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It seems daunting to bail someone out of jail. However, bailing a loved one from jail can be a relatively simple experience with a little research and having the right people by your side. The best way to ease the bailing process is by engaging a bail bonds company. A bail bonds company will ensure that you secure the required bail amount on time and have your loved one out of jail in the quickest and most stress-free way. Please schedule an appointment with Cali Bail Bonds today and enjoy the best bail bonds services in Yucaipa and other cities in San Bernardino County.

What You Should Know About California Bail Bonds Laws

All bail bonds agents are regulated and licensed by the California Department of Insurance (DOI). DOI requires bail bond agents to conduct their businesses in a manner that meets the California Insurance Codes. Several laws govern the actions of bail bond agents in California. Here is a breakdown of relevant laws that you should be aware of:

California Title 10: California Bail Bonds Code of Regulations

Under California Title 10, bail bonds agencies should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Prohibition and Requirements of Payment of Commissions

No agent or agency should receive a commission on bail unless they hold a bail license. Therefore, no bail bond business can pay an unlicensed person to refer their business to them.

  1. A prohibition from Suggesting or Recommending an Attorney

Under this law, bail bonds businesses should not directly or indirectly name or direct their client to an attorney as a way of purporting their representation.

  1. A prohibition from Unlawful Solicitation

Bail bonds agencies are prohibited from soliciting outside a California jail or any other place that a defendant is held.

  1. Solicitation of Public Officials

Bail bond agencies should not give any gifts of any kind to a public official or government agency to refer their business to a detainee. Therefore, you shouldn't expect referrals from a court clerk, peace officer, or public defender while seeking a bail bond agency.

California Penal Codes Associated with Bail Bonds

Several Penal Codes govern how the bail bond system works in California. Here are the regulations that you must learn about.

  1. Prohibition Against Solicitation of Bail Companies by Jail Inmates

California Penal Code 160(a) prohibits bail bonds agencies from soliciting, paying, employing, or engaging anyone detained in jail to market their business.

  1. Entitlement to Bail Review Hearing

California laws allow anyone detained for a criminal charge to an automatic review of the bail amount that a judge has set. The court should hold the review within five days.

  1. Requirements for Setting Bail Amount

Judges or magistrates must consider the severity of an offense, prior criminal records, probability of flight risk, and public protection while deciding on the amount of bail to set. Judges can decide on any amount if found necessary.

  1. Examination of Your Source of Bail Funds

The court cannot accept bail from a defendant or a bail bonds agency without guaranteeing that you didn't receive any part of the bail bond premium feloniously. This is common with cases involving financial fraud, grand theft, and large drug lawsuits.

  1. Disclosure of Lien Against a Home

Property owners must read and sign a statement given to them when required to disclose their liens to properties they intend to use as collateral. The statement warns property owners of the risk of losing their property when they fail to pay their bail bond premium or comply with the conditions of their release.

  1. The Right to Surrender Defendants

Bail bond agencies are required to surrender a defendant back to custody before a forfeiture. The bail bond agent must show cause to surrender the defendant to the court within forty-eight hours, or the judge will order the entire premium to be returned to the person who has paid the premium.

  1. Automatic Exoneration of the Bail Bond

When a defendant doesn't appear in court and a bail bond agency doesn't complain, the court will automatically exonerate the bail bond. The exoneration occurs after fifteen days after the first appearance date.

California Insurance Codes Associated with Bail Bonds

Several regulations under the California Insurance Codes govern how a bail bond agency should operate. These regulations apply in the following ways:

  1. Internet Advertising

Any person licensed by the state as a bail bonds agent should post the following information on the internet about their business:

  • Their name as it appears in their insurance license
  • The state of their domicile and the principal location of their business
  • License number
  1. Advertising or Soliciting without a License

It's illegal to solicit or advertise your bail bond service without a license. Under this law, solicitation refers to any form of advertisement, directly or indirectly, made through the mail, radio, internet, or television.

Why You Should Choose a Yucaipa Bail Bonds Company

An arrest for your loved one can be stressful. In that case, you must seek a solution that's easy to navigate and fast to handle. That's what a local bail bond can offer. Here are a few reasons you should choose a Yucaipa Bail Bonds agent.

