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You want to walk out of jail fast when arrested in Fountain Valley, CA. The law allows you to post bail to secure your freedom and attend court sessions as stipulated. But, how does the judge determine your bail? How do you post bail? What are the various types of bail? These are some of the questions you will probably ask yourself.

Whether you seek to post bail for yourself, a friend, or a relative, you need the help of a bail bond agent, especially if the bail amount is too high. At Cali Bail Bonds, we are here for you. Contacting us immediately after the arrest can help you know the ideal bail bond type for your case and work to secure your release. Thus, don’t wait until it's late to make a call for a smooth legal process.

Understanding How Bail Work in Fountain Valley

Under California laws, bail is the money or property you promise to the criminal court to convince the judge to release you from custody. Alternatively, a bail bond involves you or a surety making a promise you will show for all the court dates. In return, the court will refund your money after the court trial. The surety may include a relative, friend, or professional bondsman. The court will forfeit your bail when you fail to obey the bond terms. Remember, you should always involve your criminal defense attorney to work with you throughout the whole process. Remember, a mistake you make may come back hunting you in the future.

How the Judge Sets Bail

The judge will set your bail in a bail hearing, which the judge schedules during your first court appearance. The bail is an assurance that you will appear at your trial after your release from jail. The court will inflict bail enough to ensure you don’t give up and disappear. In Orange County, the judge will use a bail schedule to set the bail. However, they have the power and authority to deviate from the bail schedules. It means the judge may increase or decrease the bail depending on several factors.

Factors Which Influence Bail in Fountain Valley

The California criminal courts will look at several factors when deciding on the bail amount to impose on you. Thus the criminal court judge will weigh the following factors to set the bail:

  • Whether releasing you will endanger the community. It’s the essential factor when setting bail. Public safety is the primary consideration.
  • Whether you are a flight risk, flight risk means you are likely to flee the county or state to evade the law officials and skip future court dates.
  • The severity and facts surrounding the case. Felonies and violent crimes will attract a larger bail than misdemeanor ones. The judge will consider the following when determining the severity of the case:
    1. Whether you possessed narcotics.
    2. Whether the alleged crime involved the use of a deadly weapon.
    3. Whether you threatened the alleged victim.
  • You have a prior offense record. If the previous offenses involve bail skipping or jumping, and whether you fail to show up at the court once you obtain bail.

Posting Your Bail

After the criminal court sets your bail amount at a bail hearing, you post the bail at the clerk in the courthouse during regular working hours or at the jail if the clerk’s office is closed. Then the prison or the courthouse will issue a receipt to indicate you have posted the bail. Thus the arresting officers will release you from custody. You want to keep the receipt well for your records.

Finding a Professional Bail Bond Agent in Fountain Valley

Bail bond agents, sometimes known as bail agents, will act as surety when posting bail on your behalf. The bondsmen will charge you a non-refundable fee(10% of your bail amount). The bondsmen will lose the bail amount when you fail to show up at the court proceeding. The bondsmen have the authority to arrest you and take you back to custody. They may even hire bounty hunters to apprehend you. Also, the bondsmen have the right to file a lawsuit against you or anyone involved in signing the contract with the bondsmen. Thus if you seek the legal services of bondsmen, you want to ensure you obey the agreement and stick to the promises you make.

Attending Court Dates

When you fail to return to the criminal court for your trial, the court judge will schedule a hearing and issue an arrest warrant. During the forfeiture hearing, the judge will allow you to explain why you missed the court dates. The criminal court will then keep the bail when you don’t return for the forfeiture hearing. Seek legal help from an attorney and inform them when uncontrolled factors force you to skip a court date.

Comparing the Different Types of Bonds in Fountain Valley

Every criminal case comes with a different set of facts and circumstances. When your friend or relative is arrested in California, you might find it challenging to post the bail in cash in addition to other lawful expenses encountered. That’s why you want to work with Fountain Valley bail bonds agents immediately. We will help you determine the correct type of bail bond that suits your financial situation.

When it comes to the varied bail bonds, their differences will depend on your charges, your citizen status, and your financial assets at the time of your arrest. The following are the varied kinds of bonds you must know about:

Federal Bonds

If you face a charge for a federal case, you will be eligible to walk out of jail through federal bonds. The federal charges involve severe crimes like armed robbery, homicide, and kidnapping. Due to the gravity of the crimes, the federal bail bonds are usually higher than others. Speak with your attorney to help you know whether you qualify for the federal bail bond.

Surety Bonds

Many licensed bail bonds offer this type of bail bond. It involves an agreement among the bail bond agents, and you (the arrestee) will pay a service fee of 10% of your bail amount, and the bondsmen will cover the rest. When you fail to show up for all court dates, the court will forfeit the bail, and you will suffer the consequences. Many bondsmen will ask you to provide an item of value as your collateral to secure the bond. The property may include real estate, machinery, homes, boats, vehicles, money, among others.

Cash Bonds

Cash bond means you will pay the bond in cash only. In many cases, the arrestee doesn’t have enough money to pay the cash bail, and that’s why they end up contacting a bail bond agent. There are still risks when you pay the cash bond since you will not access the funds until your case trial. The judge will order you to pay the cash bond when they suspect you are a flight risk. The bond ensures the court will collect the money when you fail to appear for the scheduled court dates. A cash bond is the common form of a bail bond in Orange County and even outside the state. If you don’t have the money in your pocket, your family member or friend can pay on your behalf.

