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It's frustrating seeing your loved one spend time in jail after an arrest. This means that you should look for a quick solution to ensure that your loved one gets out of jail as soon as possible. You can achieve this by engaging a professional bail bonding company.

For fast bail bonds in Fullerton, CA, and its surrounding communities, Cali Bail Bonds is here to help. We pride ourselves on being the best bail company that you can depend on. We are a call away to ensure that your loved one gets out of jail as soon as possible.

What You Should Know About Bails in California

You probably have seen a variation of scenes where a judge bangs the gavel and announces that he or she has set a particular amount of bail. After all the court drama of negotiating for a lower amount, the defendant ends up somehow free while waiting for the trial to begin. You might be wondering how a defendant ends up free regardless of the charges made against them. Well, that's what bail bonds have to offer. Here is a detailed insight into how bail bonds work in California.

Bail works as a means of releasing a defendant in exchange for money that the court will hold until all the court proceedings surrounding the accused person completes. The court hopes that the defendant will show up for the court dates to recover the bail.

The criminal justice system has established bails to allow defendants to wait for their trial out of jail. At the minimum, staying in jail presents financial hardship since the defendant cannot work. Defendants also miss their daily lives.

You should note that not everyone is released on bail, especially if they pose a danger to society upon their release.

The Bail Process

Once you are arrested, you'll be taken to a police station to be booked. The police officer will record your name, address, date of birth, and appearance. They will also record the alleged crime, conduct a criminal background check, and take a mugshot and your fingerprints. If you have any personal property, they will seize them and place them under their case.

The officers will then check whether you're intoxicated and allow you to make a phone call before they put you in a jail cell with other people.

If you're arrested for a less serious crime, the police will allow you to post bail immediately after being booked. Otherwise, you will have to wait up to 48 hours to schedule a bail hearing where a judge will decide whether you're eligible for bail and how much you should pay.

The judge will decide on bail depending on the severity of your crime. However, the decision is entirely under their discretion. In Orange County, a judge must refer to the bail schedule to recommend a standard bail amount depending on your alleged crime.

Apart from the standard amount in the schedule, the judge will take note of your criminal record, history of showing up for your court appearances, ties to the community, and whether your freedom poses any danger to the community to determine your bail. In some cases, the judge might waive the bail altogether and release you for free.

Types of Bail

There are five types of bails that you can choose from. Some are more frequently used than others. Here is an in-depth look at these types of bail.

  1. Cash Bail

Cash bail refers to a particular amount of money paid to the court. It usually involves the full amount of money that the court has demanded your release. Sometimes the court can accept credit cards and checks, but you have to check with them before making your payments.

  1. Surety Bond

A surety bond is also referred to as a bail bond. It's used when a defendant cannot afford to raise a cash bail. A friend or relative to the defendant will contact our Fullerton Bail Bonds agents in this type of bail.

A surety company backs bail bonds agents, and they pledge to pay the bond's full value if a defendant doesn't meet his court obligations. In return, the agents charge their clients a maximum of 10% premium and collect some types of collateral like car, boat, house, or electronics as security to the bond.

By involving your friends and relatives, our Fullerton Bail Bonds agent hopes that you'll be compelled to appear in court since you wouldn't want them to lose their collateral.

Posting a bail bond also puts our agents at risk. If you fail to appear in court, known as skipping or jumping bail, they will be responsible for paying the entire amount. In California, bail bonds agents can use a bounty hunter to track down a defendant who has fled, though this practice isn't allowed in some states.

  1. Release on Citation

Sometimes police officers don't book suspects but issue citations saying that the accused should appear in court, especially after an arrest for an infraction. Law enforcement prefers releasing a suspect on citation to arrest serious offenders rather than taking the suspect through the booking process at the police station.

