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Spending time in jail after an arrest is stressful. That’s why you should seek help to secure your release from jail. One of the most crucial reasons you should seek your freedom is to build defenses with your attorney. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford the bail amount that has been set forth by the court for their release. That’s why you’ll find them turning to the aid of bail bond agencies for bail bond services.

You must work with a reliable bail bond company to secure a quick release. At Cali Bail Bonds, we are devoted to offering our clients seeking bail bonds in Lakewood, CA, quality services. Consider scheduling an appointment with us today for an efficient bail bonds release.

Definition of Bail Bond and How It Works in California

A bail is an assurance posted to the court that allows a defendant to be released rather than spend time in jail after an arrest. Defendants can post cash bails or property bails depending on what is available. When a defendant is posting a property bail, they will surrender the property to the court for their release. The value of the property in question must be equivalent to or more than the bail amount.

In most cases, defendants cannot afford to raise the required amount or have a property worth the needed value, especially in serious charges. In that case, they prefer relying on bail bonds agencies to help them secure their freedom. With a bail bonds agent, all you need to do is pay up the premium amount, set up collateral to secure their bail bond, and have them pay up the required amount to the court. Most bail bond agencies prefer using a cosigner to help a defendant in securing the right collateral.

In California, bail bonds agencies must take up to 10% of the bail amount as their premium fee. However, some agencies offer a lower percentage in certain circumstances. For instance, our Lakewood bail bonds agents would offer a lower premium payment if you are one of the following:

  • A member of the army
  • Represented by attorneys
  • Union member
  • A government employee
  • Have a family member who fits any of the above who is willing to cosign the release

Please note, the premium amount is non-refundable, unlike the collateral that your cosigner will use to guarantee your release. However, you should note that failure to adhere to the conditions that have been set forth by the court as part of your release might have the collateral forfeited. Otherwise, the court will return your property if you adhere to the terms and conditions that it has set for your release.

Common Conditions in a Bail Bond Release

If you are granted a bail release, the court will impose several conditions. Your attorney can also suggest these conditions as a way to convince the judge to set bail or decrease it. Most of these conditions are placed on you to release you or reduce your bail. Others might apply to your case. They are as follows:

  • Release to the community after finding a friend, family member, or a member of the community willing to accompany you to the court
  • Texting, online, or phone check-ins with a designated agency
  • Surrendering your passport to restrict you from traveling out of state
  • Driving restriction and prohibition
  • Putting a stay-away order from an alleged victim
  • Mandatory attendance to an AA or NA meeting
  • Surrendering your weapons to the law enforcement
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle
  • Mandatory attendance to an alcohol abuse treatment program
  • Mandatory attendance to a mental health treatment program
  • Compliance with mandatory drug and alcohol testing
  • Compliance with a residential treatment program
  • Installation of a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM)
  • Home detention
  • GPS or electronic monitoring

Our Lakewood bail bonds agents are ready to work with the court to ensure that you adhere to these regulations and guarantee your quick release. This will help you receive your collateral returned to you once your case is complete.

Various Ways You Can Pay for Your Bail Bond Release

Our Lakewood bail bonds agents offer a wide range of payment options when it comes to paying your upfront premium fee. We understand that every person has a different means of payment, and that’s why we have implemented the following means to pay for your bail bonds:

Pay with Cash

Cash is the most common way to pay bail bonds. Once you pay in cash, you need to obtain a receipt as proof of your payment.

Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are also common in the payment of bail bonds due to their convenience and safety. Some of the acceptable credit cards that you can choose from include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and many more.

Using your Debit Cards

Debit cards are also acceptable means of paying bail bonds. If you prefer using this mode of payment, you must remember your code to authenticate the payment. 

Prepaid Purchase Credit Cards

If you have pre-paid purchase credit cards like American Express, Visa, or MasterCard, you can use them to pay your bail bond.

Personal Checks

If you don’t prefer carrying cash, a personal check can be ideal in paying for your bond release. Ensure that you have your ID verification to use this payment method.

Business Check

A business check is also acceptable. You should also have enough funds in your account to guarantee a quick verification. 

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers offer a seamless and straightforward means to pay for your bail bonds. Some of the online and app-based means to pay for your bail bond include:

  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Android Pay

Different Forms of Collaterals Used in Bail Bonds Release

At Lakewood bail bonds agency, we accept various types of collateral, depending on the type and amount of assets you possess. Setting up collateral is useful in ensuring that you secure your freedom in the shortest time possible. Here are the kind of collaterals you can use:


Almost everyone has some form of transportation. Vehicles are acceptable collateral for bail. Most bail bond agents understand that you might need your vehicle for your regular duties. That’s why they allow you to keep your car during the trial, although you will have to give away the car title. There are a few aspects that you must consider before you use your car as collateral, and they are as follows:

