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Walking out of jail might be a challenging process in California. If you’re arrested for committing a misdemeanor, you could walk out of custody on your own recognizance. However, when arrested for committing a felony crime, the available option of walking out of custody is posting bail. When the crime involves a violent or serious felony, or you are thought to pose a risk to the public's safety, the court may deny you bail.

Understanding how bail works in California is a critical step you want to know. You want to work closely with a bail bond agent to help you post the bail. At Cali Bail Bonds, our bail bonds agents are here to help you. We understand you want to resume your regular activities as soon as possible. Our professionals have extensive experience in providing bail bond services in Fontana. Thus contact us right away, and we will help you post bail.

Arrest and Booking Process

After the law enforcement officers arrest you in California, they will take you into custody. The police may either decide to release you on a citation or release you after posting bail. Then they will perform a booking process. During the booking process, the officers will take your fingerprints and run them through their livescan database. The process will notify the officers whether you have an active warrant in the state or outside. The police will record your personal information, including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Physical description
  • Confiscating your items

Bail Hearing

A California bail hearing is a proceeding where the judge decides whether to release you from custody as you wait for your trial. The judge also will consider several factors to decide your release. They may consider the following during the bail hearing:

  • Release you on recognizance
  • Release you under conditions rather than posting a bail
  • Require you post a bail bond before your release
  • Deny you bail and order to remain behind bars until your trial

A bail schedule will guide the court to set the bail amount. A bail schedule is a documentary that outlines the presumption of the bail amount depending on your charges, any alleged enhancements, your current probation status, and your status of bail in any other running cases.

However, the judge has the right to interfere with the bail schedule by either decreasing or increasing the bail amount. The judge will make actual findings on your potential risks at the society upon your release, your chances of returning to the court after your release, and also weigh the evidence provided by the alleged victims.

What Takes Place During the Bail Hearing?

In California courts, a bail hearing gives you the chance to request the court to reduce your bail amount and release you on your recognizance. The judge is afforded much discretion when modifying the bail, setting, and even eliminating it. To make the bail decision, the judge considers the following factors:

  • Your threats to the general public
  • Your financial ability to post the bail
  • Your criminal records
  • The type of the alleged crime like threat or violence to the alleged victim
  • Your chances to show up at the court at the future court dates

Remember that when the court charges you with a violent or severe felony offense, the judge will not reduce the bail outlined under the bail schedule unless they have a good cause. Upon deciding to grant you the bail, the judge may also require you remain in custody immediately until your case trial begins.

The judge may decide to release you on your recognizance apart from posting bail. When you are charged with a less serious crime, they believe you will appear at the court as ordered, and they believe you are not a threat to the general public, the judge will allow you to walk out of jail on your recognizance.

Sometimes the judge may decide to raise the bail amount. For instance, the prosecution team may remind the judge you have a previous conviction. After the judge decides during your bail hearing, they may still have a chance to revisit your case.

In California, the law allows you to bring another motion for bail reduction. For instance, if you have a felony case that results in the court dropping or reducing the charges, the case may motivate a preliminary hearing to lower the prior set bail amount. Work closely with your bail bonds agent to provide legal help when you require it the most.

How to Post a Bail

Bail usually refers to the amount of money you pay to walk out of jail and return for the court hearing in the future. You may post the bail by paying it in cash or working with a bail bond company to help you post the bail amount.

In California, many bail bond companies usually charge a fee of around 10% of your total bail amount. It should be noted the fee is nonrefundable. Also, the bondsmen may require your family member or close friend to put on a value of the property as collateral.

When you fail to appear at the court as scheduled, the court will give the bondsmen a grace period to take you back into custody. When the bondsmen fail to locate you, the court will forfeiture the bail amount. Also, the bondsmen will come for the collateral. Thus you want to observe the terms of the agreement to ensure you don’t worsen your situation.

How Much is Bail Bond in Fontana?

You might be wondering how much the bail bond cost in California. Bail will vary based on your county and the jurisdiction where your charge was filed. In San Bernardino County, there is an established list of crimes and their bail amounts. For the most severe offenses, the crimes will carry a bail amount of millions of dollars, while the less severe crimes will carry a bail amount between $20,000 and $50,000. As mentioned above, you may also walk out of jail through your recognizance, meaning you will not pay any amount to the arresting agencies or courthouse.

Types of Fontana Bail Bonds

Under California law, the state recognizes seven different types of bail bonds. Every kind of bail bond comes with its purposes, rules, laws, and regulations. You want to speak with our Fontana Bail Bonds agents to help you understand the type of bail bond which suits your case. The bail bonds are:

Cash Bonds

It’s the common form of bail bonds. Under cash bonds, the court will require you to pay the full bail amount in cash. When you have enough money, walking out of jail will become simple. After appearing at the court as ordered, you will receive your money back. You only need to attend all the court-ordered dates.

Surety Bonds

The second type of bail bond is surety bonds. Under the surety bonds, the bail agency will pay the entire bail amount. The payment is made under a legal assumption you will pay them back the full bail amount. The type of bail bond will cost you around 10% of your bail amount for incentive purposes. Ensure you follow the terms and conditions of the surety bonds to avoid further consequences.

Property Bail Bonds

Another common bail bond is property bail bonds. Under this bail, bonds are paid for through collateral property. To set a property bail in California, you must use the rights of the item in question as collateral. The most common types of property bonds are real estate, but other kinds are also possible.

The main difference between surety bail bonds and property bail bonds is the time it will take to settle the case. Under surety bonds, the agency may settle the bond in a few hours, but a property bail bond will take time. The property bail bonds will usually take time due to paperwork and sections.

