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When police officers in California make an arrest, they could keep the arrested person in custody until a judge issues a verdict on the case. Typically, trial courts work round the clock to ensure that they resolve criminal cases fast. However, keeping a suspect before the resolution of their case goes contrary to the provision of the California constitution. The police must arraign the suspect in court within 48 hours of their arrest for the judge to decide what happens to them before determining their case.

Bail is usually the standard way courts can grant temporary freedom to suspected criminals before the case’s verdict. If your friend or family member is arrested in Norco, CA, they could post bail from their money or seek the help of a bail bonds company. At Cali Bail Bonds, our services are available to arrestees who might benefit from an earlier release before trial but cannot make bail.

What Happens When One is Arrested in Riverside County

The police in Riverside County can make arrests any day and time. They do not have a definite time in which they can apprehend a suspected criminal. That could happen after receiving a warrant for the arrest or after catching the suspect in the act of crime. Once a suspect is in the hands of the police, the police decide what to do, based on the provisions of the law.

For minor offenses that do not involve violence, the officer might only issue a citation for the suspect to go on with his/her day but appear in court on the mentioned date and time. That could happen if the person is suspected of having committed a minor infraction, like a minor traffic violation. The officer issues a citation hoping and trusting that the individual will appear in court for the determination and conclusion of their matter.

However, more severe offenses might require the suspect to accompany the police to the station for booking. When a suspect is booked, the officer enters their personal and legal details in their database, compares the current legal issue with the suspect’s previous criminal history, and develops a report for the prosecutor. The prosecutor will decide on the charges against the suspect in court after going through the report.

After the booking, the police can keep the suspect in custody. However, holding cells in police stations are not sufficient to hold all suspected criminals. That’s why California law advocates for the first arraignment when the judge considers the nature and severity of the charges the suspect is facing to grant or deny bail. Most defendants are granted bail, which gives them temporary freedom before the conclusion of their matter.

In some situations, the judge may not even need to grant the suspect bail. If the judge concludes that the suspect is a minor or first-time offender, has no history of violence, and will, in no doubt, make all court appearances, he/she might grant the suspect freedom on personal recognizance. The suspect will not need to make bail but only sign the necessary release forms and be free again.

If the suspect doesn’t qualify for personal recognizance release, the magistrate might grant them bail. Bail refers to the amount of money or property a suspected offender must pay/give to a court to secure their pretrial release. Bail could be high or low, based on the suspect’s financial ability and the case facts. If the court sets bail high, the suspect may not make bail and could remain incarcerated until the case’s outcome.

But we have bail bond companies in Riverside County that help suspects who cannot make bail due to their financial status. Therefore, if you face an arrest in Norco and your bail is high, you might want to consider engaging a reliable Norco bail bond service. Bail bond companies offer their services to defendants who qualify for bail but cannot afford it. However, the company has to be sure that the defendant is willing to face trial to determine the outcome of their situation.

What Determines Bail Amount

Bail is not the same for all defendants in Riverside County. Each case is unique. Therefore, a defendant receives bail based on the details of their offense. It is crucial to understand how courts in California set bail to know how the judge arrived at your friend’s or family member’s bail.

First of all, the bail for some cases is usually predetermined or set beforehand. You can find this information in the bail schedule that courts within your particular county use. For instance, if your friend or family member is arrested in Norco, you can find the approximate amount they might pay if granted bail in the Riverside County bail schedule. Courts set bail based mainly on the facts of the case. For instance, a person facing felony charges is likely to receive a higher bail than facing misdemeanor charges.

Bail is also set according to the nature of the offense. Some offenses under California law are considered graver than others. You are likely to face a higher bail for a violence-related crime than for a non-violence-related offense. Some serious felonies do not qualify for bail. The offender might remain incarcerated until the end of their case.

However, you must make your first court appearance to determine the exact bail you will pay for the pretrial release. The judge will study the details of your case, and evidence gathered against you to set bail higher, equal to, or lower than it appears on the bail schedule. For instance, if you were found transporting illegal drugs, the bail schedule might provide an approximate amount you could pay to obtain a bail release. But, if you committed the offense within a school zone, the magistrate might raise your bail due to aggravating circumstances in your case.

Riverside County courts also set bail according to a defendant’s criminal record. The magistrate might be a little lenient to first-time offenders than habitual offenders. For instance, if you have committed the same or a similar offense before, the judge may not be considerate enough to lower your bail. Thus, he/she could let the bail remain as it is in the bail schedule or raise it a little higher. That could discourage you from making bail. When you stay incarcerated until trial, you are less likely to commit the same or similar offense again. It serves as a way to keep communities free of crime.

The magistrate will also consider your flight risk. Are you likely to flee once you’re free on bail? Some people will do anything possible to avoid trial, even if it means relocating to other states or countries. The court will not grant a defendant bail if there is reason to believe that the suspect will flee and avoid trial. Trial court judges will consider giving bail to suspects who are likely to remain within the court’s jurisdiction for the bail period.

If you face serious violence-related charges, the judge might deny you bail. However, the judge could be a little considerate if you have significant family obligations. The judge might also lower your bail from what appears on the bail schedule. For instance, if you are your family’s breadwinner, keeping you incarcerated will only bring problems to your dependents. But, you must remain within the court’s jurisdiction through the bail period. It is the only way the court will be assured of your readiness to appear.

