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The police may arrest you at the most inconvenient time. Many illegal activities take place during the off hours after people are out of their work. Maybe the police arrested your uncle for reckless driving from their work at 7:00 pm, or they arrested your niece for engaging in a bar fight at 1 am and charged him with assault. No matter the circumstance, it’s likely to be an inconvenient time for you. Thus what do you do to let them out of jail fast? Posting bail becomes the best option for your loved ones. You must call a bail bond agent providing bail services around the clock to help you bail your loved one out.

So, when the police arrest your relative, don’t hesitate to call our trained bail bond agents from Cali Bail Bonds. We offer unmatched bail bond services 24/7, even over the weekends and holidays. We understand many arrests occur at the most inconvenient hours. Thus don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as the law enforcement officers arrest you.

What is Bail-In Buena Park?

Bail involves a refundable deposit you make to allow you to walk out of custody as you wait for your case trial. The court uses the deposit as collateral to ensure you appear at the court for the scheduled court dates. However, not every case will have the option to post bail. A bail is only an option. The option for bail will depend on the nature of the crime, jurisdiction, and whether you are a flight risk.

Arrest and Booking in Buena Park

If the police arrest you, they will likely take you to the nearest police station. While in custody, they will carry out a legal process known as booking. The booking process will involve a series of events, including:

  • Taking and recording your details like full name, date of birth, and physical characteristics
  • Conduct a criminal background
  • Record details of the crime in question
  • Take photographs and fingerprints
  • Confiscate your items like purse, phone, or keys

However, when the police arrest you over a minor case, they will more likely release you under a written citation. You will sign the citation to promise the arresting officers you will appear at the court. Otherwise, you will go through the bail process. It's good you inform your criminal defense attorney about the arrest to help you walk out of jail fast.

What is the Process of Setting Bail in Buena Park?

It’s true after your arrest; you will want to know your bail amount. When you don’t see a criminal court judge immediately, you may end up remaining behind bars for a long period, especially over the weekends. For instance, when the law enforcement officers arrest you on Friday, the latest you will walk out of custody is on Monday. However, for several crimes, they come with fixed bail amounts.

The eighth amendment ascertains you should not have additional bail placed on your initial bail. It means the government cannot use bail as a method of raising funds to punish the arrestee. The eighth amendment holds that the bail should only work as a promise you will appear at the court at future dates. Thus the bail must not be higher than reasonable to meet the purpose.

Despite the eighth amendment, many judges use huge bail amounts to ensure you don’t come out of jail. The higher bail amount usually applies for the suspects of murder and drug dealings and in cases where flight risk is a possibility.

Sometimes the court sets the bail amount at a reasonable figure, but still, a few defendants fail to afford it. If this is your case, you should wait to ask the criminal court judge to reduce the bail amount at a bail hearing. Based on your financial status, the judge may decide to lower the bail amount.

Bail hearing in Buena Park

In Orange County, a bail hearing is a court proceeding where the criminal court judge decides whether to release you on bail as you wait for your trial. The hearing allows the judge to decide on whether to:

  • Release you on your recognizance
  • Release you under certain conditions rather than posting a bail
  • Release you after posting a bail
  • Deny you from posting bail and require you to remain at the custody

The criminal courts usually use a bail schedule to set the bail. What is the bail schedule? It’s a document designed by the California Supreme Court which outlines the bail amount for all the felony and misdemeanor offenses. When setting bail, the judge will consider the bail schedule. The bail schedules determine the bail amount you have to post after any crime before you appear for the first court hearing. The reality is that the judge will use the bail schedule as a guide when determining the bail.

