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Bail is a temporary release of a defendant before their criminal case ends. Typically, a defendant would remain behind bars after an arrest and booking. However, you or your loved one can be released and move on with your life. Before the court releases you from the jail cell, you must post the entire bail amount.

California courts set high bail amounts, making it a challenge for many defendants and their families to raise the money. Fortunately, there are other ways through which you can ensure your loved one's release, like using a property for bail or securing a bail bond. Bail bonds companies provide the financial assistance you require to post bail. If you or a loved one is stuck in jail for lack of bail money, we invite you to contact Cali Bail Bonds. Our Chino bail bonds agents will post your bail and guide you through the challenging bail process.

How does the Bail Bonds Process Work?

The bail bond process begins when you or a loved one faces an arrest in California. After the arrest, you will be taken to the police station and booked into a jail cell. Typically, you are supposed to remain behind bars awaiting trial. Fortunately, most criminal defendants can post bail and return to their normal lives while the case is pending. During the initial appearance in court, the judge will set the bail amount you need to pay before a release.

When setting bail for different defendants, the judge will consider several factors of your situation, including:

  • The seriousness of your charges. Since bail acts as a guarantee of your appearance on court dates, the severity of your offenses may significantly impact the judge's decision when setting your bail. If you face charges for serious or violent felonies, the judge may set a higher bail than that of a defendant facing less serious charges.
  • Likelihood of flight. When the court determines that you are highly likely to skip bail and avoid the consequences of your crimes, the judge could set your bail high. You may be less likely to flee and leave the bail behind by setting a high bail amount.
  • Income and resources. An individual with a high income and more assets may not hesitate to flee and leave a small amount of bail. Therefore, the judge will consider your income when setting bail.
  • Community ties. Your ties to the community may be a reason why you won't skip bail. Therefore, having strong community ties like a job or family in the jurisdiction could convince the judge to lower your bail.

At the bail hearing, you can present evidence gearing towards a reduction of your bail amount.

In California, you can post bail in different forms. The easiest and fastest way to pay your bail may be through cash. Unfortunately, not many people can afford to post cash bail. Therefore, the only option left would be to seek bail bonds services. Once you contact a bail bond company, they will send an agent to guide you through the bail process.

Before contacting a bail bond agent, you need to know the following information:

  • The full names of the defendant
  • The jail where the loved one is held including the name county and State
  • Reason for the defendant's arrest
  • The defendants booking number
  • Any other relevant information regarding the arrest

A Chino bail bond agent will offer their expertise on the bail process and provide the finances required to post bail for a loved one. As a service fee for the bail bonds, you must pay a premium of 10% of the total bail amount. The process of releasing a defendant from jail may take up to eight hours, depending on the jail traffic. Therefore, the faster you call the bail bonds agent, the faster your loved one will be released from jail.

Seeking bail bonds is beneficial since you are only responsible for a small amount of your bail. This eliminates the financial burden of coming up with the full bail amount. Also, bail bond agents work through the clock, and finances will be available when you need to bail a loved one out. Unlike posting cash bail, using bail bonds will not open doors for financial scrutiny.

Besides posting your bail, the court holds the bail bondsman liable for your conduct while out on bail. The bail bond agent must ensure that a defendant shows up for all their court dates. Also, the agent must ensure that you adhere to all bail conditions. If you are released on a bail bond, you can ask your bail bond agent to elaborate on the bail condition to help you avoid a violation.

Failure to appear in court will result in bail forfeiture. If this happens, the agent can employ the services of a bounty hunter to find you and take you back to jail. Also, you are likely to lose collateral used to secure bail bonds. Once your trial ends and the judge pronounces a verdict in your case, you will no longer have an obligation to the bond.

Federal Bail Bonds

The federal court system differs from the State court system significantly. You will appear in federal court if you face an arrest for federal crimes such as possession of drugs with an intent to sell, distribution of child pornography, among others. Shortly after your arrest for a federal crime, the government will present you before a pretrial service officer. The officer will discuss issues regarding your financial, personal and criminal background, after which they will recommend a course of action.

The judge reviews the recommendation from the pretrial officer and will allow you to argue in favor or against a pretrial release. Release on bail in a State court is common. However, it is an exception to be released on bail in federal court.

Bail for federal crimes is exceptionally high, and many defendants cannot afford to pay cash. Therefore, most defendants who are granted a release on bail may opt for bail bonds. When seeking bail bonds services, many people want to go with recommendations from family and friends. However, federal bail is complicated, and you will need a bail bond agent who understands the federal court process.

The cost of securing a federal bail bond may be higher compared to the State level bond. This is because of the increased risk of flight. Crimes tried in federal court are serious, and a conviction attracts life-changing consequences. Therefore, defendants facing these charges are more likely to skip bail. The premium for a federal bail bond is 15% of the total bail.

Regardless of the nature of your crimes, posting a cash bond in federal court results in severe financial investigations. Before the federal court accepts the cash bail, they will hold a hearing to determine the source of your funds. This could delay the release process, causing you or your loved one to spend a little more time in jail. Therefore, using a federal bail bond may be the wisest approach.

Bail conditions in federal courts are stricter compared to those of State courts. At the bail hearing, the federal judge will educate you on the consequences of violating bail conditions, including revocation of your release. Also, non-compliance could result in additional charges for violating the court's order.

The appearance bond is the purest form of bail in federal court. For this type of bond, the court requires a family member or a friend to sign an affidavit of surety. The affidavit obligates them to pay the full bail amount if you fail to appear in court. Not everyone can qualify to be a surety for the bond. Mostly, only financially stable individuals are allowed to act as a surety for federal bonds.

