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Bell Gardens Bail Bonds

After your arrest in Bell Gardens, you’re in a hurry to exit the detention facility and resume your normal activities. However, before you walk out of the detention facility, the court might require you to pay a particular amount of money referred to as bail. The money will act as an assurance you will appear during stipulated court dates.

It's essential to understand the bail bonds, how the court sets bail, types of bail, among other bail bond issues. You want to work with licensed and insured bail bonds agents to assist you to post the bail. Our bail bonds agents at Cali Bail Bonds are here to help you post bail.

What are Bail and Bonds?

In California, bail is the money you pay to walk out of jail after an arrest. The money is not a fine or a method of punishment. The work of the bail is to act as a guarantee you will show up at the court as scheduled. Alternatively, the law considers Bond an agreement among you, the bail bond company, and the court. The bond comes with consequences and promises. Also, the law considers bonds in two categories, civic bail bonds and commercial bail bonds.

The Arrest and Booking in Bell Gardens

When the law enforcement officers arrest you in Bell Gardens, they will more likely take you to a detention facility. At the detention facility, they will perform an administrative process known as the booking process. During the process, the law enforcement officers will carry out a series of tasks like:

  • Recording your age and names
  • Take a photo
  • Take your fingerprint
  • Responses any item you have
  • Perform a health examination and,
  • Take you to a detention center.

After undergoing the booking exercise, the police will either allow you to exit the jail through issuing a citation or after you pay a bail amount. The state’s law will determine whether you will remain at the prison or exit after the booking process. In any case, involving a less severe offense like trespass, the court will allow you to walk out of jail under a police citation to appear at the court in the future. Alternatively, if your case is a severe crime like murder, you will remain at the detention facility until the court sets your bail amount.

What are the Main Types of Bail Bonds in Bell Gardens?

The law allows you to exit jail after you pay a bail amount. But, you will only walk out of jail when you have sufficient money to post bail. Sometimes the process to post the bail might be challenging, especially when you should pay a large amount of bail. You should note, not all bail bonds are the same; the state has various bail types. So, you will go to the kind of bail that suits your case. Below are the common types of bail bonds:

  • Cash Bonds

In many cases, the police officers will take you to a detention facility after your arrest. They will either release you under a citation or after you post the bail. If your case is less severe, they will allow you to post your bail in cash only. That’s why it's known as cash bonds. The court might determine your bail amount after holding a bail hearing.

  • Secured or Property Bonds

Under property bail bonds, the court will require you to give out a security interest in a type of property or item which has a similar value to the bail. For example, if you want to buy a motor vehicle through a loan, your lender will provide you with the money to purchase the motor vehicle. So, you will agree to issue a property or item of value to act as a security for the motor vehicle.

Therefore, you and the lender will make an agreement showing you will adhere to the contract by repaying the loan. If you disobey the agreement, the lender will come back to reclaim the property and resell it to claim the loan amount. So, this will apply to the property bail bonds. You or your surety will give out a property to act as a security interest. When you jump court dates, the court will repossess the property to repay the outstanding bail.

  • Unsecured Bail Bonds

The unsecured bond happens after the criminal court conducts a bail hearing to set your bail. Under unsecured bail bonds, the criminal court will not require you to pay the bail amount for your exit from the jail. But, you will sign a contract showing the bail will be surrendered once you disobey the agreement.

  • Federal Bonds

When the law enforcement officers arrest you and charge you with a federal crime, the court will allow you to exit the jail through a federal bond. The bonds work similarly to the surety. But they are backed by an insurance company and are more expensive.

What are Bail Schedules in Bell Gardens?

A bail schedule is a list indicating the appropriate bail amount for every crime in California. For example, the bail schedule might indicate the bail amount for a trespass offense at $500 and $1,000 for an Arson crime. So, the schedules show both the bail amount and indicate whether you are eligible to exit the jail without posting bail.

Also, the bail schedule indicates if you’re eligible to post the bail immediately after the police booking or after a bail hearing. The court allows the presiding judge to differ with the bai schedules by reducing or increasing the bail. You must note the federal government doesn't allow a bail schedule, so it's upon the court to determine the bail when facing a federal crime.

How To Post Bail in Bell Gardens?

Once the criminal court determines your bail, the law requires you to pay the bail amount in the form of real property or cash to the clerk of the courthouse. Upon paying the bail, the court will issue an order to the official at your detention center. After receiving the order, the responsible officers will release you.

When you’re unable to pay the amount, the state's law allows you to seek legal services from commercial bondsmen. Usually, the bail bondsmen will charge you a fee between ten and twenty percent of your total bail. The bondsmen will also agree to pay your remaining bail amount when you jump a court date.

When your friends post the bail on your behalf, the bail bond becomes a contract among three parties, you, the court, and the surety. It means the surety will become responsible for your court appearances. So, you will promise the surety and the court that you will attend all the court dates as ordered. The surety will also promise to be accountable for your entire bail amount when you skip a bail repayment. Thus if you seek to post bail-in bell gardens, you want to seek legal help from a Bell Gardens bail bonds agent. The bail bonds agents are well versed with bail bond services.