Sometimes the judge may differ with the state’s bail schedule and either reduce, eliminate or increase the bail. However, they will consider several elements before they come into this determination. The factors/elements are:

  • Whether you are a threat to the safety of the public
  • Your criminal history
  • Nature of the crime
  • Whether you are a flight risk
  • Your capability to post the bail

It's good you note that when you face a serious felony charge, the criminal court judge will not reduce the bail amount unless there is a good reason. Sometimes the judge may decide to release you on your recognizance. You may request another hearing when you cannot post the bail and think it's high. The judge will revisit the early determination and make a fresh ruling.

Posting a Bail in Buena Park

You may post the bail by paying in cash or hiring a competent bail bond agent to work for you. In exchange, the bail bond agents will charge you around ten percent of your bail. Note, the bail agents will not refund the fee.

Many bail bond agents will require you to present property of value to work as collateral. The collateral may also involve cash. However, the bail bond agents will require you to promise to appear at future court proceedings. Failure to appear at the court will attract harsh consequences like bail forfeiture and an arrest warrant.

Release on Your Recognizance

As discussed above, if you have an opportunity to secure release on recognizance, take it. To obtain the release on your recognizance, you may ask the criminal court judge during the first court hearing. In case the judge denies you, you may still request them to lower your bail amount. Certain factors may push the judge to release you on your recognizance. The factors include:

  • You have close friends and relatives living in the community
  • You have a job in the community
  • You have lived in the community for several years
  • You don’t have any criminal record, or you have a criminal history of minor crimes
  • Your record indicates you attend the court dates as ordered.

The Penal Codes which Apply for Failure to Show Up at the Court Dates in Orange County

  • California penal code 1320: The law covers the people who seek to walk out of jail through their recognizance. It considers failing to appear at the scheduled court dates as a crime.
  • California penal code 1320.5: The law works similar to PC1320, but it covers the people seeking to walk out of jail through posting bail and failing to attend the ordered court dates.
  • California PC 1214.1: This statute inflicts fines on the people who fail to show up at the court dates as scheduled. The fine is usually $300.
  • California PC 853.7: The law considers it a misdemeanor for any person to willfully violate or disobey a written promise to show up at the court dates.

The Difference Between a Bench Warrant and an Arrest Warrant

The criminal court judge may issue an arrest warrant or bench warrant when you fail to show at the court as required. The court's choice will vary based on the initial reason to appear at the criminal court. A bench warrant will result in your full names being added to the database. Thus when you encounter law enforcement officers in the future, they may arrest you regardless of the reason for the arrest.

Alternatively, an arrest warrant shows the law enforcement officers are actively looking for you to arrest and take you to custody. The warrant doesn’t have any limit for your arrest; the arrest may occur anytime, either during the daytime, nighttime, or even at your workplace. It doesn’t matter. Speak with your criminal defense attorney to help you understand more about the differences between a bench warrant and an arrest warrant.

What is the Importance of Bail Bond to Defendants in Buena Park?

Posting bail means you will remain out of jail for weeks, months, or even years before your case trial. Thus you will be in a position to resume your normal activities like attending your school, taking care of your children and loved ones, and even attending your work to earn a living. When you are out of custody with a pending case, you will have enough time to make wise decisions regarding the plea bargain and any other legal option available.

Bounty Hunters and Their Responsibilities in Buena Park

When you seek bail bond services from bondsmen and skip court dates, the court considers you a fugitive and issues a warrant for your arrest. The bondsmen will be responsible for paying the full bail amount in case this becomes your case. Also, if another person bails you out, they will become responsible for paying the bondsmen the total bail.

When you become a fugitive, there are still issues of being captured and brought up to justice. A bounty hunter is a registered or trained professional responsible for apprehending you on behalf of the bail bond agent.

The bondsmen e paid a portion of your bail amount. The fee will usually range between 10-20%. However, the bondsmen will only pay the bounty hunters after they apprehend you. Many bounty hunters conduct private investigations and specialize in gathering information and locating fugitives. The bounty hunters benefit the bondsmen and the community as they take the criminal back to jail.

Why Hire Buena Park Bail Bond Agents?

