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Securing the freedom of someone you love from jail may seem like an impossible task. It’s common to feel helpless, especially when the judge sets a high bail that you cannot afford. Fortunately, you can always turn to a bail bonds company in Montclair San Bernardino County. With the Cali Bail Bonds, you don’t have to worry about going through a daunting or complicated process of securing the release of your loved one from jail. We simplify everything and strive to provide fast and easy bail bond services. Our team of licensed bail bonds agents is always ready to help during any time of day or night.

When trouble strikes, you can call us immediately to ensure your loved one does not spend too much time behind bars. If they are still in the police cell, we can provide bail based on the bail schedule. However, it’s essential to understand that the law sometimes requires arrestees to wait for the bail hearing before posting bail.

What Is Bail Money in Montclair San Bernardino County?

If you’ve never been in legal trouble, the chances are you don’t fully understand what bail is. Well, this is money the court requires criminal defendants to settle to secure their freedom from jail. Generally, the bail money assures the court that a defendant will honor all court appearances until trial. The courts forfeit the bail money and issue a warrant of arrest against a defendant if they fail to observe the set terms of release.

Once a judge sets bail, you can settle it through the following means:

Cash Payment

Financially endowed defendants can always deposit the bail money in cash. You must, however, note that the courts may not accept cash suspected to be “dirty money.” For example, if you face charges for a drug offense, the courts will require you to prove that your cash bail is not sourced from drug deals.

Bail Bond Payment

If you cannot raise the cash bail, you have the option of making a bail bond payment instead. This requires you to approach a bailing company and settle an upfront fee of about 10% of the set bail amount.

After this, the bail bond company guarantees the court that you will appear for your hearings until the trial date. If you don’t, the company has to submit the full bail amount to the court. It will then send bounty hunters to re-arrest you and recover the lost bail money.

Real Property Equity

Defendants with adequate equity in real estate can offer property bonds to secure their release from jail. Note that property equity and property value are two different things. Equity refers to the difference between a property’s market value and the monies owed on it. The courts will only accept a property bond when the real estate equity is slightly higher than the set bail amount.

Again, the courts don’t accept “blood property.” You must prove that you acquired the property in question through “clean” means and not through the commission of a crime such as selling drugs.

Even though you have options to explore when choosing how to pay bail, the most straightforward means is to work with a bail bonds agent. Call Cali Bail Bonds today and let us help you secure your release from jail through a fast and convenient process.

How Is The Bail Amount Established in Montclair San Bernardino County?

When arrested in Montclair, it’s likely that your bail amount will be established based on the San Bernardino County bail schedule. However, the judge has the discretion to lower bail, increase it or deny it. While it is unconstitutional to impose excessive bail, judges can lawfully increase the bail amount based on aspects such as your flight risk and the seriousness of your offense.

Furthermore, a judge can release you on a signature bond. This is when a defendant is released on their own recognizance. Generally, this is an option a judge may consider as long as you are not facing charges for a crime punishable by death.

An O.R. release may also not be issued if:

  • A defendant can endanger public safety
  • An arrestee cannot reasonably guarantee they will show up for court dates until trial

If you benefit from an O.R release, there are conditions you must satisfy until your case is determined. They include:

  • You will be released to a friend, relative or community member who will accompany you to all your court hearings
  • You will do phone, text, or physical check-ins with an agency specified by the court
  • You will not commit any crimes during the period of release
  • A defendant must adhere to court orders, including stay-away orders

What If I Cannot Afford the Set Bail in Montclair San Bernardino County?

You have a right to request for bail reduction in Montclair San Bernardino County. Following the bail hearing, you can ask for a review hearing within five days. The courts will require you to wait for at least two days before requesting this review if you face charges for a violent offense such as domestic violence.

Again, a judge has the discretion of modifying your bail or even eliminating it. Some of the aspects the court will consider before any modifications include:

  • The severity of the allegations you face
  • Your ability to settle the set bail
  • Your criminal history
  • Public safety

Before you schedule a review of the bail hearing, note that a judge also has the discretion to raise your bail. For instance, the prosecutor may table new evidence during the new hearing, such as a past parole violation. If you bail out before this information is presented in court, you are likely to remain free until your trial. The court will also not increase your bail amount.

If you face criminal charges, you must understand that bail money merely assures the court that you have a vested interest in seeing your case through until trial. It is not meant to punish you before you are convicted and sentenced. When affording bail is out of the question, a bail bonds company is your best bet.

For example, a judge could set bail at $50,000. Most people don’t have such high amounts of money lazing around and waiting for a rainy day. Fortunately, bail bonds companies charge a fee that is as low as the set bail. This means you can secure your release by settling only $5,000 upfront.

Working with a bail bonds agent may be your best way out if you are broke or cannot afford cash bail. At the Cali Bail Bonds, we offer flexible repayment plans, making it possible for more defendants to afford to secure their freedom.

10 Benefits of Bail Bonds in Montclair San Bernardino County

If arrested in Montclair San Bernardino County, there are several release options you can explore. Apart from a signature bond, you can also secure your freedom through a property bail, cash bail, or bail bond.

Here are some of the perks of choosing the bail bond option:

You Don’t Need To Raise 100% of the Bail Amount

The most significant benefit of choosing bail bonds in Montclair San Bernardino County is that you don’t have to raise the entire bail amount. Bail bonds agents only demand a non-refundable fee that stands at about 10% of the set bail. The only challenge may be to find a credible co-signer.