The Conditions of Bail in Bell Gardens

The court will first determine your bail amount during a bail hearing. Then it will impose limitations and requirements after the bail determination. Many bail conditions are more similar to probation conditions. Remember, when you violate the bail conditions, you become at risk of rearrest. The common bail conditions in bell gardens are:

  • Traveler’s restriction
  • Abstaining drugs and alcohol
  • Keeping your job
  • Ceasing from possessing or owning a dangerous weapon like a gun.

The Bail Hearing in Bell Gardens

Sometimes the court will hold a bail hearing to determine your bail amount. So, in a few cases, the court will also deny you the bail hearing. It means the court will examine various factors before deciding to deny or grant you bail. The factors include:

  • Your Family Obligations

When you’re responsible for providing basic needs to your family members, the court will more likely impose a lower bail amount.

  • Your Criminal Records

When the court finds you have a previous criminal record, it will impose a larger bail than a defendant facing a fist time crime. For example, if you had a prior burglary conviction and are now facing an arson conviction, the court will set your bail amount much higher than a defendant facing a first-time arrest for arson crime.

  • The Public Safety

If the court discovers your arrest would pose a risk to the health or safety of other people, the court will probably deny you bail. For example, if the police arrest you for attempting to carry out a terrorist activity, it will deny you bail since your release might place the lives of others in danger.

  • Nature and the Severity of the Offense

Primarily, a less severe crime has a lower bail amount than a severe crime. So, if your crime is a less severe case like petty theft, the court might set the bail at $500 and set a bail of $2,000 for a severe crime like murder.

The Consequences of Jumping a Bail-in Bell Gardens

Under the state’s laws, jumping a court date might cause a huge fine, imprisonment, or both. Sometimes you might fail to show up at the cour due to emergency factors like an accident. So, you have a valid claim when your failure to appear to the court resulted from an emergency or uncontrolled issues. Appear at the court immediately after the uncontrolled factors. Therefore if you or your friends skipped bail due to uncontrolled elements, you want to consult our Bell Gardens bail bonds agents for legal assistance.

Why Go Cali Bail Bonds in Bell Gardens?

When you face an arrest in Bell Gardens, we understand you want to exit the jail and continue with your normal duties. Posting bail becomes challenging, especially when it's your first time. That’s why our Bell Gardens bail bonds agents are the best agents to work with right away. As our clients, you will enjoy the following bail bond services from our bail bond agents:

  • Well Insured and Licensed

Our Cali bail bonds have well-licensed professionals ready to provide the best bail bond services. With our insurance and licensed experts, you don’t need to worry about our services. We ensure our agents work with valid licenses authorized by the state.

  • We Offer the Best Bail Financing Options

Our Bell Gardens bail bonds agents provide a range of payment methods and options. We understand you might be in a financial crisis and that’s why we offer a wide range of payment plans. You will only require a cosigner for you to qualify for our financing plans. Note, the cosigner will be responsible for total payment once you fail to show up at the court as required.

  • We Offer Over the Phone and Online Bail Services

Your loved one might be detained far away from your home. So, it becomes challenging to walk to the detention center. That’s why Bell Gardens bail bonds agents allow you to post the bail over the phone or online. Therefore, if your friend or loved one is arrested in bell gardens, enjoy our bail bonds services by posting the bail without leaving your home.

  • Our Bondsmen Have a Lot of Experience in Bail Bond Matters

Before you choose the bail bonds agents you prefer to work with, consider their experience at the market. Bondsman's experience will more likely determine your release. Our Bell Gardens bail bonds agents have decades of years providing bail bonds services. We understand the bail process well, and we will help you exit the jail immediately.

  • We Offer 24/7/365 Bail Bond Services to Our Clients

The police might arrest you when you least expect it. It means you might be arrested at any time of the day. For example, the police might arrest you at midnight. So, it will become challenging when you don’t have any bail bonds agents ready to assist you in walking out of jail. Our Bell Garden bail bonds agents understand you might face an arrest anytime. That’s why we offer a 24/7 bail bond service to our clients. So, if you or your loved ones face arrest at any time, don’t hesitate to contact our bail bonds agents right away.

Courthouse and Jail Information in Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens City Detention Center
7100 South, Garfield Ave
Bell gardens, CA 90201

Downey Police Station
10911 brookshire
Downey, California 9021

Lakewood Jail
5130 Clark Ave
Lakewood CA 90712

Men’s Central Detention Facility
965 North, Vignes Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Downey Justice Center
7500 imperial highway
Downey, California 90242

Compton Court
740 W, Compton Blvd
Compton, CA 90220

Bellflower Court
10025 E, Flower St
Bellflower, California 90706

Metropolitan Court
1945 S, Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007

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To post bail might be a challenging process. Like any other issue concerning criminal law, you want to go for the best option since California has several types of bail bonds. Working with competent bail bonds agents is preferable for your case outcome. Our bail bonds agents at Cali Bail Bonds offer the best bail bonds services in Bell Gardens. Our bail bonds services are efficient and fast. Reach us at 562-376-5476 and enjoy our best bail bonds services.

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