Guarantees Local Knowledge and Experience

The most crucial reason for engaging a local bail bonds agent is their local experience working in that particular locality. A local bail bonds agent knows about the relevant procedures for a quick release, working for your best interest.

Most local bonds agents have their paperwork assembled for processing or a release. They are also knowledgeable about California's rules and regulations. Local experience and knowledge are crucial since they can influence the outcomes of your case.


Most local bail bonds agencies are located close to or near a jail. This ensures that their services are available 24/7 and they can attend to clients as fast as possible. Hiring a local agent guarantees easy access to their client and ease of reaching out to them anytime you need clarification about the bail bond process.

Guarantees Convenience

Whenever a loved one has been arrested, you must consider your time and money. These two factors are crucial in ensuring that your loved one gets out of jail as soon as possible. A local bail agent will certainly ensure that you achieve this.

Using other bail options like property bonds or cash bonds might take quite some time, especially when dealing with complex cash transfer processes and proving ownership to a property. Apart from that, most bonds companies work 24/7, meaning that you don't have to wait until morning when your loved one has been arrested at night.

Keeps Your Finances Private

Courts tend to be apprehensive with any payments made in cash to pay for bail. You might be required to provide proof of your funds when they raise suspicion on the source of your income. This can become problematic. The judge might demand copies of your pay stubs, tax documents, and bank statements to prove the legitimacy of your cash.

Honestly, no one would want to go through the extra hustle of gathering all the documents the court is demanding to release a loved one from jail. Therefore, a local bail bonds agent would be the best bet to avoid this kind of hustle.

You Stay with Your Money

Most families cannot afford to pay bail money upfront. Some families might take weeks or months to afford the required amount, especially when dealing with severe allegations. Using our Yucaipa Bail Bonds Agency will keep your money in your pocket and have you focus on other crucial aspects like hiring an attorney.

Helps in Navigating Through Paperwork

There's a lot of paperwork needed to be filled to guarantee a release. Bail bond companies are familiar with this paperwork and would help you complete all of them. Having an expert at your disposal will also help you avoid the chances of missing crucial details about this paperwork that would jeopardize the chances of your release.

What You Should Know About Bail Bonds Collateral

The first thing that comes to mind when contacting a bail bond agent is the cost that comes with your decision. Fortunately, our Yucaipa Bail Bonds agents accept collateral, which eases your quest to release your loved one in the fastest way possible. Here are a few aspects you should know about bail bonds collateral.

Collateral Types

You should first learn about the collateral used by the bail bonds agency of your type. The most common acceptable collaterals include your home, vehicle, cash, collectibles, and jewelry. The value of these properties should match your bail amount to use as means of securing your bail bond.

Other agents can also accept savings and investment accounts as collateral.

Collateral Requirement

There are specific requirements that any bail bonds agent expects you to meet to allow you to use non-cash collateral for your bail. These requirements usually involve ownership of the property and proof of ownership.

For instance, if you intend to use real estate as collateral, you must show its deed. A valid real estate deed must show the legal owner of the specific property and prove that there's no tax lien on the property.

If your property meets the requirement to sell in California, it will most likely be accepted as collateral for the bond.

Collaterals and Cosigners

Bail bonds agencies can accept properties owned by someone willing to put them up as collateral on your behalf. This is common when someone else is placing the money for your bond. These people are referred to as co-signers and are integral in the release of a loved one.

A co-signer must provide proof of ownership that the collateral is theirs. They should also provide a deed or title, depending on the type of property they intend to use.

Collateral Return

If you have placed collateral on your behalf, you are responsible for appearing in court during the appointed dates. Failure to appear during the appointed dates might have the bond revoked. This means the court will forfeiture the property. If you depend on a bail bond agency, the agency will use the collateral to recover their losses.

What You Should Know About CoSigning a Bail Bond

Cosigning a bail bond means that you're voluntarily obligating yourself to take the financial burden of the bond if the defendant doesn't appear in court as required. There are several aspects that you must learn about before you decide to cosign a bail. These aspects are as follows:

Cosigning Is Limited to Certain People

It's crucial to know who's eligible to cosign a bond before you make your decision. Our Yucaipa Bail Bonds agent expects your co-signer to be an American citizen and must have lived in California for a particular period. A co-signer must also have stable and secure employment and a good credit score.

