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The criminal justice process begins with an arrest. The authorities take you to the station for booking and may keep you in custody until the court determines your fate during your trial. Fortunately, it’s often unnecessary to remain in custody before the prosecution can prove you are guilty of the alleged charges. Defendants can post bail to secure pretrial release under the promise that they will adhere to the set court schedules. If you have trouble posting bail in Perris, we encourage you to contact Cali Bail Bonds. We are a licensed bail bonds company and can provide an easy, affordable and quick way to help defendants return home to their loved ones.

Bail isn’t part of the punishment for a crime. It is also not a fine, and the court will refund it once your trial is over. Unfortunately, the judge can set a high bail that you cannot afford. This is where a bondman’s services come in handy. Bond dealers provide surety bonds allowing defendants to go home after raising a mere 10% of the total bail amount.

Bail Bonds Definition

If the police arrest you because you are a suspect, they can keep you in custody until you are arraigned in court. Depending on various factors such as your charges, flight risk, and whether you can endanger the public, the judge may opt to release you on bail pending your trial.

So, what is the legal definition of bail?

Bail is a release fee posted by a defendant to assure the court that they will be present during pretrial hearings. Once you post the money, you can go home, appear for court dates and receive a refund of the bail once your case is over.

Sometimes, a defendant may not have the finances needed to post bail. It’s also unfortunate that most lending institutions, including banks, hardly provide loans designed to post bail. On the bright side, you can receive much-needed financial assistance from a bond dealer.

Bail bond companies specialize in providing surety bonds. They have the resources needed to take on the risks and responsibilities involved in securing the freedom of persons facing criminal charges. Well-established bond dealers such as the Cali Bail Bonds can have an arrestee released from jail in a matter of hours once the court sets the bail amount.

Understanding How Bail Bonds Work in Perris

As long as you face charges for a non-capital offense, you may have a right to bail. Note that the court can deny bail because you are likely to skip court or be a continual danger to the community.

If you qualify for bail, the amount of money the court will request may depend on the nature of the charges you face. Counties within California have varying bail schedules that help to determine the standard bail amount for different offenses. However, it is also possible for a judge to increase, reduce, deny or wave off bail.

There are various methods of raising bail. If you cannot afford to post the set amount using your savings, you can request your friends and relatives to fundraise on your behalf. You could also sell your assets to raise the money needed to secure your release or post a property bond.

Even though the above options are good, they often involve spending more time in jail than necessary. If you don’t have money to post bail, the easiest and quickest way to secure pretrial release is to work with a bond agent. You only have to pay a small fraction of the bail money as the surety bond premium.

The primary demand set by the court is that you must be present during court hearings. You also need to respect all other release conditions as ordered by the court. Violating release conditions or skipping court can lead to the forfeiture of your bail.

As aforementioned, bail bonds companies have the resources needed to deal with the risk and responsibilities of securing the pretrial release of persons accused of violating the law. If you flee to dodge answering your charges, the bond agent can secure the services of a bounty hunter to have you re-arrested.

Moreover, you have to pay the bail forfeited by the court or have your collateral liquidated to raise the lost money. It is also worth mentioning that fugitives face additional criminal charges and penalties for skipping court. See, everything works out best when defendants adhere to the release conditions set by the court.

Essential Facts to Know If Your Loved One Is Arrested

An arrest can turn your life into chaos. Time spent behind bars means time spent away from work, school, and your loved ones. Fortunately, bail provides a means for arrestees to return to their everyday lives, at least until their trial.

If the police arrest your loved one, here are important facts you should know:

You May Need To Raise Bail Money

It’s only in rare cases that defendants don’t qualify for bail. If your loved one is not facing charges for a capital offense and is not likely to hurt people, commit more crimes or flee, the court will likely allow temporary release on bail. Your loved one will rely on you to raise the bail and ensure they don’t spend more time than necessary in jail.

The bondsman’s fee in Perris is standard. According to state laws and regulations, bail bonds companies should charge a 10 to 15% fee for a surety bond. Therefore, if you need a $10,000 surety bond, your bond agent will request a $1,000 payment. You can pay the fee when the agent arrives at the jail to free a defendant, or you can ask your spouse, friend, or anyone you trust to settle the premium.

One of the common misconceptions is that bail bond companies decide the amount they should charge for providing a surety bond. This is a misconception that bears no truth. By setting a standard fee, the state protects arrestees from possible exploitation by unscrupulous bond dealers. If you need reliable assistance, one of the best companies to contact is the Cali Bail Bonds.

The Judge May Order an O.R. Release

Not all defendants need to post bail money. Sometimes, the judge will only require them to sign a document and promise to show up during all court dates to answer their charges. Often, a judge will only issue an O.R release when a defendant faces charges for a minor offense and has strong community ties and a clean criminal record.

Cash Bail Isn’t Always the Best Option

Simply because you have the ways and means to post cash bail doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best way to secure the freedom of your loved one.

Before you post cash bail, you should know the following facts:

  • The courts will refund the money after the trial minus any processing fees and fines
  • Hiring a defense team is not cheap (it’s better to use your savings to hire an attorney)
  • The court may place a 1275 hold on bail, prompting investigations into your finances
  • Bail bonds in Perris offer a better alternative to posting cash or property bonds.

Bond dealers can provide financing for 100% of the bail money. However, you have to pay a small fee that amounts to only 10% of the bail set by the judge. Most people find the deal to be quite convenient, especially when posting cash bail can interfere with the livelihoods of other family members. The best part is that bond agents understand the process of posting bail, which ensures defendants don’t spend longer in custody.