There are various ways of raising cash bail. For instance, you could request financial assistance from your friends and relatives, or you could even talk to your pastor to organize a fundraiser in church. If such a process seems too complicated for you, you should consider working with a bail bonds agent. The expert can provide quick assistance to secure your freedom within the least time possible.

Benefit From Flexible Payment Plans

Raising 10% of the total bail amount is sometimes easier said than done. The economic times are challenging, and raising $1,000 instead of $10,000 may still be a hassle. In this case, your bail bonds agent may recommend a more comfortable repayment plan.

Faster Release From Jail

Any law and government process is bound to be slow. If you follow the mainstream bonding process, the chances are that you’ll spend more time in jail as you wait to be cleared. On the other hand, bond dealers have strong ties with bond processing officials. This means their cases have priority, and defendants securing their release through bail bonds reunite with their families faster.

Better Treatment

We all know about the court of public opinion. As long as you are in the judicial system and accused of a criminal offense, the chances are that you will not receive the best of treatment from the bail processing officials. You can dodge the embarrassment by letting us handle the bailing process on your behalf.

Bail bonds agents understand that not all people who face criminal charges are hooligans. They treat their clients with respect and leave judgment to the judges. An agent can also provide much-needed assistance if you are embarrassed about approaching your friends or relatives in search of aid to secure your freedom from jail.

Safeguard Your Money and Assets

Some defendants can take out their life savings and secure their release from jail using cash bail. Then again, others have assets that they can liquidize to pay their bail. While nothing stops you from exploring these options, it’s often better to keep your cash and assets safe.

Usually, the court will refund the money you use as cash bail as long as you follow the terms and conditions of your release. However, this is money you would rather use to find yourself a strong defense team. Spending all your money on bail may leave you with little or nothing to spare for your criminal defense attorney.

Keep Your Finances Private

If you face charges for a drug crime, the judge is likely to raise an eyebrow the instant you offer a cash bail. On the other hand, the prosecution may be quick to conclude that the money stems from your drug deals. An easy way to avoid speculation is to use a bail bonds company.

The task of proving that your cash bail is “clean money” can be nerve-wracking. This may initiate an inquiry into your financial matters and increase the odds of the prosecution finding something they can insinuate is key evidence they can use against you. It pays to avoid all the trouble and give a bail bonds agent a call instead.

Bail Bond Agents Have Knowledge and Experience

The process of posting bail is not as straightforward as you may assume. You have to answer questions and present paperwork, among other things. If you are not familiar with this process, this could delay the release of your loved one.

Furthermore, the love bond between you and a defendant doesn’t guarantee that they will hold their end of the bargain once released from jail. For instance, if you secure a loan to raise the cash bail, the defendant may skip town, leaving you in hot soup. Fortunately, the burden falls squarely on the shoulders of your bail bonds agent if you use a bail bond instead. The experts will know what to do to ensure the re-arrest of a defendant.

Is It A Smart Idea To Use Collateral To Bail A Loved One In Montclair San Bernardino County?

Any bail bonds company in Montclair San Bernardino County will ask for 10% of the bond money as an upfront fee. This money is non-refundable irrespective of the twists and turns your case takes. On top of the fee, your bail bonds agent will request property as collateral. You can have your property back if you attend all court hearings and adhere to the set terms of release.

So, is it ideal to provide collateral when bailing out a friend or loved one?

The right decision to make will highly depend on the relationship you have with a defendant. If you can trust them to do right by you as a bail bond co-signer, then providing collateral to secure a bond is not a risky affair.

Here are other aspects that may help you arrive at the best decision:

What Are The Perks Of Providing Collateral?

It can be an uphill task to secure the freedom of a loved one from jail if you simply don’t have the required cash on hand. While you could opt to save up or do a fundraiser, raising the bail money may take a while. This means that your loved one will continue to sit in jail and possibly lose their employment in the process.

Fortunately, you can work on the immediate release of a defendant if you can provide collateral. The property deed you use will merely assure your bail bonds agent that you have all intentions of remaining faithful to your end of the bargain. As long as the accused attends court hearings as promised, you can continue living in your real estate property or driving the car you have used as collateral.

Items You Can Use As Collateral

It also helps to know what you can provide as collateral. Well, bail bonds agents are not picky and will simply require you to offer something whose value is equivalent to the entire bail amount. This could be a real estate deed, car deed, or even valuable pieces of jewelry.

All is not lost if you don’t have one solid property that can stand as adequate collateral. You have the option of pairing up different types of collateral, such as your car and jewelry.

Will The Bail Bonds Company Return Your Collateral?

As long as your loved one attends court dates as promised until the trial hearing, you will receive the deeds to properties used as collateral. You will not receive your deeds if they skip town and the bailing company pays the forfeited bail. The bail bondsman may have to sell the collateral to recover the lost bail money.

In short, everything tends to work out well when a defendant sticks to the terms and conditions of release.

Ultimately the choice to provide collateral is personal. If you doubt whether this is an intelligent thing to do, talk to your bail bondsman about your concerns before kick-starting the bailing process. Remember that as a bail bond co-signer, you are at liberty to withdraw the bond as soon as you begin questioning the likelihood of a defendant adhering to the set conditions of release.

Montclair San Bernardino County Jail and Court Information

Montclair Police Station/ Police Department
Address: 4870 Arrow Highway
Montclair, CA 91763
Tel no: (909) 621-4771 or (909) 448-3600

San Bernardino Central Detention Center
Address: San Bernardino, CA 92415
630 East Rialto Avenue
Tel no: 909-386-0969

Courthouse Information

Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County
Address: 8303 Haven Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga District, CA 91730
Tel no: (909) 945-4313

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