There are several responsibilities that a co-signer assumes in a bail bond contract. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the defendant appears in court and meet other terms in the bond agreement
  • Assumes full responsibility if the defendant doesn't pay the bond or doesn't appear in court
  • Setting up collateral which will be used as security of the bail bond

Apart from these responsibilities, there are several other things that you must know before cosigning a bail bond. They are as follows:

  • The defendant will be released out of jail after signing the agreement
  • You have the authority to ensure that the defendant honors all court schedules
  • You can request a stipulation like having the defendant committed to a drug treatment program or undergoing a health evaluation process.
  • You have the power to cancel the agreement if you feel that the defendant will most likely violate the bond agreement.
  • You should contact the bail bond company when the defendant tries to flee to locate the defendant.

How to reduce the risks of cosigning a Bond

The aim of co-signing a bail bond guarantees a quick release for your loved one out of jail. However, some risks are involved, especially when cosigning for an unreliable defendant. Here's how you can reduce the risks of cosigning a bail bond:

  • Always keep in touch with the defendant by calling or making surprise visits.
  • Call the defendant's workplace occasionally to ensure that they show up and perform their duties.
  • Maintain all your cosigning records and ask the defendant to verify the information.
  • Read through everything and ask for clarifications before signing the bond agreement.
  • Avoid cosigning for people who you barely know or are untrustworthy. The greatest risk in cosigning is to help out someone who can take advantage of your kindness and generosity.

What Happens at Your Bail Bond After Your Case

One of the questions that most people ask is what will happen to their bail once their case is over. People who pay cash bail to the court have slim chances of receiving the bail amount, especially if fines and court costs are included. Usually, the court uses cash bail to cover the costs of their expenses and pay fines.

However, if your case is dropped or acquitted, you will receive a refund in about six weeks. There are no refunds for anyone who uses a bail bond agent because the amount has been paid in full, and the defendant didn't pay the set bail.

If a defendant has to remain in jail, the court will still refund the bail money. Our Yucaipa Bail Bonds will issue a complete refund to the person who paid the funds. Please note, your bail bonds agent doesn't refund the premium payments made by the cosigner. This amount is non-refundable.

What You Should Know About Bounty Hunters

Many bail bond agencies must hire a bounty hunter to reduce the risk of losing money when lending bail to their clients. Bail bonds agencies use bounty hunters to recoup their money by finding a defendant who fails to skip court hearings.

Dealing with a bounty hunter seems scary, especially when they're chasing after you or your loved one. In California, bounty hunters must be licensed, at least 18 years old, and have no felony criminal records.

The law has drastically reduced what a bounty hunter can do in California. For instance, they must provide adequate information proving that they are working on behalf of a particular bail bonds agent and inform the police about an upcoming arrest.

Information for Jail and Courts in Yucaipa, CA

It's recommendable to have the information for jails and courts. This will help you keep track of the facility that your loved one is held after an arrest and where they will be prosecuted. Below is the information for jails in Yucaipa, CA.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
34144 Yucaipa Blvd,
Yucaipa, CA 92399 United States
Phone: +1 909-918-2305

Yucaipa City Jail
3482 Yucaipa Blvd
Yucaipa, CA 92399
Phone: + 1 909-790-3105

Below is the information for courthouses in Yucaipa, CA.

San Bernardino Justice Center
247 W 3rd St.
San Bernardino, CA 92415 United States
Phone: + 1 909-708-8678

Superior Court of California San Bernardino
247 W 3rd St.
San Bernardino, CA 92415 United States
Phone: + 1 909-384-1888

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The easiest and most stress-free way to release a loved one from jail is through a bail bonds agent. However, not all agents can deliver their services as per your expectations. You need to work with a trustworthy agent and will meet your needs in the easiest way possible. At Cali Bail Bonds, we have a reputation for offering quality bail bonds services to our clients in Yucaipa and other areas in San Bernardino, CA. Call us today at 562-376-5476 for seamless and quality bail bonds services.


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