655 W 2nd Street,
San Bernardino, California,
92415, United States.

San Bernardino Sheriff Central Detention Center
630 E Rialto Avenue,
San Bernardino, California,
92415, United States.

San Bernardino County Detention Center
900 E Gilbert Street,
San Bernardino, California,
92415, United States.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
655 E 3rd Street,
San Bernardino, California,
92415, United States.

San Bernardino Jail Inmate Booking Search (Service)
630 E Rialto Avenue,
San Bernardino, California,
92408, United States.

Corrections Department
303 W 5th Street,
San Bernardino, California,
92401, United States.

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Remaining in custody after an arrest can be stressful for you, especially if you are a first-time offender. You may lack the requisite experience to preempt the court’s requirements, leading to several delays. Moreover, the options for your release may seem impossible to achieve without a professional to help with the process. Therefore, you want to explore the possible solutions to help you get out of jail as soon as possible. Among the various avenues to try is posting bail or bond for your release. Since it involves compliance with court requirements, you want to ensure you work with an experienced agent to meet the deadlines on time.

We at Cali Bail Bonds can help with the bail process. We have experienced bail bond agents throughout San Bernardino. Get in touch with us at 562-376-5476.


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