Federal Bail Bonds

When you face a federal criminal charge, you will be eligible for a federal bail bond in California. Just like in the immigration bail bonds, the federal bail bonds are easy to understand. They work for the federal cases but not the regular cases. Consult your attorney to determine whether you are eligible for a federal bail bond in California.

Immigration Bail Bonds

Another easy-to-understand bail bond is the immigration bail bond. The bail bonds are formulated to cover the people, not US citizens. Due to their international laws and nature associated with them, the bonds are difficult to complete. When you are a non-American citizen and want to post a bail bond, speak with our Fontana bail bonds agents, and they will help you post bail right away.

Recognizance Release

Recognizance release is the second most desirable type of bail bond. It means the judge will decide to grant you the freedom to walk out of custody on trust alone. You will wait for your case trial while at home without the burden of paying any bail amount.

Release on Citation

A release on citation depends on the citing officer’s discretion. The bail bonds involve a written citation and nothing more. You will only pay the citation fee. Upon paying the citation, you will become free. Fortunately, it’s the easiest and the best type of bail bond available. Unfortunately, only the arresting officers have the power to issue the bail bond.

What are the Conditions of Bail in Fontana?

Your criminal defense attorney may propose the court place certain bail conditions on your release. Upon agreeing to certain bail conditions, the judge decides to reduce your bail amount. But the judge will not impose certain bail conditions which violate your constitutional or legal rights. The following are examples of the terms and the conditions of the bail your attorney may recommend are and are not limited to:

  • Traveling restrictions
  • Surrendering your driving license
  • Wearing a GPS tracking tool
  • Wearing a SCRAM monitoring tool

Why Go Cali Bail Bonds?

Finding the best bail bond company after the arrest of your friend or loved one must be a priority. An earlier release from custody will take them back to their normal life, school or job, and give them ample time to prepare for their trial. While out of custody, you will have enough time to seek a skilled attorney, collect evidence and build a strong defense to use. Thus, if you are in Fontana and seeking bail bond services, our bail bond agents from Fontana bail bonds are here for you. Contact us right away, and you will enjoy the following bail bond services:

  • Round the Clock Bail Bond services

There isn’t a specific time an arrest will occur in California. The police may arrest you early in the morning, midday, late evening, or midnight. So, you must observe the time your bail bonds company works to know whether they will be available the time you require them the most. Our Fontana bail bonds agents work around the clock, and we will help you no matter the time of your arrest. Even when you are arrested in the dead of night, we are here to help. Thus don’t hesitate to call our Fontana Bail Bonds agents as soon as you are arrested.

  • Bilingual Bail Services

Language barriers are a common issue in the US. Around 0% of the US population comprises immigrants. So, more likely, you will encounter an American citizen seeking to post bail. Sometimes, it might become a challenge for you to benefit from a bail bond agent because they cannot communicate effectively. To avoid the problem, speak with our Fontana bail bonds agents to help you post the bail.

It would be unfair to provide bail bond services in English alone. It means the clients speaking in French, Spanish and German will not benefit. Your bail bond company may not understand, or the client's problem might also not be understood. That’s why our company offers bilingual services. For instance, when you only speak Spanish, we will make you feel comfortable and ensure you understand our bail bond services.

  • Affordable Bail Bond Services

Sometimes you may find it challenging to post bail for your loved ones or friends due to your financial crisis. It's true not every person can post a large bail. That’s why our bail bonds company is accessible and affordable to people of all financial statuses. For instance, the bail amount for domestic violence may go up to $50,000. The amount may not be manageable for a family or an individual on short notice. Certain bail bonds companies will take advantage and charge you a higher percentage.

Our bondsmen at Fontana bail bonds offer the lowest prices at the market. We charge 10% of your total bail amount, and we don’t charge our client's hidden fees. We also provide you with an easy payment plan until your last payment. We do so to ensure everyone affords their bail despite their financial capabilities.

  • Dependable Services

Reliability is a critical factor to consider when it comes to bail bond services. Working with a reliable bail bonds agent will take away your worries as you wait for your release from custody. Our bail bonds agents understand your situation, plus the financial and emotional stress your friend is undergoing. Our agents are committed to dignity and kindness, which will push us to find the best of your unique situation. Our professionals don’t offer generalized bail bonds services as we understand your circumstance is unique. We first ask you about the case, listen and understand your needs and serve you satisfactorily.

  • We Have Professional and Experienced Experts

When it comes to bail bond services, experience is paramount. Our experienced Fontana bail bonds agents understand the bail bond process better and ensure you don’t spend any minute at the detention center. We are quick to post your bail since we have worked with several prosecutors and judges many times before. We know many courthouses and jails in San Bernardino County. We have decades of years providing legal services across the state. We also have several local bondsmen across Fontana ready to receive your message or call.

Jail and Courthouse Information in Fontana

San Bernardino County Detention Center
9500 Etiwanda Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739

City of Fontana Police Station
17005 Upland Avenue
Fontana, California 92335

West Valley Jail Center
9478 Etiwanda Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
17780 Arrow Blvd
Fontana, California 92335

Fontana Superior Courthouse
17780 Arrow Blvd
Fontana, California 92335

San Bernardino Courthouse
7780 Arrow Route
Fontana, California 92335

Moreno Valley Traffic Courthouse
13800 Heacock Street
Moreno Valley, California 92553

Superior Courthouse of California County of San Bernadino
247 West 3rd Street
San Bernardino, California 92415

Contact a Fontana Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

When your family member or friend is arrested for committing a crime in California, you want to seek legal help immediately. If the arresting agency cannot release you on your own recognizance, bail might be the best option available. Also, when the court sets the bail high, you still have the option of hiring bail bonds agent. Our bondsmen at Cali Bail Bonds are ready to help you. We will help you to walk out of jail. If the police arrest you in or around Fontana, contact us to review the details of your case at 562-376-5476.


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