Ways a GPS-Enabled Ankle Monitor Can Affect Bail in Perris

No one, not even petty offenders, has the absolute right to release through bail. Sometimes, the court may order a GPS-enabled ankle monitor as part of your conditions for release. The equipment ensures that once you secure your freedom from custody, the authorities and even your bond dealer can track your location and movements at all times.

An ankle monitor is an electronic device that goes off anytime you step outside the zone established by the court. If a judge orders that you wear the device when out on bail, you must not tamper with it or attempt to remove it.

Some of the common reasons why a judge may order an ankle bracelet monitor include:

  • You pose a significant threat to the public, e.g., you face sex or drug crime charges
  • You are a flight risk
  • You are a non-violent first offender on O.R. release
  • You are a non-violent unlawful immigrant
  • You face DUI charges (the court will order an alcohol/sweat monitor)
  • You are on probation/ parole
  • The court ordered house arrest

If you violate the court-ordered release conditions while wearing a monitoring system, the court will order your re-arrest. There are also consequences for tampering with the device or removing it.

It remains imperative to understand that you don’t have to agree to wear an ankle monitor. Wearing the device has some pros and cons that you must consider before making any decisions. One of the top perks of agreeing to wear the monitoring system is that it increases the odds of a judge agreeing to lower your bail.

Some crimes attract bail amounts that are as high as $100,000. Even if you enlist the services of a bond dealer, you still need to manage a $10,000 non-refundable fee. If this amount is still not within your financial means, a competent lawyer can help you plead for a lower bail amount. Most judges can lower the bail, especially when they are sure you are not a flight risk and cannot endanger the public.

Before you agree to wear a monitoring system, you should note that you must pay for it. The accumulated monthly cost is often low and less likely to reach the amount slashed off the original bail. Furthermore, bail bondsmen are likely to approve your bail bond application, even if you have a history of skipping court. The monitor gives assurance that you are less likely to flee this time around.

Guidelines for Getting Out Of a Bail Bond Contract

Most people will not want to see their loved ones in jail for one second. It’s normal to act fast, call a reputable bond dealer in Perris, and volunteer to become an indemnitor.

Unfortunately, not all defendants appreciate the sacrifice. Some will not shy away from making your life stressful, not to mention that you may suddenly realize that you no longer want to bear the responsibilities of a co-signer.

Once you co-sign a bail bond for a loved one, you agree to ensure that they adhere to the set court schedule. If they don’t, you have a legal duty to repay the bondsman the money forfeited by the court. According to the contract, you will be free of the responsibilities of a co-signer after the trial.

Depending on your abilities and the financial muscle of the arrestee, your agreement with a bail bondsman may involve presenting collateral. Note that you also have to make an upfront payment of the non-refundable premium fee. If a defendant gives you a reason to fear that you will lose your collateral, it is perfectly okay to choose to get out of the bail bond contract.

Opting out of the agreement means that your loved one will be re-arrested and taken back into police custody. This ends your legal obligation to ensure they adhere to the conditions of release. The defendant can always secure their release afresh by finding new means to post bail.

Returning a friend or relative to jail is never a pretty affair. It’s always better to ask yourself the following questions before agreeing to become a bail bond co-signer:

  • Can you trust the person you intend to bail out?
  • Is the accused responsible enough to adhere to court schedules without your follow-up?
  • How strong are the community ties of the arrestee?
  • Is the defendant in a position to take the financial hit if things go south?

If you’re unsure whether signing up as an indemnitor is a good idea, consult with one of our experienced bond agents. We can help you evaluate the situation and decide whether bailing a loved one from jail is a good idea. Better still, we can help you set personalized bail bond conditions. For instance, you can alleviate some stress by demanding that the arrestee move in with you for close monitoring.

How to Be of Help to a Friend Who’s Out on a Bail Bond

Most defendants can secure pretrial release through bail bond services in Perris without raising the total bail money. Whether you play a part in posting bail or just opt to offer your friend a shoulder to lean on, there are steps you can take to ensure the best outcome.

First, actively ensure that your pal prepares for court dates and attends them promptly. If they come to you with plans of skipping town or court, you have to dissuade them and educate them about the possible consequences.

Other steps you could take to ensure your buddy adheres to the terms of release include:

  • Lower their flight risk by keeping them feeling happy and positive
  • Build a strong relationship with the accused and check in on them to ensure they don’t feel alone
  • Help your loved one find the best legal defense team
  • Distract your buddy from visiting specific locations or hanging out with certain people that could increase their risk of ending up in more legal trouble

As we mentioned earlier, bail is a privilege and not a punishment. Often, the turn of events is good when a defendant sticks to the conditions of release. Ideally, getting out of jail ensures a better balance between life and legal issues. A defendant can continue working, spend time with friends and family, and attend court hearings before the trial.

At the Cali Bail Bonds, our doors are always open from January to January. You can find a skilled bond agent ready to provide the much-needed help, irrespective of the time, day, or date. Call us now for more personalized guidance on how to help a loved one who’s out on a bail bond.

Perris Court & Jail Information

City of Perris Police Station

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
137 N. Perris Blvd
Perris, California 92570

(951) 210-1000

Court Information

Superior Court of California, County of Riverside
4050 Main Street,
Riverside, CA 92501

(951) 777-3147

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The experience of spending time in jail can shatter the spirit of even the strong-hearted. Fortunately, you can secure pretrial release as soon as the judge sets bail. If you don’t have the money to post cash bail in Perris, we can help you. At Cali Bail Bonds, we offer a no-cost consultation and can walk you through the services we offer. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have about bail and bail bonds. Call us now at 562-376-5476 to speak to one of our skilled agents.


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