Riverside County trial court judges also set bail based on the public’s safety if a defendant is released. Defendants considered a security threat to their communities might not be allowed bail. The judge might also decide to set their bail high to discourage them from obtaining a pretrial release. If that works, they are likely to remain behind bars until the determination of the case.

Your Bail Options

An arrest in Norco will interrupt your life. For instance, if you are in school, you might have to discontinue until the end of your case. It could be longer if you are convicted to time in jail or prison. A family person might have to miss a few days, weeks, or even months of family time before the end of the case. That’s why bail is crucial. It gives you a second chance with your life and an opportunity to plan for your trial. But you have to bail yourself out. It means assuring the court that you will make all court appearances.

The main option for defendants in Riverside County is cash bail. It involves paying the required amount in cash to the court to guarantee that you will appear in court as ordered. The court refunds the entire amount once your case ends, regardless of the verdict. You will only be required to pay the necessary court fees and restitution (if applicable). Unfortunately, you could lose the entire amount if you fail to appear. The court only allows bail on the condition that a defendant makes all court appearances. Failing to do so calls for bail forfeiture.

In the place of cash bail, you could use a property bond to guarantee your court appearances. It involves using something valuable, like the title of your home, land, or any other real estate property. Some people use their car logbook as a guarantee, while others use investments like stocks, bonds, and securities. In the absence of all these, you can use a collection of your jewelry or art if its value is greater than the bail. The court will give the property back after the case. But you must not have forfeited bail. If you fail to appear, the court might sell the property to recover the forfeited bail.

Surety bonds are other options defendants in Riverside County have. If you cannot raise cash bail and don’t have a property bond, you are allowed to try the service of a bail bonds company to guarantee your court appearances. Fortunately, we have several companies offering Norco bail bonds today.

A surety bond is easier to obtain than other bail types available in California. Companies offering bail bonds are everywhere today. You do not need to look far for reliable bail bonds after your arrest in Norco. A bond dealer will be right there with you to offer affordable and timely bail bonds. It means no delay after your arrest, which could keep you incarcerated more than you wish.

Bail bonds are fast to process. Professional bond dealers in Riverside County have experience working with courts and jails within the county. Therefore, they can quickly process your release and allow you back to your life in no time. Once you contact a reliable bond dealer in Norco, it could take as little as thirty minutes to process your release.

Norco bail bonds are also affordable. Most companies offer an all-inclusive fee, which is also the premium you pay for the services. For instance, companies charge as little as 10% of the bail. Some will charge less, but none will charge more. That will be the only charge you will incur for the bail services. Ensure you understand the charges better and make proper inquiries to avoid issues once you sign the agreement.

Bail bonds are also hassle-free. You do not need to fundraise from family and friends or sell assets because the bond dealer takes care of everything.

But, you must guarantee the services to ensure you make all court appearances. You could do that with collateral or with the help of a cosigner. The only assurance the bond dealer needs is that you will appear in court as required.

Finding the Right Norco Bonds Dealer

The most significant task for defendants who need help with bail is to find the right bond dealer. Unfortunately, not all companies that purport to offer bail bonds are trustworthy. You must do some due diligence and only partner with a reliable bond dealer. That way, you can be sure of regaining your freedom in no time.

First, ensure that you only contact a registered Norco bail bonds dealer. Everyone in business in California should be registered to protect the rights of consumers. A registered business is likely to offer quality and reliable services.

Only work with an experienced bond dealer. Experience has given some of these companies a closer working relationship with courts and jails within Norco. Thus, they are likely to process your bail faster, with no legal issues. A bond dealer that has been in operation for a long time will know the proper procedure to follow in processing bail for its clients. That will speed things a little for you, minimizing the time you have to spend behind bars.

The cost of Norco bail bonds should also be a concern for you. The standard rate for most bail bonds is 10% of the bail. However, some companies charge less, and that will translate to a significant saving for you. Choose an affordable service to save money. Also, inquire about other costs that could increase the overall cost of bail services. Some companies have several hidden charges that significantly increase the service cost. It is advisable to avoid companies like those.

Also, choose to work with a bond dealer with flexible payment plans for convenience.

Consider the operating hours for the company of your choice. A bond dealer that operates 24/7 is most preferred. It is because you will receive help when you need it, without waiting and delaying your freedom further. With a company like that, you can contact them whenever you are ready to make bail, and an agent will begin the process regardless of the day or time.

Before signing the release documents, the company should be prepared and willing to take you through the bail process and its requirements. Your rights to information count, even at a time when you desperately need help with bail. Thus, the bond dealer should have an agent who takes you through the company requirements, terms and conditions, and the bail process before he/she can begin the bail process. The agent should only start the process when you’re ready.

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Are you or someone you know facing arrest in Norco, CA?

It is essential to know what bail is and how to use it to obtain your pretrial release. Fortunately for you, most defendants in California are eligible for bail. Therefore, you might retain your right to remain innocent until proven guilty. However, the magistrate will require you to guarantee your court appearances through bail payment. If you cannot afford bail, a reliable bail bonds service could help you obtain the freedom you so much need. Cali Bail Bonds agents are always willing and ready to take you through the bail process for a much quicker release. Call us at 562-376-5476 to discuss the terms of our services.


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