  1. Release on Own Personal Recognizance

A judge can decide to release you on your recognizance. This means that you will be responsible for showing up for your court dates without paying bail. Judges allow personal recognizance when a defendant is charged with a relatively minor and nonviolent crime. They also decide on this for defendants who aren't considered a flight risk, meaning that these people are highly unlikely to flee and would appear at their court date.

  1. Property Bond

Sometimes the court can allow a defendant to use their property as a bond. In this case, the court will accept a lien on the property in the amount of bail. The value of the property must be at least three times the bail to be acceptable. If you don't show up for your court, the court will foreclosure the property and recover the forfeited bail.

Unknown Facts to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Bail Bonds Agent in Orange County

The bail bonds industry has many rules and regulations that make it difficult for clients to secure and navigate their release. You can easily go array if you don't know these facts. Fortunately, here are a few tips that can help you locate a reliable Fullerton Bail Bonds agent.

You Can Opt Not to Post Bail

Bail bonding has been in existence even before the United States was formed. Under the Eighth Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights, the federal government should not impose excessive bail, meaning that defendants can opt to stay in jail until their court appearances are fulfilled.

Opt for the Two Hour Free Parking Option

If your loved one is held at the Orange County Jail, don't be surprised walking into solicitors attempting to sell their bail bonding services. Some of these solicitors work on a high commission and can sometimes be a little bit aggressive. Therefore, if you're visiting this jail to bail your loved one, use the designated parking lot that allows free parking for up to two hours.

Don't Worry About Solicitation Inside Orange County Jail

You probably don't know that it's prohibited to solicit bail bonding services inside a jail. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the possibility of walking into an inmate or a law enforcement official referring you to a particular bail bonding company once you're inside the Orange County Jail.

Confirm that the Bail Amount is Correct Before You Pay

There are particular unfortunate situations where a defendant is released out of bail and is rearrested not less than ten minutes for an alternative charge. The District Attorney can decide not to press charges in some situations, making the judge exonerate the bail bond. In that case, it's crucial to be certain that the bail you're about to post is correct before you make your move.

Remember, our Fullerton Bail Bonds agents can only earn their premium after you're released from jail regardless of when you remain out of jail. Therefore, you don't have to worry about delaying your payment if there are issues related to your release.

Avoid unlicensed Bail Bonds Agencies

The Department of Insurance is in charge of licensing all bail bonds agents in California. Therefore, if you raise any concerns about the legitimacy of your bail bonds agent, ask them for their licensing number before you sign their contract.

There's a growing concern that many bail bonding agencies are operating under a fictitious business name without the Department of Insurance approval.

Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Bail Bonds Agent

Now that you know what you should look for while finding a bail bond agent, you might be wondering which questions you should pose while interviewing several potential companies. Here are a few questions that would help you narrow down to the best Fullerton Bail Bonds agency.

What are Your Bond Amount Guidelines?

Some bonds agents have the minimum bail bonds that they can post for their clients. Others have established the maximum amount that they can post on your behalf. This depends on the size of their market. For instance, a new company wouldn't post a larger amount than a seasoned one. Therefore, it's crucial to understand this aspect before you sign any contract with the company.

Do You Offer Warrant Services?

Some bail bonds agents go to the extent of providing warrant check services. This means that they will investigate to discover whether there is an active warrant for your arrest at any time. If they find a warrant for your arrest, they will prepare a bail contract for you. With this, you can turn yourself in and have them take care of your bail immediately rather than spend time in jail.

How Do You Make Your Payments?

Some bail bonds agents accept cash, while others accept credit cards. That's why you should find an agent with a method that you're comfortable with. You can also ask them about their payment plans. Our Fullerton Bail Bonds agents offer several payments if you're short of cash to alleviate some of the stress of getting your loved one out of jail.

Do I Need a Cosigner?

It's crucial to know whether you need a cosigner before you engage a bail bonds agent. However, some bonds agents would not require a cosigner if there's no criminal history associated with you, and there's less possibility that you will flee and avoid your court obligations.

