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If you are arrested for breaking the law in Colton, San Bernardino County, you may be held in custody till you can make bail. Bail could be exceedingly costly for either you, your kin, or your friends to afford. If this is the situation following your detention, you can contact a reputable bondsman to assist you in paying bail and walking out of prison. At Cali Bail Bonds, we've helped a lot of people who needed to make bail. We are available to make bail for our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Colton bail bondsmen will be there for you whenever you need them.

What is the Definition of Bail?

After being arrested, court proceedings could prove a difficult moment for any person. To further the stress of being apprehended, the accused will be asked to pay an unanticipated amount of money, referred to as bail, to avoid jail while waiting for their court date. Bail bonds might assist to relieve the anxiety that comes with this procedure.

Bail is a sum that a court orders a defendant to pay to be released from custody. The court also keeps the sum to guarantee that the defendant will present for all court appearances and proceedings of their court case. This happens following the arrest of the offender and before their court appearance. The bail amount that was posted is released to the person who paid the bond when the charges of the offender are settled. Someone should always inquire about the bail schedules to know the amount of bail that is needed to free them from jail. Each jail facility will have a copy of the bail schedules in the county.

Bail bonds have been used to ensure offenders' freedom throughout court proceedings by paying up the sum needed for bail and relieving that pressure from their families as well as close friends. Understanding how bail bonds work is essential for keeping your loved ones out of jail when they do not have to be, as well as avoiding needing to make bail using money from your pocket.

What to Do If You Have Been Arrested in Colton

When someone is arrested, it usually means that something must have gone wrong. It could be a result of your or somebody else's error, an accident, a disagreement, or a tragic occurrence. The individual who is being arrested will be experiencing a lot of feelings and emotions. Uncertainty, anxiety, frustration, fear, regret, and shame are all instinctive reactions to this stressful occurrence.

However, when you face a situation where you must engage with a law enforcement officer in Colton, it's critical that you remain calm. When dealing with a police officer, don't let yourself become tense or aggressive. Don't shout, cuss, or hurl insults at the police or anyone else in the vicinity.

Make an effort to be logical, sensible, and rational. Do not fight the authorities if they believe you need to be detained. Complying with a police officer's requests will benefit you. Your actions will influence your chances of being released more quickly or have allegations against you lowered or dismissed. Defiance, fighting, or violence will result in further charges being filed against you, limiting your ability to be freed from jail.

If you have been detained by police in Colton, the officers involved must let you be aware of your Miranda rights before they take you into custody. Your legal rights are as follows:

  • You can choose to stay silent. The police officers can not force you to speak unless they ask for your names, address, and proof of identification
  • Whatever you say could and will be used to your disadvantage in a court of law. Should you decide to speak with authorities, your remarks could be used to your disadvantage in a court of law
  • You are entitled to request an attorney. After being arrested you could request that an attorney be present when you are being interrogated. However, if you keep speaking with the authorities while waiting for one, the responses you provide could be used to your disadvantage in court
  • If you can't afford to hire an attorney, you'll be assigned one. If you can't pay for the services of an attorney and still want counsel, the court appoints an attorney to counsel you at no cost

You must pay attention to these facts after being arrested. And keep these rights in mind at all times

Booking Procedure in Colton

Once a person has been apprehended and detained by police in Colton, the booking procedure usually begins. Several steps are involved in the booking procedure:

  • A law enforcement officer collects the accused's details
  • The claimed offense's details are documented
  • The accused's background is checked to see if there are any outstanding warrants or if he or she has committed any past crimes
  • Photographs and fingerprints are recorded
  • A thorough body inspection is carried out
  • A health status examination is carried out to evaluate if the suspect requires medical attention or poses a hazard to others
  • The offender's personal belongings (wallet, phone, clothes, etcetera) are taken
  • The offender is taken into custody and held in a detention cell

Procedure for Obtaining a Bail Bond in Colton

Most firms offering bail bond services are normally accessible 24/7 because arrests could occur at any moment. Payments and paperwork are often handled electronically, which speeds up the procedure. The paperwork serves as an agreement between both the entity making bail and the offender, ensuring that both parties are aware that they will be committing to be liable for the accused's attendance during all court appearances.

The documentation will also detail what they may have placed at stake (usually some type of security) to guarantee that the defendant appears in court. The charges will also be discussed in the paperwork.

Upon engaging a bail agency, the agents will ask for the accused's legal names, their jail booking number, as well as the offenses for which they were arrested, and the jail's address. The offender will then be released on bail by the bail agency.

Once the bail bondsman arrives at that jail, they will be informed of the date of the court appearance, will be given a receipt, and any necessary papers such that he or she has all the vital details about the offender. Based on the protocols or whether jail is busy, this might take a couple of hours

If the offender fails to appear in his or her court hearings, the bail agency will be responsible for making a bail payment to that court. The bail agency may then employ a bounty hunter who will locate the offender and return him or her to custody. If the offender fails to show up in their court hearing, the individual who put up security could have their collateral forfeited or face further penalties, based upon the terms of their arrangement.

Posting a Bail Bond in Colton

There are 3 common methods to make bail following an arrest in Colton. They are as follows:

  • Bail Bond. In Colton, it's the most popular way to secure bail
  • Property Bond. When you pay with a property bond, the court establishes a lien on that property. The court could pursue foreclosure action if the defendant does not show up for subsequent court appearances. In Colton, however, property bonds are rare
  • Cash bail. You could hand over the full amount to the court clerk. Based on the court's policies, you could also make the payment in a variety of ways. You could, for example, pay with a cashier's check, travelers’ check, personal check, banker's check, or cash. Above all, you will get your cash bail payment in 60 to 90 days when the case has been resolved by the court

You may be held in detention longer if the arresting authorities or court determines you obtained your cash bail sum illegally. If so, a court proceeding will be held to determine the origin of the bail sum. As a result, you may have to establish to the court that you didn't procure the money through illegitimate means at the court proceeding. After determining that you did not get the bail fraudulently, you are released on bail by the court. However, if the court discovers you received the cash through dishonest methods, the court could increase your bail sum or refuse to free you.