Property Bonds

California allows you to post bail through property bail bonds. The bail bonds are similar to cash bonds, but you agree to place your property as collateral to secure your release instead of using the cash to obtain your release. However, the property bonds will take much time before the court processes them. The fact is, the criminal court will need enough time to conduct an assessment of the property placed as collateral. Remember, the court must accept the property [placed as collateral. In addition, the property in question must have a value worth twice the initial bail amount set by the criminal court judge.

Immigration Bonds

You may also use immigration bonds to secure your release. Immigration bonds are special bonds applied by undocumented immigrants to secure their release from custody. The US Department of Homeland Security handles immigration cases. However, obtaining an immigration bond might be a complicated process. Other sets of criteria might affect the legal process based on your immigration status. So, you want to work closely with our Fountain Valley bail bonds agents to help you secure immigration bail bonds.

What is Release on Own Recognizance in Orange County?

The criminal court judge may also decide to release you on your recognizance. However, the judge will only place a condition on your release that you will appear at the scheduled future court dates. Also, the judge may inflict other conditions like prohibiting you from traveling outside the state.

What is Release on Citation?

When the police arrest you over a minor offense, they will more likely issue you a citation to appear at the criminal court. The law enforcement officers will not take you to jail, and thus you will not post bail. Under this type of bail bond, you cannot file a motion to ask for the bond; it only depends on police discretion. However, failing to appear in court as per the citation will attract criminal charges, an arrest warrant, and heavy fines. Thus you want to obey the law and appear in court to skip these consequences.

What Will Happen When You are Unable to Post Bail for Your Loved One?

Sometimes the judge will set the bail above the bail schedule, meaning the bail might be expensive for you to post. On the other hand, the judge may increase the bail due to factors like the severity of the alleged case and that you are under probation or parole. Thus, when you cannot pay the bail, your attorney should ask for a hearing. During the hearing, your attorney should ask the court to reduce the bail amount and, if possible, set it at the bail schedule.

After the court reduces the bail, you will have to decide whether you will use a bail bond company to help you or post yourself. Upon posting the bail after the first court hearing, the arresting officers will release you from the detention facility. However, if you fail to appear at the court dates, the court will revoke the bail.

Why work with Fountain Valley Bail bond agents?

A bail bond agent or bondsman provides legal help when law enforcement officers arrest you. They work as part of agencies or independent professionals. However, the bail bond agent you hire will highly determine the success of your case. Thus an experienced bail bond agent is much recommended for the success of your case. Our Fountain Valley bail bond agents offer unmatched bail bond services. We are well licensed and work with valid licenses. Hire us today and enjoy the following bail bond services we offer:

Our Professional Bondsmen have a Lot of Experience

For a successful legal process, you must work with experienced bondsmen. You require to work with a bail bond agent you trust to bail you out fast. It's so sad to have the court issue an arrest warrant against you for the failure of the bail bond agent to provide their services correctly. Instead, work with the bail bond agents with much experience in the bail bond. Our Fountain Valley bail bonds have decades of years providing bail bond services to clients in Orange County and outside the state.

Work with Licensed Bondsman

Working with a well-licensed bail bond agent ensures you are miles ahead since your release from the jail becomes affordable, efficient, and free. Remember, your bail might not be recognized when you work with an unlicensed bail bond agent. Also, the unlicensed bondsmen might even be free when you require their services the most. Thus, feel free to post your bail with our licensed and insured bail bond agents.

Bail Your Loved One at the Comfort of Your Home

We understand you want to walk out of the detention facility immediately. That’s why we allow our clients to bail over the phone or online to make the legal process easy. We offer payments online, accept major credit cards and payment plans over the phone or online. Thus don’t struggle traveling to the court or detention facility. You need to call our agents when you are filling for the bail to ensure you fill in the correct details. We will ensure you complete all the necessary forms and make the payment before your relative or friend walks out of jail.

We Offer Bilingual Services

America is a home of different people from around the globe. It means an immigrant may violate the law and find themselves behind the bar. It might be challenging when you are an immigrant and don’t know English. However, our Fountain Valley bail bonds are here to help you. We work with experienced professionals with knowledge of the Spanish language. Just make a call, and our agents will pick it and speak your favorable language.

We Listen to Your Situation

Our bail bond agents understand an arrest occurs any time, even when you least expect it, and thus, it might find you under financial crisis. Therefore, we will first listen to you and provide the legal help you deserve. Remember, many bail bond agents are out in the market to make profits and are less concerned with their client's issues. Think about it before you choose the bail bond agent to work with.

Enjoy Our Good Reputation

Reputation is everything when it comes to the bail bond industry. Work with a bondsman you can trust as an alien on the property you place as collateral. With our bail bonds agents, you don’t have to worry about the ownership of the property after the case trial. Thus start by making a call, and we will provide the bail bond services you require.

Court and Jail Information in Orange County

Orange County Small Claim Courthouse
700 West Civic center Dr
Santa Ana, California 92701

Superior Courthouse of Orange County
700 W Civic Center Dr
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Old Orange County Courthouse
211 W Ana Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Laguna Hills Court
24035 El Toro Road#12
Laguna Hills, California 92653

Orange County Men’s Detention Facility
550 N Flower st
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Theo Lacy Detention Facility
501 The City Dr. S
Orange, CA 92868

Women’s Central Jail
44 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92703

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Facing an arrest in California might be one of the most disappointing experiences in your life. The police might even arrest you when you least expect it. Also, an arrest may come when you don’t have any money. If you have questions about posting bail, bail reduction, or concerning California bail, speak with a reputable bail bond agent. At Cali Bail Bonds, we are a reputable bail bond company that offers clients facing arrests in Fountain Valley quality bail bond solutions. Call us today at 562-376-5476 for a confidential and free consultation.


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