  • It’s impossible to use a vehicle that you’re still making payment for as collateral. You must own it to be accepted by the bail bondsman
  • The vehicle must be in good shape and good working condition
  • The car must have updated insurance and registration
  • You must have a valid title to the vehicle
  • The value of the vehicle must be equal to or greater than the amount needed as bail
  • The vehicle must be registered in California

Real Estate

Real estate is perhaps one of the most preferred forms of collateral. They have an advantage over other forms of collateral since they can be quickly assessed and can cover a more significant amount of bail. Real estate can also not be concealed or lost. Some of the common types of properties used as collateral are as follows:

  • Vacation homes
  • Farmland
  • Family homes
  • Acreage
  • Investment properties

You must have several documents to use your property as bail successfully. These documents include the following:

  • A deed of trust or grant deed
  • Mortgage statements if you have equity on the property
  • Any refinancing documents
  • Appraisal documents
  • Confirmation of ownership

Investments and Savings

You can also use your investments and savings as collateral. If you own assets in any of these forms, you can often use them if their value is equal or greater than the bail amount. You must liquidate your accounts to have them accepted as collateral. 


Jewelry is a lesser form of collateral, but our Lakewood bail bonds agent can accept it. Similar to other forms of collateral, their value must be equal to or greater than the bail amount. Before you use jewelry as collateral, it must be professionally appraised to determine its value. This is a way to decide on its current value officially. 

Promissory Notes

A promissory note might seem surprising since it’s pretty challenging for a bail bond company to track down wayward clients using the note. However, a bail bond agency usually applies a penal amount to compel defendants to attend their court hearing. When a defendant is charged more than the full amount, which can be pricey, they will most likely return to court. The bail bond company will have to depend on the court to track down the defendant when they realize that their assets are in danger.


Expensive electronics can also be suitable collateral in securing your bail bond release. However, most cosigners prefer to use their electronics and combine them with minimal cash to cover the full amount of the bail. 

What You Should Know as a Bail Bonds Co-signer

Most relatives and friends seek to help their loved ones secure a quick jail release by agreeing to be cosigners. However, there are lots of responsibilities and liabilities that come with this kind of role. That’s why you should understand every aspect of being a cosigner to make the right choice. Below are a few aspects you need to know before cosigning a bail bond.

You Might Be Required to Offer Some Form of Collateral

When you’re co-signing a bail bond, it means that you’ll be agreeing to hold some responsibility for the bond. That’s why some bail bond agencies require collateral from the cosigner as part of their responsibility. Most bail bond companies consider tangible properties like homes, cars, or cash as part of the collateral.

You Can include Stipulations in the Bond Agreement

Cosigners can impose several precautions and request some stipulations before signing the bond agreement. In most cases, you can ask the defendant to go through a mental health evaluation or receive drug or alcohol treatment as part of the stipulation. You can also ask the bail bond agency to withdraw the bond if the defendant engages in illegal activities. This will help you protect yourself from any implications resulting from the defendant’s re-arrest. 

You Should Ensure that the Defendants Attend the Court Hearings

Defendants must be present in all their court hearings to honor the bond agreement. As a cosigner, you must ensure that the defendant honors these requirements. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, you will be responsible for the entire bond amount that has been paid. In that case, you should only cosign for someone who you’re sure will comply with the requirement of attending all court hearings.

You should also Meet Some Requirements as a Cosigner

As per the bail bond agreement contract, all parties involved must meet certain requirements to be cosigners. That’s why most bail bond companies require a cosigner to show proof of their employment, residence, financial capabilities, and other requirements.

Other considerations that you must know about co-signing a bond are as follows:

  • Keep in touch with the defendant through personal visits or daily phone calls.
  • Check with the defendant’s place of employment to ensure that they are maintaining their responsibility.
  • Read everything you’re about to sign and ask questions on things that you don’t understand.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the defendant for who you are signing. Avoid someone who you don’t trust completely.

Courts and Jail Information in Lakewood, CA

If you are arrested in Lakewood, you’ll be detained in the nearest jail. Below is detailed information of some of the jails you can be detained in:

Lakewood Sheriff Department
5130 Clark Avenue
Lakewood, CA 90712
Phone: 562-623-3500

Long Beach Police Department
400 W Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-435-6711

Redondo Beach Jail
401 Diamond Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Phone: 310-318-0616

Cypress Jail
5275 Orange Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630
Phone:714 – 229 – 6652

Below are details of some of the courts the police will take you to for your bail hearing:

Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse
275 Magnolia Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-256-2310

Bellflower Courthouse
10025 Flower Street
Bellflower CA 90706
Phone: 562- 345-3300

Find Lakewood Bail Bonds Agency Near Me

The possibility of walking out of jail fast depends on the bail bond agency that you choose. That’s why it’s recommendable to seek a company that can offer quick and efficient services. At Cali Bail Bonds, we have the experience and resources needed to ensure that our clients secure their freedom fast. Contact our Lakewood bail bond agents today at 562-376-5476 and learn how we can help you. 


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