Bail bonds agents require cosigners since they work as extra insurance if you skip court dates and help them track down a defendant much easier. Some companies might allow you to put up collateral if you don't have a cosigner.

What's Your Bond Percentage?

Many bail bonds agents charge 10% as their premium. However, you should know about the percentage offered by your bail bonds agent to avoid being conned. Some companies might start by mentioning that they offer discounts of as low as 5%. This type of company might be cutting corners on other crucial places.

Think of it this way; good companies have enough business due to their integrity. Therefore, they don't have to cut corners and discount their services due to their integrity. Therefore, any company with overly low discounts most probably won't deliver to your expectations.

How Fast Will They Offer Their Services?

Any bail bonds company giving you an exact time frame for a defendant's release is probably luring you to close a deal with them. A bail bonds agent cannot control when a defendant gets out of jail. This falls entirely in the hands of the jail system. When the flow of people and processing is quite slow, there are chances that the bail process will take longer. That said, an experienced bonds agent can only estimate an individual jail processing time rather than give an exact time frame.

What You Should Know About Bounty Hunters

Once you decide to work with bail bonds agents, they assume the risk of failure to appear, leading to your bail bonds forfeiture. Bail bonds agents can take several measures to reduce the risks of losing their money. That's why they make use of collaterals and bounty hunters as means of ensuring that a defendant doesn't skip bail.

Actions of Bounty Hunters

Bounty hunters are licensed people employed by bail bonds agencies to track down defendants who have skipped their court obligations. They receive a percentage of the bail bond amount if they manage to capture and return a defendant. However, they aren't paid anything if they are unsuccessful.

In California, anyone who wants to be a bounty hunter must meet certain requirements. The typical prerequisite for a bounty hunter include:

  • Being 18 years old or older
  • Having no felony conviction
  • Ability to provide a character reference
  • Registration with the local law enforcement agencies

Apart from the regulations related to the qualifications of a bounty hunter, there are other fairly strict laws regulating this practice. For instance, a bounty hunter must have the necessary documentation authorizing them to arrest a particular person.

They must also inform local law enforcement about their plan to make a citizen arrest. They must do this within six hours before arresting a suspect. Otherwise, they will have to contact the law enforcement officers again.

Bounty hunters must also introduce themselves as law enforcement officers. Therefore, they shouldn't wear any attire that might confuse an average citizen and mistake them for law enforcement. Finally, they must carry necessary paperwork proving that they have the permit to operate as bounty hunters in California.

Sometimes bounty hunters can go too far in their pursuit of a defendant and cause injuries when using violence. Anyone who a bounty hunter hurts can seek a personal injury claim against them.

Please note that bounty hunters don't work on behalf of the state. Therefore, the government owes no duty to anyone who the bounty hunters have hurt.

Fullerton Jails and Courts Information

You need to locate your loved one as soon as they are arrested for starting the bail bonding process. At the same time, you must know which possible courts will their hearing take place in to guarantee that they don't miss any session. Here are addresses for the jails in Fullerton, CA, you should know about.

Fullerton City Jail
237 W Commonwealth Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832 United States

Phone: +1 714-736-6800

The Anaheim Detention Facility
425 South Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805 United States

Phone: +1 714-765-1988

Here are addresses for courthouses in Fullerton, CA.

North Justice Center
1275 N Berkeley Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832 United States

Phone: +1 657-622-5600

Superior Court
1275 N Berkeley Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832 United States

Find a Reliable Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

No one would like to see their loved one spend time in jail after an arrest. Fortunately, bail bonds agents offer a simple and hustle-free way to secure your loved one's freedom. Cali Bail Bond is a professional bail bonding company in Fullerton, CA, known for helping its clients at every cost by setting instant bail bonds. Our team will effectively work with you to ensure that your loved one spends the least time possible in jail. For more information, call us today at 877-373-3651 and schedule an appointment.


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