What is the Purpose of a Bail Hearing in Colton?

The court usually sets the bail sum during the bail hearing. The judge will look at the specifics of your case as well as the severity of the offenses. Bail schedules are frequently published in jails. The schedules determine how much money is needed based on the charge and can typically be posted directly to the jail before the bail hearing. Bail schedules in jails are usually predetermined and are not negotiable.

Courts will decide the bail sum during a bail hearing. This is often the defendant's initial court appearance following his or her arrest. In most cases, courts will make the same decision regardless of the offense. The judge shall evaluate if the offense was drug-related, brutal or nonviolent, as well as the accused's demeanor and background. If the offender is freed while waiting for their court appearance, the court will examine if they present a risk to the public.

Judges may contemplate freeing an offender on their own recognizance on some rare occasions. This implies that the offender signs a binding contract with that court indicating that they'll follow the court's rules and that they'll appear in court on their scheduled date.

There are usually no bail payments with this sort of bond, also termed as recognizance bond. This might spare the accused significant amounts of money. This type of bond is not always accepted in some instances. The sort of offense, or if the court considers the accused to be at risk of flight will all influence this decision. Violent, criminal as well as gang-related offenses are typically not eligible for own recognizance bonds.

Cost of a Bail Bond in Colton

If you engage the services of a bail bond company, you will be charged a fee. The fees are determined by the circumstances surrounding the detention and the degree of risk. Bail agencies frequently need collateral since bailing somebody out of custody is a risky business.

Anything valuable owned by the individual who engages the bail agency can serve as collateral for the transaction. This security is intended to ensure that the offender will appear in court on the scheduled day. This cost is normally between 10% and 20% of the whole bail sum. The highest amount allowed in California is 10%. Based on the agreements specified in the documentation, the charge might be paid in full or on a repayment schedule.

The bail agency also sets the terms and conditions. To be in compliance with the contract, certain requirements must be fulfilled. This will all be indicated in the paperwork completed at the time of the contract. The contract will entail terms requiring the accused to attend court for his or her hearings.

Take into account that bail bonds aren't obligated to assist anybody in getting themselves out of custody. They're willing to take all of the risks associated with the matter and are willing to assist you as bail is a choice, not a necessity.

The Function of a Guarantor

If you opt to be someone's co-signer, you agree to assume total liability for the bond's whole sum, including the bail bond's 10% premium. It is your responsibility as someone’s co-signer to keep in touch with the bail bondsmen and the offender. It also entails keeping the offender's records current.

The court must be informed of any change in jobs, contact details, or addresses. It's usually a good idea for the guarantor to make a follow-up with the offender to make sure they show up for their planned court appearances.

The court has the authority to grant an arrest warrant and begin actions to revoke the accused's bond if a court appearance has been missed. The guarantor is accountable for the full repayment of the bail to the courts on request when the bond has been forfeited.

The only option the guarantor has to be freed from their obligation is for the bond to be posted and the offender to be remanded to jail custody. When the bond has been released, the guarantor is not responsible for its payment anymore.

What is the Definition of a Bounty Hunter?

If a criminal has been freed from jail with the help of a bail bondsman and then flees, they are called a fugitive. If this occurs, the bail agency is obliged to pay the full sum of the bail to the court. The individual who accepted the arrangement is now liable for repaying the bond money or any extra security specified in the agreement to the bail agency.

When an accused has become a fugitive, the question of how they'll be apprehended and taken to court remains unanswered. A bounty hunter steps in at this point. Bounty hunters are usually skilled or certified professionals who work on accounts of bail bonds to locate and apprehend fugitives.

Bounty hunters are compensated with a percentage of the accused's entire bail. This fee is normally between 10% and 20% of the entire bail cost. This sum is paid once the fugitive has been successfully found, pursued, and apprehended by the bounty hunter. Most bounty hunters have criminal law or criminal investigative experience, and they focus on acquiring information as well as finding and detaining offenders. Bounty hunters enable bail bondsmen to retain their interests, and they serve society by bringing offenders back to the court system.

Colton Jail and Courthouse Information

When you or someone you love has been detained in Colton, the Colton Police Department may hold them in jail or transfer you to the San Bernardino Central Detention Center located in San Bernardino, California. The San Bernardino Central Detention Center is situated at the following address:

  • San Bernardino, CA 92415 , 630 E. Rialto Ave and can be reached at 909-386-0969

The Colton region is serviced by the San Bernardino Court System. Once you are detained, you'll be brought to San Bernardino's Central Detention Center.

If you have been detained within and around Colton, you'll be expected to show up in the Superior Court of California in San Bernardino County.

The courthouse is situated at 247 W. 3rd Street, San Bernardino, California. Contact the court at 909-384-1888 if you need any answers concerning your court appearance.

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Following your arrest, we understand how quickly you would want to get out of police custody and get back to your family. Cali Bail Bonds is dedicated to providing unrivaled bail assistance to our clients. Our bondsmen provide the same level of personalized attention to their clients in Colton as they would to their loved ones. You can call us at 562-376-5476 to benefit from our prompt and efficient bail services.


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