When you know your friend or relative is in jail, the best thing to do is let them walk out of jail fast. Typically, the best method to release them from custody is through posting bail bonds. It’s easy to find a bail bond agent. However, you must choose a reputable bail bond agent with a good history. As a competing and trusted bail bond company in Orange County, Buena Park bail bonds agents have all the essential things you want when seeking a bail bond agent.

Licensed and Well Insured

Before you choose a bail bond agent, ensure they have a valid license and a good record. Sometimes, a bail bond agent might have a restricted or suspended license because of their misconduct. Thus you want to ask the bondsmen whether a client has ever sued them. Our Buena Park bail bonds agent is well licensed, and we ensure our bondsmen work with valid licenses. Thus don’t worry when seeking bail bond services from our agents.

Experienced Bondsmen

The bail bond procedures may vary depending on the jurisdiction. Thus you want to find a bondsman with a lot of experience and understanding of the inner working of bail. Remember, experience is critical when it comes to legal matters. An experienced bail bond agent will quickly secure your release and adhere to all applicable procedures and laws. Our Buena Park bail bond agents have decades of years offering bail bond services to our clients in Orange County and even outside the state.

We Provide Bail Services Around the Clock

The police arrest people anytime, day or night time. Waiting to post the bail on the regular working hours on the business day could translate to spending much time in jail. You can avoid this by working with a bail bond agent providing bail services around the clock. You can post bail any time of the day. Our Cali bail bond agents are the right choice for you. Call us anytime, and we will help you post bail anytime, anywhere.

Bail Over Phone/Online

Since many arrests occur at the most inconvenient hours, traveling to the detention centre might be a challenge. Thus you want to seek legal help from a bail bond company that allows you to post the bail at the comfort of your home. Our bondsmen understand the situation of your arrest. Thus we will help you post bail by making a call. We will guide you on how to fill the paperwork online and answer any questions you have. After paying the bail, we will issue a receipt and contact the arresting officers to ensure your friend walks out of custody right away. Start by calling us on the numbers provided on our website and speak with one of our experienced bail bond agents.

Flexible Payment Plans

Many people don’t plan to post bail. Thus many people arrested will find it challenging to pay the bail they had not planned for. That’s why working with a reputable bail bond company will give you multiple options to pay the initial fee. Our Buena Park bail bond agents offer various payment options, including placing your property as collateral to ensure you don’t empty your bank while posting bail. We first investigate your financial status and place favorable terms and plans for your bail payment.

We Help You Understand the Whole Bail Bond Process

The bail process might be complex. Thus a good bail bond agent must help you learn and understand the legal process. Purchasing a bail bond agent might seem like an easy task; however, they come with certain aspects you want to understand first. Remember, a bail bond works like a contract. It will come with promises and consequences, which you must understand before you sign the contract. That’s why you want to work with our bail bond agents since they will help you understand the whole process.

Court and Jail Information in Orange County

Lamoreaux Court
341 The City Dr. South
Orange, CA 92868

Harbor Court Newport Beach
4601 Jamboree Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Westminster Courthouse
8200 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, California 92683

North Justice Center
1275 North Avenue
Fullerton, California 92832

Buena Park Detention Center
6640 Blvd #CA
Buena Park, California 90621

Orange County Detention
525 N Flower St
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Orange County Men’s Detention Facility
550 N Flower st
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Theo Lacy Detention Facility
501 The City Dr. S
Orange, CA 92868

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No one wants to remain in custody unnecessarily. Since you are in a hurry and want to walk out of jail fast, posting bail is the best option available for you. Posting the bail by yourself might be challenging, especially when you don’t have sufficient funds. However, choosing the best bail bond company will ease your release from jail. A professional bail bond agent can help you walk out of jail with a pending trial. At Cali Bail Bonds, we are here to help you. We provide bail services to our clients in Buena Park. To understand more about bail bonds, contact us at 562-376-5476 any time of night or day.


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