Immigration Bond

If you are arrested and detained for immigration reasons, you will require an immigration bond to secure your release. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement can either release you on recognizance or set a bond amount you must pay before releasing you. Immigration bonds are classified into two main categories:

  • Delivery bond. If you are an illegal immigrant, you could be eligible for a delivery bond upon a recommendation by the ICE. However, you must receive a warrant of arrest and a notice of custody conditions from the department of immigration.
  • Voluntary departure bond. Sometimes, a detainee could be given an option to leave the country within a specific time. The departure bond is refunded to the payer once the detainee has left the country when paid in full.

The immigration judge of ICE sets your immigration bind based on factors such as your immigration status, employment situation, family ties to the United States, and your criminal history. Usually, immigration bail is high and increases with the increase in your flight risk. If you post an immigration bail bond through a surety, you may need to pay a premium of 15-20%.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bail in California

It is common for people not to know what steps to take when seeking bail bonds until they face an arrest or receive a call that their loved one is in jail. The following are some commonly asked questions about bail and the process of obtaining bail bonds:

1. What is Bail Bond Collateral?

When a Chino bail bonds agent pays your bail, they may require you to provide collateral for the bail. Bail collateral is offered in addition to the bail money to secure a loved one's release. Whether or not the bail bondsman will require you to provide collateral depends on the specific factors of your case and your likelihood of skipping bail. The bail bond company can accept different forms of collateral, including real estate property, vehicles, or other valuable assets.

If you provide a property as collateral for bail bonds, the bail agent will require you to present the property deed. Also, the issues of property ownership and your equity on the property must be established. If the collateral is a smaller item like jewelry, the agent will take possession of the item until your case is resolved.

The court will refund the money used as bail to the bail bond company when your case ends. In return, the bond company. If the defendant fails to show up for a trial or other court proceedings, the court forfeits your bail. When a bail bond company loses their money through forfeiture, they will seize the item you used as collateral to help them recover their losses.

Also, you may not receive your collateral back until you pay the full bail bond premium. If everything about our case is settled, the bail bond company will return your collateral within five days of paying your financial obligations. When you contact a bond company, you should discuss collateral issues before settling for their services.

2. What happens if I can't pay the bail bond Premium?

Although bail bond premium is only 10% of the total bail, the amount may be too high for some defendants to afford. A Chino bail bonds agent offers bail bonds services even for individuals with low income. Lack of money to cover the total premium should not discourage you from seeking bail bonds. Spending time behind bars while awaiting trial could do more than good to your life. When you secure a release, you can spend time with family, continue working, and meet your attorneys to build a strategy for your case.

If you cannot come up with the full premium fee. The bail bondsman will allow making a repayment plan. This will enable you to pay a down payment and cover the rest over time. The larger the down payment you can raise, the higher your chances of securing the payment plan. However, it is crucial to understand that the bond company must establish your ability to pay the installments before allowing you to enter a payment plan.

A payment plan for bail bonds works like a loan. Therefore, you should inquire about the company's interest rates on balance. In addition, collateral may be a necessary part of a repayment plan. As you negotiate the plan, you should ensure that you can pay the monthly installments to avoid accrued interest.

3. What is the role of a Chino bail bonds agent in my case?

A bail bondsman plays a critical role in ensuring a defendant's release since most people opt to go the bail bonds way for one reason or another. As soon as you contact a bail bond agency, they will assign an agent to your case. The bail bondsman will walk with you from the process of posting bail until your case ends. The role of the agent in your case include:

  1. Bond assessment. Not all defendants will qualify for bail bonds. The first step in the bond process is an assessment of your ability to pay for bail bonds. Like other businesses, a bail bond company wants what's best for their company. Therefore, the agent will investigate your background to ensure that you can pay the premium.
  2. Filling the paperwork. Bail bonds are an agreement that a defendant or co-signer enters with the bail bond agency. Therefore, there are some documents you must sign before entering the agreement. The bond agent is responsible for the documents required for your release.
  3. Act as an intermediary between you, the bail bond company, and the court. When the bail bond agent agrees to take you up for bond, they will be the intermediary between you and the bail bond company. Also, they will help you understand the court process. If you violate bail conditions, they will inform the court.
  4. Posting bail. The bail bondsman is responsible for posting your bail with the court clerk before a release.
  5. Apprehension. When you fail to appear for trial, the agent is tasked with finding you and taking you back to jail.

If you face an arrest in Chino, CA, you may end up in one of the following jails:

Chino CIM
13002 Central Avenue
Chino, CA 91710

California Institution for Women
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA, 92880

MCI Corrections
14467 Central Avenue
Courts serving Chino, CA, Include:

Pomona Superior Court
400 Civic Center Plaza
Pomona, CA 91766

Find a Chino Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

The moments following an arrest for a loved one may be challenging. Securing a quick release for them is one of the first things that you want to do. Jail is not a pleasant place to spend time, and that is where most defendants must remain until they post bail or their case ends. Posting bail assures the court that you will return to court and follow up on your case. Unless you are lucky enough to be released on recognizance, you must make a monetary commitment to the court before a release.

Bail money can be challenging to raise since arrests are unexpected. However, you can secure a loved one's release through the help of a bail bond agency. When you contact the bail bond company, they send a representative to help you through the process. At Cali Bail Bonds, we ensure you have someone to call anytime you need to bail a loved one out of jail. In addition to providing the finances to post bail, a chino bail bonds agent is responsible for ensuring you appear to court for trial. Call us at 562-376-5476 today.


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